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 "Who's Who" directory turns to "Orphaned Afri

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:33 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey I'm not 100% sure about this; but I'd say I'm about 98% that an elderly couple that I know is being scammed.

It began when one of them payed to get himself listed into some kind of "Who's Who" directory. After that they received a letter in the mail from someone claiming to be a young African woman with a couple sisters who's father was killed by gunfire and mother was raped and killed. Since then she and her sisters' lives have been a slurry of motorbike accidents, sickness, and their headmaster is now a political prisoner as well. It's quite the melodrama. I was sitting at their table for breakfast the other day and they'd received a typed letter from their African friend. It was full of desperate information about how riots and rebellion is ravaging their neighborhood. And worse yet; as a casually ask if they've ever called I get: "Oh yes she has called a few times; she has quite a deep voice" (exact quote there)
Long story short; seven years later this elderly couple is still receiving "RENT DUE SOON" and "WE'RE SO HUNGRY" e-mails and eating it up, sending 200-400 dollars at a time as far as I know. When I had a chance to glance, the sender's email is a .uk but I don't have the originating IP.

I'm awfully sure this would be a terrible ego wound for this old guy (in his eighties) if i went out and told him that he had been financing some forty-something Nigerian guy's watch collection.

Has anyone heard of this type of scamming through a Who's Who directory?
With my luck I'll go on and tell him then it'll turn out to be a real starving African woman with a pituitary gland problem.
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Unfortunately, you are lucky. I think this is a scammer.

Cellphone x12
Closed lad accounts x23
United Kingdom x6 United States x4 Nigeria Australia Switzerland Russia x2 x2 Germany

Listen very openly Barrister Koffi Adams forward to this or what you sent to him how der you sent such a thing to him with is age am very disapointed in you if by your next mail you could not comeplete sending the right way sorry.

Even my little child know how to send money and give to the taker on how to take it so

Austria is a the name of a country near Australia.

This are the details we required from you so our customer cab infect payment to you.

Our is not ready to receive your incandesces message

send to me their pin code and asses code
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