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 Lost my lad but got him back. Phew...

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Fowan Nyne
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

A month to the day and "she" gives up!

"if you want to help me sir,go ahead and help me,you don't know how
difficult things are here in Africa,am so sorry i don't have any money and i believe God will help me.

Three days later and I give a mild slap:

"Don't give up.
If God was going to help you, he would have you out of there in a
You need to pull yourself together and do something about your
Do a job for someone or borrow the money. You have the trunks to
think about.. I am running out of time to assist you.
Please make some effort. I need to transfer the release funds to
you ASAP!
Hello Daddy,
> God will always bless you for every mail you write me and favor
>you in all your doings.Daddy this place is like hell nobody is
>ready to assist me,not even the churches here,i have gone
>everywhere try to do anything to get money but it was of no avail.
> when i met you i prayed and thanked God but as it has gone this
>way i don't know what to do,i want you to see me and believe me,i
>don't know what to do anytime i reply your mails am soaked with
>tears,for me to eat here is very very difficult Daddy am a very
>young girl without anything but God and i believe God is alive and
>h is listening to my prayers.

Set the bait which wasn't the main scam.

>I still have your laptop. Can I post it to you at the camp?
>If not, can you find someone that you can trust that can receive
>at their address.Maybe you could sell the laptop when it arrives?
>Nancy, please think about things. Do you want to stay there
>All my love to you. You are always on my mind (uh hu).


Not even the church will assist but...

Good day daddy,
i have run around and have been able to see an address that i can receive the shipments,daddy i would do just how you said so your organization can believe me,am so happy for you because you treat me like my real father,and i promise you would be more happy when you see me daddy and below are the receiving information's and it is close to the camp and daddy because i don't have passport i decide to use a friend name so when it arrives i will be able to receive it.take care and God bless you

Result! Back on track!

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