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 Malaysian enjoys trips to moneygram

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 4:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't do much baiting anymore, too lazy, but I have this guy leaving me messages using a voice changer, and taking trips to moneygram for his 3.5k.

I could see him getting very annoyed if some more people were to send him to WU or moneygram offices, as it appears he has to travel a fair bit to get to them.

Original e-mail - still sending from both:

Please Reply Urgent
Bill & Exchange Manager.
[email protected]

Dear friend,
I am Mrs. Ummi Kalthum, Staff of a financial institute here in Malaysia. I am contacting you for your interest to receive the transfer of$10.5 Million. I will like you to stand as the next of kin to my late client whose account is presently dormant, for claims. I will request for your below details for us to proceed.
(1) Full names:
(2) Private phone number:
(3) Current residential address:
(4) Occupation:
(5) Age and Sex:
Yours faithful,
Mrs. Ummi Kalthum
Bill & Exchange Manager.
[email protected]

I had to send back a form which took over 1 minute of my time


[email protected] was the follow up addy

Mr Th4r4njit Rab1nder (attorney)


I have now given him 3 slightly different reference numbers, and will hopefully have him on his 3rd trip with a fake receipt I sent him.

Feel free to join in!

My dear,

I recieved a call from the account officer and he told me that the moneygram office that he went now siad that the reference number is invalid. kindly correct the mistake and send it back to me.

My dear,

I am very sorry for the disturbances, but I had to call you because my account officer travel some kilometers far away from his house so that he can pick up the money and I will be able to go to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning to summit the affidavit form, remember that I must summit it early so that the certificate will be granted to me the same day. Please if you can send the correct number to me now so that he will pick up the cash and not to west his transport fare.

I was using my house phone to call you that why; I was not disguising my voice.

Please use the slip to send the correct number to me. My account officer is waiting in the money Gramm office.


T. Rab1nder.

Dear Sir,

We regrat to inform you that your payment has not been received from the money gramm and we don't intend to go back to the money gramm office on till you send the slip for your payment. and also your document processing will be pended for the moment.

Hope this fools him:


He's sure to run out of patience with me, especially if he goes on his 3rd trip, maybe some people could help me getting him embarrassing himself even more at the MG/WU place.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:24 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

If you want others to bait him you need to post up his format. Actually, we require a format if you are going to be posting an addy to bait.

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