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 More from the Vault - anyone up for some fun?

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

As much as I like to be protective of my lads, this one is too much fun to keep to myself,so if you fancy some fun I am sure they will be happy to accomodate you..

The lads asked for a payment of 1000Cedis to the Vault and my data endorsement form...I replied in the only way suitable.

I am estactic you have delivered to me by internet based text communication said endorsement forms. I hereby endore the form and shower you with godliness and accept my contrafbilations.

I am troubled by the matter of 1000 cedis? I do not think I can obtain such an ancient monetary form in a short period of time. Was it not the cedis that the romans used in ancient times? I am afraid I will have to go to coin dealers to obtain something similiar.

as your services are immune I am pleased that there will be side effects from the matter of course I am worried that you stand nothing to lose with this matter, indeed why bother contacting me if it is no benefit!

The reply...

Let us take it from your last question as we do think and believe that is where you got it all wrong. Please Note what we meant that this vault stands to lose nothing should in case you do not comply with our directives simply means that the said fund can also be useful to us here( I hope you understand).

Let us then answer the rest of your question as it comes. Please the present day Ghanaian is not using the same old cedis, GhC.1000.00 is same as $700.00 or 465.00 GBP. You are also to note that any of your questions we did not answer simply means it is irrelevant,

Note we will like to please inform you to write very good English so that we will be able to understand you very well. - Well I like this, I might have to switch to swedish chef mode.

You are to understand that what the British left here was corruption, greed, wickedness you must not forget that even as we are disclosing this information to you that your fund is with us, there are people who are not happy with the good job we are doing let me not mention names as we do not want to make you begin to live in fear WTF?

We also want to inform you that if we later found out that you have filed for fouls claims or you have hacked into someone email id and now pretending to be him or her note will stop at nothing till you are brought to book.

But if you know you are the rightful owner/beneficiary to the recovered fund/consignment do please get back to us on further clarifications about how to pay your registration fees.

You may call me directly for help if you have any or get back to us for name to send your fees if you can’t make it to our office first thing tomorrow morning.

If you have any ideas for pain with these fellows you are more than welcome to be involved.

Have i scammed you once,instead you are the one scamming us here now....Send the money animal.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:25 am Reply with quoteBack to top

hi dagget.
you need to post the original email and header from this lad.

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