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 Can't wait to get a response from this 1! I crack myself up!

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One of my baiting characters is a guy named J03 M4mm4 that's a hardcore player, makes his money dealing drugs, and works at McDonalds and a strip club. I was writing my response and just as I was about to send it I realized it was way to short. These jerks send long ass boring emails that half the time I can't understand anyway, so I just started typing stuff and going with it. Have fun, and don't take offense to the part about fat people, it was me in character. Smile

Hey Mary,

How are you? I'm doin good, except I had a pretty rough day at McDonald's today. Some fat ugly obese bitch got mad at me for not having super size anymore. Like it's MY fault we don't have super size anymore? She didn't need it anyway, she was like 300 pounds, it was disgusting. I was thinking maybe I needed to slip some speed into her burger or something to kill her monster appetite. She was so mad it looked like she was going to eat me. It was scary. I can't stand fat people, it shows they have no self control or responsibility. Disgusting! Don't you agree? Maybe I'm just bias because I don't eat. I do too much speed to eat lol! But then when I'm chillin with my homies and we're all taking bong hits I get pretty hungry. So I just take more speed. Speed + weed makes you crazy, but it's so much fun! And then when you throw alcohol and ecstasy in the mix, it makes you trip balls! One time I had to be rushed to the emergency room and have my stomach pumped, so I don't mix those 4 together anymore. It was crazy tho, I swear on my life my friend turned into a giant pink panda bear and he was trying to attack me. My friend thinks maybe the weed was laced with LSD or something, but nothing happened to anyone else, just me.

AND OH MY GAWD! This other time I took like 3 ecstasy pills in one night and smoked a bunch of weed and this girl came up to me at a party and I still swear to this day it was an angel! Best night of my life, oh my god! And I never saw her again, and I wasn't able to get off for like 2 months straight. It was so embarassing cuz that's one of my best talents. I didn't know what to do with myself, I was soooo depressed!

Sorry enough about my bad habits.

Where did you get those photos done? This girl from the club I kind of have a crush on wants to get some glamour shots done. And the photographer you went to must be really good, cuz you're lookin HELLA FINE in those pics!! Have you ever thought of posing nude? My friend has a camera and me and him were thinking about setting up a photography business of hella fine girls and paying them to pose nude. Not dirty things, but really classy nude photos like in Playboy. Check out the December issue of Kim Kardashian if you haven't. That's how Hugh Hefner got famous. He did his first magazine in 1958 with Marilyn Monroe. My friend and I were thinking we could do that. But I think you would be too expensive. But definitely worth it. Let me put it this way: I make about $600 a day selling coke and x, and I would hand it over to you in a heartbeat for ONE topless pic! Have you ever thought of dancing? I know girls that make a fortune dancing in the clubs. You should really think about it! And if you have any friends that would want to get in on the action, let me know. We could seriously start a business, it would be great!

I sent an email to the guy from the bank with your account information on it. (Just to clarify, it was an email the lad told me to email, not a third party) I'm not exactly sure what you want me to do. Kinda fed too much information at me at once, girl. My brain is a little fried from years of doing drugs. Maybe you could send me step by step instructions? Where is the money going anyway? It looks like you have the account information, can't you just go to the bank and get the money? I'm getting a share of this for helping you do this right? I mean I'm kinda helping you out big time and that's a lot of money and I could really use some of it to kick start that business my friend and I want to start. Also, I went to the bank website and it was all in African and I didn't understand any of it.



PS you're beautiful. Have you ever seen the movie Napolean Dynamite? You look like LaFonda from that movie. You should watch it sometime, it's the best movie ever!

I really hope I didn't offend this "God fearing woman" LOL

And yes, she did kind of look like LaFonda from Napolean Dynamite lol
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Pastor Frank
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wannab8 wrote:
And yes, she did kind of look like LaFonda from Napolean Dynamite lol

Lafawnduh is Shondrella Avery, a damn good looking woman. Wink



"Father Juan are sure that you are man of God,because your behaviors showed you as unbeliever" -Mary R
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