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 My First Lad

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Original email:
My name is Susan Shabangu im a politician in South Africa I have 1million US in an account ill give you ¼ if you help me get it out of the country etc etc…

My Response:
I thank you for your email. My name Is Rodney McNamara I’am the CEO of Food Access Group (F.A.G). My company delivers food supplies to remote communities all around the world.
The funds you offer in exchange for this deal would help my company significantly as such i would like to take you up on this wonderful opportunity. I understand the need for secrecy on this issue that is why i have set up this email in order for us to do business.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Rodney Mac.

Susan Shabangu:
Dear Rodney McNamara,

Thanks for your mail,I acknowledge the receipt of your e-mail message you sent to me I am very happy for the assistance you are going to render to me in this transaction. It is only Almighty GOD will guide you in your efforts.well this transaction is 100%risk free and will favour me and you if we work hand to hand.

(1) Attached below is a copy of my passport,can you please forward to me a copy of your own also and but all i need from you is sincerety,honesty and your Business knowledge for us to transfer my money,which you will be compesated ……etc etc

(Looks like I have him, So first thing is to waste a bit of his time)
Thank you Susan for your speedy reply. I understand your axiousness in trusting somebody with this situation. That is why i feel we should draw up a contract of sorts for us both to agree on how the money transfers will be handled.

I am about to leave on business and will be out of the office for a day or so, but i have already started making preparations. I will get back to you with some of the neccercery paper work as soon as i can.

Thanks for your time.
Rodney Mac.

Susan Shabangu:
Good Day,
How are you today? I’m very happy to read your mail this morning and i'm very happy for your good effort to assist my family in this transaction.
So please all you have to do now is for you to make your travel arrangement to come down here to South Africa in person to assist my family in this transaction like I told you before I’m still in active work with South African government which will not permit me to involve my self in this transaction that is why I contacted you to assist my family.
This money is the only money that my late husband left for us before he died and the money is deposited in private security company here in South Africa and it is 100% risk free there is not to fear about.

(They want me to come to South Africa to sort out the transaction, but I go for an other approach)
3 days later
My apology for the late reply but i have been out of the country on business. I had a shipment of Red Herrings to Madagascar that needed my urgent attention. However in my absence i have developed a method to transfer money without trace. What we will do is pretend you are a customer of my business. I will take this fake order form and change it so it is linked to my personal account within the company.
I can send you the account details as soon as i get the order back from you. I know this sounds like allot of work but once these details are out of the way, we will have an excuse not only to transfer funds between us but i will be able to take a business trip to your country to discuss our deal.
Bellow are some important details you must put on the order form so i can intercept it and change it to my account:

(Still using his scripted emails he sends another one asking for me to make travel arrangements)
I try again
Response: Mrs Susan Shabangu

I intend on making travel arrangements as soon as i receive the order form i sent you. Also once the form is completed i will be able to discuss with you lawyer about transfer of funds. In short i need that form as soon as possible for this to progress. If you have an issue with the form call my office @ 206-338-3351

Susan Shabangu:
Thanks for your mail please I don’t know what the form is talking about we are talking about transferring of my family fund to your bank account in your country not shipment of goods so please I don’t know what I will fill in that form.
If you want to assist my family to move this money out of South Africa all you have to do now is for you to make your travel arrangement to come down here in person for the conclusion of this transaction and all so in other for you to direct me on how to fill the form.
Please I really don’t know what to fill in that form and please I will like you to send me your direct mobile number because my son Alex have calling your office line no body pick up the phone

(Finally got one that’s of his script. Oh and nobody is returning his calls what a shame…..I send him the form once more just to try my luck. )
No dice, He doesn’t reply. So I get the ball rerolling

From the absence of your reply i assume you dont understand then plan i thought of, prehaps i should leave the planning too you. I will begin plans to travel to South Africa so we can discuss this propelry. Please get back to me if you are still willing to go through with this. Allot of money is at stack not to mention your reputation.

Susan Shabangu:
Thanks for your mail and I’m very happy to read your mail this morning in fact that is the only way we can get every thing about this transaction concluded, for you to come here in person is the only way we can get this done and understand each other very well.
I will like to know when you will be coming here for the conclusion of this transaction so that our family lawyer will contact and detail you on how this transaction will concluded on your arrival here. Please I will like to have your mobile number so that my son Alex can call you for more discussion about transaction because he has been calling your office number without no respond from any body.

(Hes back on board and ready to book me a hotel, but I still have some tricks up my sleave)
A am surprised you tell me you have called my office. I have not been told about any of these calls. My secretary is very unreliable if it wasn’t for her let say physical attributes i would of fired her along time ago. I will send you my flight details when they are approved.

Susan Shabangu
Thanks for your mail we are waiting for the confirmation of your flight details on the date of your arrival here so that our lawyer will book an appointment with security company on the day we will be collecting consignment box as soon as you arrive here and also for him to make a hotel reservation for you in a very good and comfortable hotel and also he will send his driver to come to the airport to pick you up.

( I was setting up a story here but I get the feeling its not going to get the chance to develop. I hit him with a few quick emails)
I am making bookings now. Please tell me which Airport would be most convienient for me to arrive at.

Please Mrs Shabangu

There is limited available flights leaving in the coming weeks so i need some information As Soon As Possible

(I demand his time and attention)

Susan Shabangu:
Thanks for your mail and all your effort to see the conclusion of this transaction, you will be arriving here in Johannesburg South Africa and the name of the airport is called Oliver Tambo International Airport Johannesburg South Africa

(To slow Susan…Hehe)
I’m terribly sorry but i could not get a flight to Oliver Tambo in the next few weeks the earliest flight available to me to will be next month. However i am able to get a much earlier to a different airport. Will this be a problem, should i wait till i can get a direct flight to Johannesburg or take the earlier flight?

(I sent flight info for a flight to Kimberly Airport not Johannesburg. I haven’t heard back from him yet. I guess driving halfway across South Africa to pick me up was asking a bit much) In total: 1 fake passport, A message on my machine and 9 days of his time

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