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 he picked wrong bank wrong city

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karen simpathi
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:17 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Got this the other day:

American Savings Bank
7033-South West Fwy #1100
Houston Tx77099
Tel: 1-2253411322
Our Rrf: Rfs/Rf D/xxx2009

Attn: Beneficiary.

The office of American Savings Bank hereby write to confirm
to you that we received information to release your
approved fund US$5,000.000.00 to your
designated bank account.We have verified The Fund
Authenticity, and we have been able to confirm that
the FUND is 100% LEGAL. And the money must be successfully
confirmed in Your Bank Account.

And you are legally entitled to receive a sum of US$
authenticate the fact that your entitled amount of
US$5,000.000.00 is safe for immediately remittance to your
own designated Bank

Account, All necessary official modalities is being
finalized in your favor and the remittance Director of this
American Savings Bank, shall communicate with
you with great success within the next few hours you comply
firstly with this instruction given in this letter.The
information has been programmed in our wire
system for final remittance of your Fund. To notarize your
file and certify your Fund for remittance,You are required
to send you Bank Account details, Your full
Name your bank address and telephone numbers to this office
of American Savings Bank immediately .At the receipt of your

Bank Account details, we will notarize your file, certify
your Fund for immediate remittance and credit your nominated
Bank Account within 24hours.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Richard Meddings
Head of Banking Operations American Savings Bank
Tel: 1-2253411322

I replied with this:
Dear Sirs,
My banking details are as follows:

American Savings Bank
7033 SW Fwy
Houston Tx, 77074
Banking Contact: Ms. Shanda Lear
Account name: Wild Moose Ranch LLC, Special Projects Account
Account # 100H6743-37
Account Balance as of Oct. 6,2009 $27,489,010.32
Special Notes: Transfer of funds or withdrawals from this account to other than the following,require signatures from both signatories to the account;
1) Cattlemans Bank and Trust Wild Moose Ranch LLC, General account, Operations account, Payroll accont
2) Chase Bank NYC, Investment account
3) Sterling Bank Houston Tx. Accounts payable

Hope this is the information you require, if not contact Mike or Karen at 832-xxx-xxxx or 206-xxx-xxxx
Mike Knight

Well the thing is I use that bank, he got the address wrong it is on I-10 east in channelview, but the address for the bank is valid it's just that it is the suite for the Harris county mental health and mental retardation conference room.
Now he wants me to confirm the name of the bank that my info is from,
I told him to look at his letterhead as it is the same bank, 25 e-mails later he still don't get it that I bank with his bank.
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2009 2:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He's a mental patient. Give him a break! Smile

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