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 allways deal with a name you trust

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karen simpathi
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 9:59 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dontcha just love dealing with an unknown company?

I work in a security company (name withed) that handles all sorts of cash
clearance across the continents. We have clients from all over the world;
Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa etc.
Among services we offer are:
1) Money transfer through cashless transfer debit cards which can be
remotely reloaded from any location.
2) Hand Cash delivery by one of the company’s transporter to anywhere in
the world.
3) Anonymous bank wire and clearance in any bank of the world with only a
pre-designed number
I can’t reveal the name of the company now nor the location for obvious
I am in search of an investor.
I decided to contact you, believing that by the grace of God you will
accept this and be my partner in business. I have been working with this
company for the past 15 years. Within this period, I have watched with
meticulous precision how heads of states and government functionaries from
all over the world have been using our company to move huge sums of money
in USD ($), Pound Sterling, French Francs etc all in Cash to their foreign
partners. They bring in these
consignments of money (cash) and secretly declare the contents as
jewelries; gold, diamond, precious stones, family treasure, documents etc.
in order to evade taxes accruing from normal bank transfer and to also
avoid declaring the source of fund from money laundering etc.
These people have hundreds of consignments deposited with our company.
Their foreign partners, friends, and relatives, are claiming most of these
A lot of these deposits are lying here unclaimed for as much as 15years.
Nobody may ever come for them because in most cases, the documents of
deposit are never available to anybody except the depositors and most of
them are dead.

and I have added you as well to the international list of Female baiters with your phone number and address as well. Let's see who's reputation suffers
Richard White Global Securities
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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:33 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

How about money from an unknown source?

Attention Beneficiary,

On behalf of the Trustees and Executive this is an official notification of
funds deposited in your name by a late customer of our bank. We arrange
for the safe keeping of special and valuable packages and baggage in trust
for reputable clients that are honest and trustworthy.

I once again try to notify you as my earlier letter returned undelivered as
benefactor whose identity can not be disclosed because of the Non
Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement that was signed with the said
benefactor when the funds were being deposited, made you the beneficiary
of a package containing some amount of money According to him this money is
to support your humanitarian activities and to help the poor and the needy
in Your society.The Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure Agreement signed
with the benefactor mandates us to fully divulge and disclose the benefactor's
identity 18 months after you, the beneficiary, has received the funds.

The funds totals US$7.5M (Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand United
States Dollars) and we confirm that these funds are fully free of any liens, or
encumbrances and are clean, clear and non-criminal origin and are available
in the form of cash.You are hereby advised to reconfirm your Full Contact
Information for verification with information contained in our database
in the format stated below.

After verifying the details with the information we have in our database,
you will be contacted to personally claim the funds in our bank where its
being kept with the Consignment Deposit Information(C.D.I) that will empower
you to do so. This Consignment Deposit Information (C.D.I) is what is needed
to claim the funds and will only be sent to you after all your information
has been verified and confirmed to be true. Information should therefore be
sent in the manner Stated below so as to ensure that no mistake is Made
Your Full Name and send it to my E-mail:[email protected]
Your Complete Address (Physical Address with Zip Code)
Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year):
Direct Telephone/Mobile Number:
Your Occupation:
Fax Number:
Complete the above and send back to me as soon as possible.
Congratulations in advance.
Thank you and I sincerely remain

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