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 A very forward Facebook lad

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Ivor Grimey Colon
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi everyone! It's been a while...

I just got accosted by one of my friends on Facebook asking to borrow some money ("just $500"). I noticed something was up when she told me she wanted me to buy "some things," and before long it was pretty clear I was dealing with a lad. Naturally, as soon as I'd reported the matter to Facebook, I decided to have some fun.

Facebook have a special form for reporting 419 activity here:


Her : hi (my name here)
Me: hey
Her: how are you
Me: not bad, just finished work early
her: (my name here) i need your urgent help
Me: with what?
her: i want you to send me money urgent
promise to refund it back
are you there
Me: I'm here
Her: pz
Me: I'm afraid I don't get paid until new year's eve and I'm about as broke as you can get
what do you need it for?
Her: i want to use it to get some things
promise to refund it back please i need it urgent
Me: Are you OK?
Her: on till you send me the money i we be ok
i just need it urgent
Me: You'll forgive me if I'm slightly cautious, you just seem a bit off
Her: ?
Me: What's your mobile number?
Her: what is all this (my name here)
because i need money from you
asking me all this (my name) can you send me money
Me: How much do you need?
Her: all i need is just $500
Me: is that US dollars or Australian dollars?
Her: you can get it to me through western union money transfer online
Me: why don't I just come to your house? you dont live that far away
Her: no
Me: why not?
Her: you can get it to me through wester union money transfer online
promise to refund it back (my name) please
you can send it to my name (her name)
Me: how do i send it?
Her: you we just need to fill some form at western union and that is all
Me: what's a western union?
Her: at the bank you are sending it
how log we that take you (my name)
Me: I dont know what a western union is, can you explain it to me?
Her: you did not need any explanation ok just go and send the money to my name
You can get it wire to my name via Western union
Me: No, I do need an explanation.
Her: Kindly email me the transfer details as soon as you have it done,i will definitely Thanks..
Me: I've never sent money via western union, I dont know how it works
Her: ok
Me: can you explain it?
Her: amount $500
than location
Me: and who do I tell this to?
Her: that is all you need to get
Her: ??
Me: are you still there?
I can't send the money unless I know how
Her: that is all you need to get the money to me
Me: and where do I go to send it?
Her: western union money transfer online

I guess the Facebook police got to her!

I've got to say it's a little unnerving to know that lads are hacking my friends' Facebook accounts. Prompted me to hide certain personal details entirely, and strengthen my password. I also made sure to just "play dumb" rather than piss the lad off, not a good idea to anger a lad with your real details!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The same thing happened to me a while back, got asked for money because one of my friends had been mugged in London and couldn't get home Smile

I was reluctant to bait as I have a lot of personal info on FB that only my added friends can see. I posted on my friend's wall with a warning to all his other friends, but it was pretty quickly deleted and I was dropped as a friend lol.

My friend changed his password and all was well, eventually, pretty unnerving though.

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