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 Wires crossed and mild irritation

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:59 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My doddery old vicar character is involved in an army bait and has given the deaf explanation about not being able to use the phone. Now when I hear the good reverend speaking in my head, when composing emails, he sounds a lot like the cricket commentator, Henry Blofeld (he looks like Dick Emery but that's another story)...

Dear Tony,

Send me your mobile a number for easy communication with the courier company who will contact you and also your country of location. I have already sent your information to them , but they requested for the mobile number or fax , so that when the Approved Diplomat arrives your country with the , he will be able to contact you that he has arrived... blah blah

My dear old thing

Thank you for your very detailed email. I would welcome the opportunity to chat on the telephone but unfortunately I am rather deaf.

I clearly remember it now, we were about to go over the top in Mesopotamia to fight the fuzzy wuzzies and a damned shell went off right beside me! Since then I have found it difficult to hear anything at all and have to sit right next to the organ in church so I can hear the hymns!

So therefore I am unable to use a telephone and have to rely on email or letter to communicate. Anyway I am rambling on again, what do we have to do now to get this project moving along?

Kind regards

The Reverend Tony

My lad writes...


why calling me an old thing wher as you know my name,dont you have a country ? do get back with your country of location .

Laughing think he's off script...

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That was a very quick de-rail there. This one might be a genius level lad.

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