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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi all,

Please see trancription of a series of scam emails in which I have play the role of "Nancy" a naive not very attractive lady:
Dear Friend,
I am a marine officer with the United States troop in Iraq on war
terrorism. Based on the United States legislative and executive
decision for
withdrawing troops from Iraq come this year and finally 2011,I am
compounded to seek means to transfer my foutune out of here in Iraq.
Our mission
is to help beef up security in terrorist targeted states, mostly the
States and the European Union on the war against terrorism. I will be
your help for myself that is why i contacted you.
On the other hand i want to inform you that I have in my possession
the sum of
$14.2million USD($14,200,000) cash. On the early hours of 4th
September 2009 I
lost a friend whom I had known for 12years during one of these
It was a very sad day but at about 1100hrs during a normal inspection
along Haifa Street, at the building that was occupied by the late
Saddam Hussein
while he was still alive and one of the hide outs of the Al Qaeda and
al-Zawahiri forces. I, along side with 3 of my men proceeded to a
marked site
and as I commenced evaluation under close guard by my men, I
discovered an
unusual bulge in a cellar, which I presumed to be storage room and as
proceeded to have a closer look at it, I kicked a metal covering and
several metal boxes (8 in number) Piled on top each other and locked
with a
padlock. On forcing the boxes open, we discovered several armored
including bullets. One of the boxes was filled with hard drugs
(heroine) and four to my amazement was filled with money.
On discovery of this money,I with the three of my men for hours
counted bundles
of the currencies which amounted to about $57.5M
after which we shere the money and I got $14.2m.
I am ready to share 70/30 for your assistance, 70% for me which I
intend to use
in the establishment of a Hospital Complex in the United States my
Homeland. and
30% for you
Edward Smid
Email: [email protected]

Hi Capt Edwards,
Please let me know how can I help you.

Dear Nancy,
Thanks for responding to my previous email.
I contacted you because of the need for the fund
which I have mentioned you of to be ventured
towards the establishment of dream project(a
Hospital Complex). This I can not do for my self at
this time because of my primary duty here in Iraq.
I have contacted you because I wouldn't want such a
huge investment to be trace back to me as I am a
famous Marine Officer, and a Hospital investment
with such funding owned by me will be a subject for
verification by the Marine Authority. Due to this
reason I have resolved to compensate you with 30%
of the total money while 70% will be reserved for
me for the said project.
Furthermore, let me make you understand my power in
affecting the delivery of this funds to you, I am
in command of my newly deployed unit in Al-Basra
were I give orders, and as a marine and you know
the respect and honor we control and which I do not
wish to jeopardize for any reason. I have already
informed you on how this money came about, so I do
not need to give you any further info about my self
now until I know a little bit about you,hoping that
you have the mind to understand even when giving a
clue. I have made arrangement with the
International Diplomatic Courier Agency and Red
Cross officer on how the two trunk boxes containing
the fund will be delivered to you , and all will
give you full details about this arrangement once I
have conclude with the needful. There is need to
register the boxes with this company before they
will embark on the delivery, I have obtained all
the particulars that they have requested so far
from me, but all the need at this time is the
information of the receiver. Because of the
security of this transaction, I have refused
disclose to anyone the true content of the boxes
until it gets to you and even the delivery company
and the Red cross officer are not aware about the
fund that is in the boxes as I have informed them
that the boxes contain photographic material which
will damage if expose to the atmosphere, and few of
my used materials. And am sure he wouldn't tamper
with the boxes because he is a man of decent mind.
I have attached herewith my photo and alongside the
pictures of my men whom we together got the fund. I
really do urge you to be very discrete with this
transaction for security reasons, I had to show you
this now because of how much I really want us to
get this deal done and for you to be sure about
whom you are dealing with.
I will be needing your basic information to enable
me register the fund under the International
Diplomatic Courier Services for delivery to you,
They request to have your name address and contact
number to register and prepare the Airway Bill and
we have also reach in consensus on the cost for the
delivery and all cost amount to $17,980.00. So once
the prepare the Airway Bill as soon as I get your
data, I will take care of these charges for them to
commence the immediate dispatchment of the boxes to
This deal is for real it is no joke and I want you
too see for yourself. I have arranged everything in
a way that you will have your own share of the
funds once the boxes gets to you and you will
deposit my share for me in a Swiss account and
afterward I will tell you how to use my share for
the building of a Hospital for me. Which is the
reason why I have contacted you what ever you do
with your 30%, I totally wouldn't want to know
Every week a red cross relief jet flies to United
States from Baghdad to go collect reliefs from
donors in United States. I have two of my men as
security to the airplane. If I get the requested
information from you I will contact the delivery
company to get the registration done immediately
and as well prepare immediately the Airway Bill so
that they can move this week . The airplane that
will be used in this deal is the Red Cross Air
Craft which equally has its own immunity because of
the nature of its work. Wherever it lands in United
States at their Head Quarters in Washington the Red
Cross officer after reporting to their office will
now go and clear the consignment and bring it down
to you .
If you are ready for this deal, you are required by
this letter to furnish me with the information
below, as I did told the Red Cross officer that we
shall be intimating him with the information of the
rightful owner of the box.
1. Your Full name
2. Your country of origin
3. Your state of residence and address
4. A scanned copy of your international passport
/driver's license/ID.
5. Your direct telephone number
6. Your occupation.
Once I receive this, I will forward the information
that the delivery company requires to them and pay
them the delivery fees. I await your immediate
to this mail.
Best regard,
Capt. Edward Smid
2 Attached Images

Dear Captain Edwards,
Can you assure me that this transaction is legal as I am a retired Nurse and have not much
knowledge of the legal system.
I was in Basra by the way three years ago but only for two months. I remember very well how
much suffering you guys had to endure.
I think what you are trying to do is amazing and shows you have a big heart.
Not sure if he is still there but please give my regards to Sgt Julio Iglesas from the Spanish
Infantry who I met while he was injured by a roadside bomb.
Best Regards,

Dear Nancy,
I do not intend to bring out any of the copies of the fund snapshots
which I took on the fund due to security reasons but all reason was
to clear your doubts. Attached is one of the snapshot photos which I
snapped my friend with my share of the fund. I had to do this
because of how I really want us to carryout this transaction
successfully and I hope I can really count on you . I have locked the
boxes with some Combination which I intend to give to you once I
confirm that the boxes are safely delivered to you.
If you are ready for this deal, you are required by this letter to
furnish me with the information below to enable me get the boxes
registered with the delivery company here in Iraq, as I did told the
Red Cross officer that we shall be intimating him with the
of the rightful owner of the box.
1. Your Full name
2. Your country of origin
3. Your state of residence and address
4. A scanned copy of your international passport /driver's
5. Your direct telephone number
6. Your occupation..
Hope to hear from you soon.
Capt. Edward Smid

Hi Capt Edward,
I will be glad to be of help. After thinking for a while I have decided to give my share to the
hospital found where I think can be of better use. Is that ok with you? I am quite wealthy and
do not need the money.

Hello Nancy,
Thank you for your email, I really do appreciate your kind gesture and williness to assist in
seeing my dream of establishing a hospital complex to the lime lights. It really give me joy to
know that there are still patrotic citizen who are will to scarificies so much for the American
I have concluded all the arrangement for the delivery of the fund but what is left to be done
before the delivery company can undertake the delivery is the registration of the boxes. I
really will be needing your basic information to enable me get the registration done. Please
endeavor to provide me with the requested information below.
1. Your Full name
2. Your country of origin
3. Your state of residence and address
4. A scanned copy of your international passport /driver's license/ID.
5. Your direct telephone number
6. Your occupation..
Hope to hear from you soon.
Capt. Edward Smid.

I am very happy knowing that this is going to help so many people. It has always my dream to
help othe people but I have never found the right moment in my life to do it. Now I am retired I
think it is the right moment. My name is Nancy Martin and i live in Manchester. I moved here
five year ago and life is very stress full. Perhaps i could work at the hospital as a nurse as I
never wanted to leave my job. Do you think that would be a problem?

Dear Nancy Martins, it will be my pleasure to have you work not only as a nurse but as chief
medical director to the Hospital once it's completed, meanwhile at the mean time I will like
you to tell me a little more about your self. are you maried? I will like you to send to me your
pics so that I can really know what you look like as I sense you must be a very nice woman.
Also my dear, I still need your full address and other requested requirements so that we can
get the boxes registered for the delivery to your house address. The Red Cross jet is had just
arrived today to deliver item donated by the United Nations for the less privillege and any
moment from now it will be heading back to the States, so I will want the boxes to be on the
flight for it to be delivered to you as I have agreed with Mr. Ingel D. George, the Red Cross
Thanks for your time, will be waiting on the information.

Capt. Edward Smid.
Hello Nancy, how are you doing today I didn't hear from you althrough today is everything
alright with you as for me I am doing just fine just that I was having some slight pains on my
left foot, I got hit on it on a shoot out with a terorrist group at shetti turkman village in northern
baghdad three months ago and since then though the injury has heal, I at times will have
some painful cramp on the same foot. You can see for yourself what I look like on that faithful
I really would like to hear from you, to know that you are fine.

Dear Capt Edwards,
I am so sorry to hear about your injury and I hope you recover well. I am very excited about
the plans for the Hospital. In the meantime I managed to dig out a picture that we took in a
bikini party in Mallorca a couple of years ago. I do not normally send pictures of myself but I
think in this case I can make an exception. I am the one in the green bikini. Do you know
roughly how long is going to take to build the hospital. By the way how did you get my email?
I bet you found it in the list of nurses that worked in Basra. Please promise me that you will
take care of your self.
Best Regards,

[[b]At this point i added a picture of a bunch of very big ladies in bikini]

Dear Nancy,
You are such a big one but look facially very beutiful,hope you had a wonderful day today? well I don't really know how long it will take to complete the hospital building but the most important thing is that once the money is there it will not take to much a time for the project to be completed and under your supervission.
I still will be needing your personal information so as to get the trunk boxes registered before the Red Cross officer can commence the delivery of the boxes down to your house address in the states.
Please email me with your information immediately and do take good care of your self.
Capt. Edward Smid.
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