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 Do I or don't I?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

has been sparring with J0shua K1ngs (a Beninois lawyer, hereafter just "Josh") and Dr D0ll Ikems0n ("Director of Opreation", Federal Ministry of Finance Benin Republic, hereafter just "the Doll") since 8th October, and it seems that with the approach of the festive season, nerves are fraying...

From Josh:

do you want to help me out or not??? the ministry have been asking you to send a $5300 for this fund to be remitted legaly but all you do is to be talking to them rudely, and you never told me that you will not help me, wwell the fund is still there while i look for another reliable body that will help out or can you help me????

Well, it's Cammy - expect rudeness and flippancy!

It can't be so fucking urgent - you took two weeks to just whinge! And yes, I'm rude to those lobotomised zombies because they're brainless fucking turds. How the fuck did they get that job?

He took it better than I thought:

are you ready to help me in securing the fund or not????

Hey, Cammy can be terse too:

I'm ready - I don't know if the lobotomised zombies are.

Then the Doll writes, and makes an interesting blunder.

We have received another email stating that we should approve the remittance of your fund but we gave you an instruction that you are yet to fulfil, so we have decided that before we can go on with your approval, you will send a $5300 through this payment informations below:
Receiver ....... Mr Nweke 4NDR3W UZ0D1GW3
Address ........ Akpakpa
City ............... Cotonou
Country ......... Benin Republic
Text question ...... who is the sender
Text answer ...... Kathy E1ckme1er
Amount ..... $192
As soon as we confirm it from the western union or moneygram then we will proceed immediately.

Methinks the Doll has made a cut-and-paste booboo...

Quick reply to the Doll:

Why in the name of Asatru do you want me to lie when I send the money?

Then a terse message to Josh:

The lobotomised zombies just did something very stupid.

That didn't go down well with Josh:

what is wrong with you?? are you stupid?? what did the ministry do to you to deserve all this insult?? if you dont want to help me out just tell me and let me forget about all this bullshit and look for another helping hand, i did not send you to the ministry to insult them, what the hell do you think you are doing??you you out for the transfer of the fund or you are there to make prank of me, just tell me young lady!!!!!


Cammy replied, quoting the wrong info from the Doll:

I ain't the stupid one here. The lobotomised zombies told me to pay by Western Union and added this: [snip]
So they want me to pay less than one-twentieth of what they've been demanding, and to send it under a false name! What the fuck are they playing at?

Then from the Doll, and it's a doozie:

Since you said you have sent the money, please send the correct information on how you sent it, i mean the senders name, text question and answer,amount sent out , country and the MTCN.

Let Cammy speak for us all:

Are you drunk are something? I never said I sent the money! I was asking why you're telling me to use a false name, and that ain't such a hard question, except to lobotomised zombies.

Then the Doll:

ok you can use your name instead of another one


But then Josh sends the updated details with correct amount and name. However, I don't think this reply from Cammy will go down well:

Well, ain't that nice? Too bad as I'm going to see Avatar tonight and that means I have to buy some new clothes. There's a really nice jacket and matching slacks in black leather that would be really good - AJ loves it when I wear tight slacks or jeans, he thinks I have a cute ass - and of course I need some new earrings. Maybe I can see about the money on Moday.

I wonder what they'll say?

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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