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 BUS TED by TCSO (TC Sheriff's Office)

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So, I am Shepard, my good friend is Gary Shaw, who works for the TCSO in Jackson Hole Wyoming. The following was all done by me as a Holiday Gift for Gary:

From [email protected] Olomu:
Dear Partner To Be,
This Is A Success Oriented Call Requesting You To Grab The Opportunity To Becoming A Company Owner
By Joining Me To Invest In A High Profit Yielding Business,This Is Why I Will Urge You To Belief Me
When I Say,Success Is Easy Because I Know The Route.
Pale loader -----$350.00 --7-11 am
Grader 14g ------$430.00 ---7-11 am
D8 Bulldozer-----$850.00 ---7-11 am
D6 Bulldozer ----$800.00 ---7-11 am
Excavator---------$800.00---7-11 am
Swamp buggy ---$1000.00 --7-11 am
Barge--------------$1,200.00--7am -4 pm
Tug Boat----------$1,800.00 -7am-4pm Etc,
The Amounts You See Here Are The Prices Paid To Rent(Hire) These Equipment In My Country Nigeria.
I Want You To Join Me FINANCIALLY, Lets Establish A Company that Will Render The Service Of Renting (Hiring) These Equipment.
Have You The Fear Of The Possibility Of Providing All These Equipment At A
Time In Order To Start This Company? IT CAN EVEN COMMENCE WITH ONE, Or Any Quantity You Can Afford.
Get Back To Me On ([email protected]) Or +234-703-376-159-3,
I Look Forward To Hearing From You.
Olomu .M. Akporobaro

My Response:
How much am I should invest with you for making good return on my money?

I represent the company Named SHEPARD HUMPHRIES and my name is Gary "By God" Shaw.


From Olomu: (Also attached generic pics of heavy equipment)
Dear Mr. Garry Humphrey ,
Compliment of the season and this is coming to you in appreciation to your reply to my message which is a business proposal..
I must confess to you that not every body will like to talk about things like this, most especially when they are not deceived that a people of a community died and suddenly $120,000,000.00 was found some where and they need some body to be foreign beneficiary to claim the money, when this type of message is sent you see every body want to know how will the money get to them and at the end of the day, they will lost every thing , the only way to enjoy the good treasure of life is not to follow the CROWD.
Equipment rental can simply be defined as renting (giving out of equipment) for hire to the people who want it for use and this people are called customers.
In the procedure of renting equipments, there are so many rules that bind both bodies, the customer and the Person (company) giving the equipment out to be rented.
Some of the rules which bind the company and the customer are that,
(1)........... There is a specific amount of money usually paid for the equipment when to be hired.
Meaning, it is fixed that if it is one thousand eighty hundred united state dollars ($1,800.00), that the Machine is to be giving out at that time that is the amount that must be paid.
(2)............ There is time duration, period the equipment (machine) must stay with the customer.
In this case, if the machine (equipment) is rented for a day, it must not stay above that period of one day It was hired (rented).
(3)........... There is duration the equipment (machine) must (work) be used even though it is with the Customer.Here also, the machine (equipment) is hired (rented) for one day, does not mean it will work for the Twenty four hours that makes up the day, in the twenty four hours the machine (equipment) is rented, it Has the duration it will work depending the working period agreed upon by the owner company.
(4)........... When the equipment is to be giving out, the customer is meant to pay extra fee of the same amount for extra duration.
What this means is, if for example if the customer wants the service of the machine for one day (24 hours) as it is been recorded and the machine rental (hiring) price for that one day is one thousand united states dollars ($1,000.00) he the customer, must pay three thousand united state dollars to the company, so that when he meet up with the time , the customer shall be giving back his/her balance two thousand united states dollars but if the customer is able to use the equipment for more than the expected duration, then the fee is deducted from the extra fee he paid.
Also attached on this very message are the pictures of some of the equipments I am talking about.The wonderful thing about this business is the fact that if for example a machine is bought for one million United States dollars ($1,000,000.00) the one million united state dollars must be recovered back in twelve months and after then, every other money that comes becomes profit and the machine/equipment remains the property of the owner and he still makes money with it.
Looking at this, even if you have never done business before or you do not have business idea, you can clearly see that, this business is highly profitable, and making profit is the REASON any human being would go into investing his/her money.
Dear Mr.Gary, the Matter is that since I do not have the capital (money) to start this business and i do not want this great IDEA to die, I decided to bring it on air searching for some body who shall be a partner and should be able to FINANCE the establishment of this business/company.
What do we,I mean you and I need to start this business/company?
I shall wait to hear from you again for further proceedings.
Your Truly.
Olomu Monday Akporobaro.

N.B, Will it be possible for you to provide the money that can buy all these a equipments at a time? , you alone can answer that question knowing your financial capability but that not withstanding, with one or more of these equipments on our land where we shall also have small office, surely we can start and with TIME, get to the land of the DREAM.
I will be most greatful to hear from you again as soon as possible

My Response:
Dear Olomu,

It is with happy regret of delay that I am making excited to make money with YOU is my partner and to make future proceedings.

I think I can having more trust on you because the people that are making scams about $12,000,000 do not having good English like you are having. Also because the people that make scam are often just a computer - de automatic... I just need to make sure you are real and are not using old photo of equipment and of you. Thanks you for having mutual trust with me!

I am not extremely wealthy like Bill Gates or Kiley Campbell, but I have some money for investing and I having friends that are can invest also if it is a good deal. As I am mention, I am represent S. Humphrey who is having pretty big wealth. S. Humphrey has allowed me $1,500,000 for invest in international project of equipment.

I need to be able to show S. Humphrey profit within 2 years or it is my ass on the line for punish... I don't mean in a fun way wink wink. S. Humphrey has a company named "BUS TED BY TCSO." Will you please make a prove to me that you are real and not a computer automatic by writing company name on a big cardboard or sign and hold it up so I can see:
1. Your face
2. 1 Piece of Equipment behind you
3. The sign with name "BUS TED BY TCSO"
When you email to me this picture I will know you are not an automatic-computer and that you are real and have a trust for partnership together. I will be happy to make initial investment when this is happening. I can not make complete $1,500,000 investment first day, but can immediately send by cashiers check the amount of $14,000 so that you can begin search for land, equipment and legal expenses. This must be accomplish by 12-25-09 to make deal work.

If you make good progress in one week we can proceed with a second investment of $34,000. This is a total of $50,000 US Dollars. This will be a time when we can evaluate if all is going as the plan. If it is still good investment, maybe I can pay for you to fly to United States so we can have meeting in Bethel, OK. This is where many big deals are made in US. I would like you to meet Eric Buckholtz, who is one of my investment bankers also working as a CWC or UW for S. Humphrey and BUS TED BY TCSO.

Signed as a christams holiday greeting card in honor of his eminence Todd Stanyon and the equine he rode in on,

Gary Shaw
(I attached the pic at this link with the words Bus Ted BY TCSO as my company logo. The picture shows an ass humping and elephant and an elephant humping an ass with the words, “Same F-ing Difference.” [url] [/url]

From Olomu:
Dear Gary Shaw,
You may not know how much I appreciate your reply and the compliment you accorded me, but truly I say thank you and may God in his infinite favor bless you.
If I tell you I am not aware that there are scammers or that they do not exist, then you must immediately know that I am one no doubt about it and if you can stand right there where you are now that I am not, and tell this to God and not me because I am not there but God is, and say God who art in heaven
I do not know that there are scammers, then I must fear you, belief me.
With all humility within my reach, I had wanted this to be the last time we shall talk about scam or scammers.
Presently as I write you, I do not know any thing much about you other than your name and some other things you have said about you which does not move me an inch, but for the area of knowing you, I know that shall be done in your reply to me, you made mentioned of some money you are having, I want to assure you that they are your money and nothing more.
From your message, I discovered that, you got the idea of what I am sharing with you halfly correct, if I must correct you fully, it must be now that the project has not started, because I live my life and do my things in life in a way that, it must be pure and remain pure and nothing less, how come this discovery?, you asked me to show you a picture of one of my equipment to prove that I am real or that the project has been on so you are just coming to support it to carry on, NO, you are wrong here if I must say, what I mean is that, equipment rental (hiring) is a very good business that is highly profiting in my country NIGERIA, knowing this, I want to go into doing this business BUT I do not have the financial ability, but I know that there is some body out there who have what I lack and if we can work together by combining what we both have (idea and finance), my dream will come to fruition.
So, I am sure you understand the concept of the message now.
Inclusive in this message is my international passport for identification.
I wait to hear from you again as you have always done.
Stay blessed, stay calm, let not the SEASON get you carried away but try all you can to control it because you have the ability in you.
Olomu Monday Akporobaro.

N.B. Please I will rather choose you write me through the hotmail address with which I wrote you. Sorry for any inconveniency it will cost you and thanks for the understanding.

This thing you are about putting your hand into is not ordinary it is covenanted, because he told me in his word that if I change my ways, if I make my heart pure and make my hands clean, he God will make my LIFE a WONDER and that he will BLESS the work of my HANDS, so you must have it in mind that you are about entering into SUCCESS TRAIN.
You are not as wealthy as Bill Gtaes now does not mean the chance to be more than him in the future is not existing.

(he also included a picture of his passport)

My Response:
Mr Sir Olomu,

I share your agreement that I look forward to moving past the mention of scammers!!! I can not agree more. This is why I am so careful in the begin of business relationship to make with trusting each other COMPLETE PROOF! Because of this I have as investor include a attachment of my passport as you also have. Thank you for fast respond to my emails! This is very important! I appreciate!

I understand your situation now that you do not yet have a "boat" to tug or bulldozer. I am understand because of this and will agree to removing that requirement from my list of three. Will you please make a prove to me that you are real and not a computer automatic by writing company name on a big cardboard or sign and hold it up so I can see:
1. Your face
2. ------------------------------------------------ Requirement #2 removed~///~ per Buckholtz (Any background is approved)
3. The sign with name "BUS TED BY TCSO"
I look forward to making this investment and for good returns, but we must make this proof of picture of you with my company sign so we can proceed. It is important for me to make first payment for accounting tax reasons before 12-25-09. Is $14,000 a sufficient amount to begin? In 2010 we can make larger investment amounts as agreed upon.

I am also looking at investment of windmills in Brazil, so I think you and I can decide if we can make agreement by 12-24-09 (So I have time to perform cashiers check $14,000 by 12-25.) I understand if you do not want to perform proof with picture like above mention... so I will wait to decline the Brazil wind Energy deal for another 2 days. I suppose you are familiar with common business practice of above #1 & #3 proof. Pleas ehave understanding in Lord's name that I will still love you as brother in Jesus Fing Christ if you decide not to be my partner in this business. I hope that you have eagerness like me to proceed! I am hoping like your good idea of wealthy more than Bill Gates or even Mike at TETON Barber!!! Smile

Signed as a christams holiday greeting card in honor of his eminence Todd Stanyon and the equine he rode in on,

Gary Shaw

PS. I am happy to perform with hotmail email address... please send it on me again.

(I included a picture of a passport with a mullet-dude’s picture)

From Olomu:
Dear Mr Gary Shaw,
I appreciate your quick responds to my message, i write to get you informed that i shall send the photo carrying WONDER MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL COMPANY on my chest.
And please i want the name of this our company to be WONDER MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL COMPANY.
I shall send this as promised tomorrow due to the time difference between us.
I thank you very much for the understanding and cooperation.
Olomu Monday Akporobaro.
N.B. the email address is [email protected]

My Response:
I think I am not doing very good with communicate the name that you are requested to be carrying on your chest. writing company name on a big cardboard or sign and hold it up so I can see:
1. Your face
2. The sign with name: "BUS TED BY TCSO"
Thank you and I am sorry if I was not so clear about what I had asked. Also, I have ask my assistant that handles check to begin prepare for the first check of $14,000. Is this amount OK? Should the Cashier's check be in the name of Olomu Akporobaro or Wonder Marine & Industrial Company?

Attached is my letter to my assistant Matthew Lane: See attached attachment which is attached.

Gary Shaw

From Olomu:
Dear Mr. Gary,

I appreciate your quick respond to my message.

Wonder marine and industrial company is a name I am suggesting for the company not that I am imposing it on you that it must be, this is not a private thing it is a group thing and so therefore, agreement must be reached by all parties involved.
For the area of sending the money, western union and money gram money transfers are the quickest and easiest ways to send and receive money world wide, to this effect, you shall send the money through the information below.

Receiver name: OLOMU MONDAY
Amount: $7,000.00
Text question: WHAT FOR

Amount: $7,000.00
Text question: WHAT FOR

If this money will be enough you asked, things like this are done in process, so let us start with this $14,000.00 for the time been.

Kindly get back to me with this information’s about you

(1)... Your age
(2)....Marital status
(4)....Home and office address
(5)....Home and office telephone numbers
(6)....Fax number
(7)....Country of origin
(7).... picture or picture of you and family if there is any

There is the need that I have to know you and while the account on the name of the company shall be opened, the bank will need these informations as my partner.

I wait to hear from you.
Olomu Monday Akporobaro
(Within 10 minutes of opening this email, I received a phone call from Olomu at a number I accidently listed in an email, but pretended that I don’t know what he was talking about.)

Included was an awesome photo of Olomu holding the sign I requested!

My Response:
Dear Mr Sir Olomu,

I am afraid I am having some of the bad news! I have been fired by Shepard Humphey because he received a phone call at a number I trusted you with. He is a very importanat and wealthy man and has many secretaries to handle regular peoples like you and me. It would be like calling Tony Blair or Barrack Obama on their personal cell phone. Below is the email Shepard sent to me:

Dear Gary,

Gary, I received a phone call from a scam artist last night while I was trying to be in bed sleeping with my wife. I gave you allow to use my email address for invest purposes, but you gave my number to a Nigerian scam artist? I hate you like the bitter New Jersy wind! You are fired and can not work here anymore! I have been planning to promote Lenny Brabrat anyway, so now he is my investment supervisor.

Furthermore, I have frozen all of your accounts and I urge you to move to another Province, New Jersey is not big enough for both of us. If you are living here still in 48 hours, I will order Lenny to make a broken leg on your wife Marge and your children Lisa, Bartholomew and Maggie. You are finished you piece of crap!

Shepard Humphries
The Boss of all Bosses – President (Net worth $4.3 billion USD)

Mr Sir Olomu, I still want to do business with you but now things have to change a little bit. The Greater Depression is gripping the US and I will not be able to find a job here. Is it possible that you could continue with finding investors and maybe I could help manage Wonder Rentals? I have only $1,500 USD in my bank, and I would be happy to make a flight to ASABA where I am having a friend I can maybe live with. How shall I make contact with you when I arrive?


Gary Shaw

I will post followup if he responds! Merry Christmas Gary!
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Hello I'm New here!

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TCSO of course is Teton County Sheriff's Office in Wyoming.

(Is this Chris Rock? Smile
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