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 A diplomatic, ahhhh....crisis (Ongoing)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 7:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't even remember where I got this lad from. He's [email protected] Mouk0l, and I'm baiting him as V1ncent [email protected], really wealthy businessman investor dude. I'd love some ideas as to where to take the bait from where it's at now.

He's in red, and I'm in blue. My comments in bold:

This first part comes after we exchanged a couple emails along the lines of:

Lad: Follow my instructions and we'll be done with quickly.
Me: No, tell me details of our business or the deal's off.
He caves:

The governor wants to build a tourist hotel, I need your citizenship position to admit to his understanding that I am capable of handling the amount he told me deposited in Ghana africa to carry out the building of
the hotel where you will be my personal assistance there in your country
to receive the money for me and I will join immediately to begin. it will
be profitable for me and you if you as he has said 10% of the amount is
for me and my contact and 90% goes for the investment. if you are
interested and know how the legal proceedings of building a hotel is in
your country, please let me know.

Yes, I'm interested in investing with you. I've always wanted to be part of the tourism industry. I built up my empire in aerospace, but I've been looking to get into other things as well. I also have a good attorney who is very knowledgable of the various laws of things like that. If you'd like, I can contact him as well. But I'd like to work with you.

Complement of the season.

Is good to hear from you. talking of your empire in the aerospace really
boost your experience in building. Talking of your lawyer, yes factually
he should be needed at time comes as I will love to have him stand
legitimately to compound the admission of the whole proceedings.

With virtue, I advice you forward to me in reply your full name and
telephone number, including your address so I can have it yield to the
Governor to confide on us the direction and how the sum of $875 Million
can gets to your safe haven for the investment to concent.

While I wait for you, extend the very best of regards to your family.

I'm excited to work with you. You seem like a man who knows what he wants and knows how to be successful. Here is the information you requested from me:

Name: V1ncent [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] IV (but please call me V1x, all my friends do)
Address: 11098 Lincoln Court, Chicago, IL 60606
Phone number: Google Voice # (It is very important you only call me between the hours of 1700 and 2330 United States Eastern Time. I will probably not be available at any other times. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.)
If you do not reach me at that number, you can leave a voicemail at my private line at my company: K7 #

My family accepts your regards, and they send their warmest greetings out to you and yours.

I have spoken severally with Mr. James 1bori and has made him to believe
he is in safe hands 'talking of the confidentiality involve due to his
present situation with his country political rivals charging him for money
laundry that has him summoned to face judgement by early next year 2010.
peaking with him, he factually told me the $875Million is deposited on
Escrow Fold Account with a Bank in Ghana and he has the deposit
certificate and statement of account forwarded to me for proof, he
concluded that, the building project should start by next year when his
case of the aforementioned must be acquit and discharged, so he can retain
his traveling documents to join you in the state and see things for
himself. that, for safety it will be wise for the $875Million to leave
Ghana for security reasons, against this he said you should apply and
claim the $875Million for it to be release into a safe haven account of
yours in the State for 10% benefit for you and I, and the 90% should be
kept in a safe bank account until next year when he will join you in the
state for the project to begin. and finally he leave me directed to his
lawyer is Ghana who I also spoke with. The lawyer admitted to claim the
$875Million the ownership has to be change to your name: Mr. V1ncent
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected], and this will request your visit to Ghana to
finalize everything or you give a power of attorney to a lawyer there to
impersonate you in signing all the legal documents to mandate the transfer
of the $875Million into your safe-haven bank account, or better still
Aler0n S0ren can go and finish everything for your signature if you so
suggest that. My question to the attorney was after the change of
ownership what will be the next step to accomplish this transfer into my
partner (you) account. She said a written application from you will be
send to the bank and the transfer will commence and the $875Million will
enter's your account within 72hours.

How do we proceed was her question and I said ok, let me get back to you
and furnish her with your decision?.

Until I hear from you, have a bless day with your family.

I don't understand. Who is James 1bori? Could you please explain this to me a little better? And are we only getting 10% of the 875 million? Surely you and I are entitled to more than that for all our troubles.

I thought I once explained about Mr. James 1bori for you before!, Did you? I didn't read that wall of text you sent me!
However, James 1bori is the ex-governor of the oil rich delta state of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria a country that hold the number fort-third
record of oil supply is world market. This money is free from any
encumbrance, with the 10% of $875Million calculated total sum:
$87.5Million this aside including the annual income of the hotel that you
will control for 25yrs after the build of the hotel. I did not think is
bad at all. Let me know your flight.

So you need me to fly to Ghana to complete the deal? I can do that; I have a private jet, but is there any way we could do this without having me travel so far? Can I give you power of attorney, or send my attorney over there?

It will be of best phenomenon to have you in person in Ghana to accomplish
deal. if for one or two personal reasons you cannot be in Ghana,
alternatively an attorney will be the best to impersonate you, therefore
you can send your attorney down to accomplish proceedings providing he/she
is an international attorney and should hold along the international
license, beside same service your attorney will do in Ghana, can be handle
by any other attorney in Ghana with your given power of attorney register
under the law and constitution of the Republic of Ghana for the attorney
to carry out his/her service under the legal right of lien of the Ghana

Let me know what you suggest so I can get back to James attorney immediately.

Extend warm my regards to your family.

I would love to fly down to Ghana on my private jet. Could you book me a hotel room, just as a gesture of good faith? I will be arriving on Tuesday, November 24, and I will be staying two nights - I'll be leaving on the morning of the 26th. I would like a single room at the Novotel Accra City Centre. I realize this may be a bit much for you, but I promise I will reimburse you in person when I arrive. I would greatly appreciate this gesture of friendship on your part. If you can book me the room for the two nights, I would be happy to bring you some gifts as well. Perhaps you'd like a laptop or something else from America? Let me know and I can arrange it for you.

I find your mail doing well and hope you find mine too.

I have spoken with Mr. James attorney and giving her your arrival and
short stay of two nights only and ask her to give me the immediate
procedure to accomplish protocol the necessity that will let everything to
be set and done within the short days of your stay in Accra. Her answer
was advisable to break the deadlock of time, that is advisable to procure
the Change of Ownership from the High Court of Justice and file while
awaiting your arrival on dated 24th November to sign your column. The
procurement fee levied to the $875Million by the Ghana Judicial Council is
total sum: $8,750.00 USD she advice to receive it via western union for
the urgency implied on your arrival and return to attain as schedule, send
the procurement fee to information below for her pick up immediately:

Address: Accra-Ghana
Amount: $8,750.00

When you finish sending it, scan and send me the payment slip.

I will be in Novotel hotel within the week to accomplish your request.

When coming, yes get anything you will love to bring along as a family
gift to my family. and also I will appreciate it if you can get me a
wristwatch and a Mac laptop or any product of your choice of lap tops you
can afford.

While I wait for your arrival, I will be preparing an Africa cultural
special tradition gift for your family, help me promise it to them and say
me well to them.

If there is anything you will want me to know urgent, I can be reach on:
lad's #

Thank you for getting back to me. I am very wary about wiring money by Western Union, as I have heard of hackers who steal the money before it gets to the recipient. For this reason, I would like to pay the procurement fee in person when I arrive in Ghana. Is this OK with you?

As soon as you send the receipt confirming my hotel room booking information, I will make the final plans to come to Ghana. I look forward to meeting you and paying the fee in person. This way we can make sure the deal is done honestly, face to face, with no threat from thieves.

And I'm glad you will my accept my offer of gifts. How about the 17-inch MacBook Pro for a computer?
I'll pick one up for you and bring it with me, as a gift of my appreciation for you booking me a hotel room. Of course, I'll also compensate you for that.

I have received your mail, the content well understood. Why the hell do lads always start their emails with this line?

Yes, internet hijacker are really targeting western union receipts this
days with 1% successful endeavor as reported by news. to perfectly avoid
them is only after sending the money the information has to be pass to
receiver through call or scan of the payment slip as I instructed you, and
receiver should have it picked immediately not allow it stay for weeks.
however the request that you send the money was to make things more
convenient for your short stay not to be hindered by legislature that
needs time to process the Change Of Ownership that might takes four to
five days of Judicial Protocols legalization before approval is granted.
Against this back drop, you will need at least two weeks stay in Ghana to
accomplish everything, if you insist to come and have it done face to face
due to one or two personal reasons.

The hotel booking has to be done to suit your arrival date, therefore it
will need your final arriving date for me to get you the booking
information why payment is made on your arrival in the hotel, Beside, I
have a company guest house you will find very comfortable instead of
spending money in a hotel it will be good you save it and stay there and
accomplish transaction.

I appreciate your gift of the Macbook Pro. I wait for your immediate update.

At this point, I'll skip a few of the "technical details of my trip to Ghana" emails. We decided on putting us up in a guest house, then putting us up in hotel rooms. Too bad I haven't made it to Ghana....

I called him with the bad news. Notice my stalling at about 3:10 as I scrambled to find my Google Voice #! Safari attempt DENIED Confused

And then I sent him this:

Still many problems with the immigration people. They still haven't returned with the passports and they just came on the plane and took my phone. They said it was being confiscated for evidence. I really hope he calls...I want a chance to test my "Ivorian immigration dude" voice I asked what kind of evidence, but they would not tell me anything. I don't want them to know I have this laptop since they might take that too. I'm really getting worried. Also remember that I have a suitcase full of cash on this plane. I don't want them to find out about this either.

They have not allowed us to leave the plane yet - they told us that if we tried, we would be arrested for illegal entry and trespassing. They haven't said much more than that. But they've brought us food and I assume they'll continue to do so as long as they're here.

The mechanics looking at the engine left about an hour ago. The engine is lying in pieces on the tarmac about 50 feet from us. I have no idea what they're doing or whether they'll get it fixed any time soon. They haven't told us anything yet either.

I called the US Embassy here in Abidjan, but I could not speak to the Ambassador. They told me they would look into the matter and get back to me. I don't know how they'll do this since the immigration people took my phone. I don't know if it would be a good idea for you to call them. Maybe if you called my phone, you could convince them to let me go? If there is ANYTHING you could do to help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it.

We're all getting a little restless here. I'm going to sleep now, and I'll try to email you in the morning.

He called me twice more:
^^At about 12:30, I mention that I'm glad we didn't crash and die...listen to his reaction..."Hm." Bastard
More dicking around by all. I wasted a fair bit of his time with these calls, I think. How much does it cost to call the US from Ghana again?

Vix, how can they took your phone when you are on emergency landing, sound
strange to me. However, I advice you get in touch with the embassy by any
means of telephone communication via internet and make sure they look into
the matter very urgent. US citizens are first class on this planet earth
and they are accorded with respect all over the world in matters of
immigration. I have called the phone and is not been answered by anyone.
If possible you open communication with your mechanic expert in the state
and tell them to fly in immediately to fix this problem. This is emergency
matter and has to be taken care of the right way. What is the present
situation now there?

Hi. Things aren't going so well.

A few hours ago, the immigration people came on the plane and arrested three of our pilots. They would not tell us why...they said something about passports and Interpol. They just handcuffed them and took them off the plane. They still have my phone, but they haven't found the money or laptops. I don't know what the hell is going on.

The immigration guys still have our passports. They brought us rice twice today. So we're eating, but they're not telling us anything. I asked what was going on and they would only say "it will be taken care of soon. We're just looking into some things."

The engine is still in pieces on the tarmac. Two mechanics came by earlier today and looked at it for a while, but then they left.

I emailed the US embassy today, telling them everything that happened. I got a response from them. They said they had received the email and they would be getting back to me in a couple days. I guess we wait till then. But I was really freaked out by them arresting my pilots.

I should still be in contact with you via this email. I still don't have my phone though. Perhaps you could keep calling it, and if you get in touch with one of the immigration guys, you could explain this to them. I'm not a criminal. I don't think I did anything wrong. I just want to get out of here. If you could help me in any way, I would really appreciate it.

I understood, their action must be after the pilots unprofessionalism not
to have checked the jet proper before allowing it fly all the way from
Chicago down to Africa. It might not be the fault of the pilots but the
french police will not understand that, even if they understand english
language the will deny even understanding a common come or go thinking
they have caught some criminals, they will want all possible means to try
and get money from you people. however having the US embassy aware of this
early really make it very ok and very confident that everything will soon
be ok. just take heart. They have not right to touch your money! I have
tried severally and no one answered the call. if you want to talk to your
family if emailing is not possible let me have their phone number to reach
them for you. moreso fixing the aircraft should be far and more faster
than am understanding from your situation. and also allowing you to stay
in the aircraft not hotel also baffles me? with the engine out of the
aircraft I think it will be power outrage totally. so how are you people
coupling with that too really worries me, I am having sleepless night
about this whole problem you are facing there, factually nothing good come
easy and this is just the devil fighting to stop us from achieving our
goal and it will be over come, I expect you say Amen to that to conquer
the hindrances.

Actually, the pilots' arrests have to do with them being involved in an international drug smuggling ring. We're not going anywhere soon with them...

As always, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas on where to go from here. If you got all the way through this, thanks for reading!


And I must tell you that I am not in support of you stealing a car, how can you stoop so low, are you a criminal? You are compounding your problems if you don't know. - James O.

I wish you were in front of me; you deserve 12 strokes on your butt. - Emmanuel K.

send me the MTCN number, the name and address of sender. If you cannot do that like you Americans say get fucky out here now.


Closed lad accounts times ten

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Poor Vix! He's so does he know these so-called "immigration officials" aren't well-organized hijackers? Sad
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