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franky Hollywood
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dear B An*s

Thanks very much for accepting to help me out of this hell condition am presently in. Your really are God sent. All i need if for you to help me receive my inheritance and take me out of this unpleasant place.

The main issue is that am very ill, am even shaking as am sending you this email. that am writing you right now with my condition is because i have no choice because i need my inherited money released immediately to enable me have my normal life back. My financial condition is very bad now, all the fiscal cash i came in with has exhausted. Am now finding it difficult to buy common food, and i also need medical attention but i don't have any cash on me and there is no one to help. my present condition is very critical, no good accommodation, no food, nothing even a good water to drink because i can't afford pure water any more as i have run out of cash, i believe all this is contributing to my illness because i was not brought up this way of living and environment. All my hope right now relies in that fund, so please contact the security company where is being deposited as i have already told them that you will be contacting them for the release since they insist that am still under age to apply for the release according to their policy..

Please when you contact the Security Company you should tell them that you are my guardian and my late father's business partner that you want them to release the deposited fund by my late father Mr. James Aji to their Security Company before his death, you should also tell them that I Linda James Aji the only daughter of Mr. James Aji and his next of kin have agreed for them to release the consignment to you.

Please permit me to ask you this questions, How old are you? are you married ? if yes how many children have you ? what is your occupation ? and please promise me that you will not in any way cheat or betray me when this funds gets to your country, please it is very very important because this fund is my only hope in life. You should demand from them the procedure towards retrieving the fund from their company. Please find bellow the contact of the Security Company so that you will contact them immediately and get back to me. I have also attached my picture for you to see what i look like, i will be delighted to also have one of yours. i don't have a phone right now due to my present situation, but i will call to speak with you as soon as i get the opportunity.

Below is their West Africa branch contact information:

Company Name:..................Continental Security and Vault Services.
Address: .............................Carre 925 St Martins
Cotonou-Benin Republic
Contact person: Dr. B0ni Azad0u
Telephone: +229 98574781.
Email: Fake email address

Why i ran down to Benin Republic is because the security company have branch here, but when i went there with the documents for the release of the fund, they made me to understand that am still under age to claim the fund, that i should find a relation to claim it on my behalf as my guardian. But non of my relation is trust worth, they are all envious of my fathers wealth and that is why i want to use an outsider so that non of my relation or my fathers business partners will know my way about till i grow into a full woman to avenge my fathers death and retrieve my fathers other wealth.

I have told Dr. B0ni Azad0u of Continental Security that my guardian will be contacting them concerning the release of my fathers deposited fund. so please email them now and call him immediately you email them on the above phone number to enable him honor your application.
I don't have any fiscal cash on me to be sincere with you but i will call you if i have the opportunity because i will be very happy to hear the voice of the person that is about to offer me the help that is very important to my life.

Below is the application I composed, You can contact them that way or you use your own initiative OK. Please react immediately. and please answer the above questions i asked you. I will really appreciate it if you give me a phone number here i could reach you easily to enable us be more familiar to each other.


I, .................................................... do humbly apply to your company as the guardian of the under age bona-fide next of kin beneficiary of the consignment in your custody deposited by my late partner Mr. James Aji. For your reference and confirmation of my status as the under age bona-fide beneficiary guardian of the mentioned fund, I send herewith the CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT of the fund. Sir/Madam, I request that you advise me on how your company’s will release the fund to me and other requirements you will need.

I sincerely demand that my application be given an urgent attention by your good office.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation. Please attach a copy of your identity card for identification

Best regards

So how do you think i should proced? she has sent the certificate and a picture of her self as well?
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Fowan Nyne
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just be compliant at first. Relax and follow the leader you'll be guided. Just remember if there's an opportunity for it to go wrong, take it!
Always blame the lad though.
I recently published my first and this looks similar. Very straight and hard to get off script.

It's here:

Visit Eater University and read the stickies. Also read as many threads as you can. Maybe sign up for a mentor?

Good luck Wink

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