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 The Princess and I

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My own real life Princess, awwww.

Dear Friend,
Good day and Compliments,
I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of
God for you to help me and my family, God almighty will bless and reward you
aboundantly and you would never regreat this.

I am a female student from University of Cote,D,Ivoier Abidjan. I am 20 yrs
old. I'd like any person who can be caring, loving and home oriented.
I will love to have a long-term relationship with you and to know more about
you.I would like to build up a solid foundation with you in time coming if
you can be able to help me in this transaction.

Yada Yada Yada Yada

I am ready to pay 20%

Yada Yada Yada

Yours sincerely,

Only 20% offered, bloody tight I think.

Hello Princess, Yes I can help you but I want 25% OK?

If you agree to these terms please contact me again. This is not negotiable

Lad replies



Thanks for your response for our immediate action of transferring the money under your position, please kindly send me the following information so that I can send it across to the paying bank to release the funds to you as authorized person. I pray that God will bless you and your family at large.
I include my pictures as you may request to know me inperson , which I expect to receive yours also.

Please help us and you will not regreat doing this transaction for me and my family which i expect to bring us together as one family at the end.i told my mother concerning the percentage and she said okay for your insisting of %25,Can I trust you ?

I hope that you will not betray me when the fund is transferred into your bank account ? I hope I will not regret transferring the fund into your account??? I promise to invest our percentage in your country under your care and control.

Once again,I thank you for your concern towards my life and family condition and this venture and i hope everything will work out for us perfectly with the direction of all mighty God. so i attach my identifications to assure you.

I do not have any idea of big Investments and there is no good person here to direct us because all of them are after my late father's properties and i have the believe that you will utilize this money in a way it will favour both of us in your country in good business that will stand as family business for both of us,so that me and my brother will start school in your country as soon as we come over after you have claimed the money from the Bank to your country.we are not finding things easy here since my father the King died.

(1). Your full names
(2). contact address
(3). Phone
(4). Cell phone
(5). Age
(6). Occupation.

Yours sincerely, (pls,you must keep the maximum secret of this transaction)

Good girl 75% of something is better than 80% of nothing right?
Can´t afford mistakes later so.....

Please confirm that my payout will be 25% or I dont go ahead with this.


Lad replies with

Dear 1vore,

It is consided okay.I accept,forward to me as i requested to have your informations.
best regards

Lad also sends a couple of pictures of a beautiful young lady too.

Wow Princess you´re beautiful.

(1). Your full names 1voreBigun
(2). contact address Ohio USA
(3). Phone I will tell when I know you are not FBI
(4). Cell phone I will tell when I know you are not FBI
(5). Age 29
(6). Occupation. Driver

Get back to me soon OK?


Then I get this.

Dearest one,
Thanks for your information but will not give you the bank details just like,you know this is huge amount of money we are talking about and must be taking proper care of.My late father(the King)worned me while he was alive that in whatever i will do in this life,i should be careful and make sur that know it very well.

Please am not FBI,I only need your help to contact the bank to move this is money to abroad so that we the family will have free access to it just that nothing concerns i princess ruth with FBI what for?I thought i have send to you my photos or you dont trust me?Really you are right things like this usually happen but am not what you are thinking in your mind please assist me and family to handle this project.thanks.

yours sincerely

I decide to fall in love I´m a romantic like that.

Hello Princess, I dont say you are FBI but I had too many problems here with the FBI, one time I robbed the Gas Station and was running from them for a long time.

Anyway now I found GOD so that was my past now you can to trust me. Thanks for the new picture you sure are very pretty do you have a boyfriend?

Tell me what do I have to do next please?


Interesting how she seems to have forgotten her english, maybe love does that to you.

Dearest Ivore,
Thanks for your picture if you really the one here because you been asking i princess if i have a boyfriend,i think thats a very big insult to me.i doesnt like boyfriend rather to be with a man thats for me not sleeping with man around after much neckeding my privancy for them,they will now take me to their toy.

For now am still single and wants a man that will be right for me k.i would like you to send to me atleast two more of your pictures,contact the bank through the information i have given to you so they will prepare for our file first tomorrow for the proceedings.

yours sincerely

I never did trust banks so

Hello Princess, can this man be trusted by us? I have attached my picture for you. Do you have a boyfriend?


Well it seems our bank account manager is legit

Dear beloved,

May God bless you

and your family.

I want everything concerning this transaction to be kept between me and your family. Reply urgently and confirm that you have received this email. And I want you to promise me that you will not let me down after the bank transferred this fund into your account.

Please be sincere to me, I will send to you the documents of the deposited funds by my late father as soon as you reply to me. i have submitt your information to them for easy and fast communication.

Contact the bank and tell them to inform you their bank procedure to make the transfer of the money into your bank account.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

Yours in christ


Please ivore,send me your picture atleast to know my partner incase anything happends.
awaits to hear from you that you have done as i directed can still reach him through his private email address because our bank site is on service for now.Remember that the bank doesnt want to know if you are of thesame country what matters most is to get all the needed information of the deceased which am going to provide to you for further proceeding with our bank till the money is been transfered into your bank account.

I wish she would stop going on about photo´s it´s like she doesn´t trust me and that´s no way to start a serious relationship.

If you don´t ask you don´t get so......

Hi Princess I sent email for Dr Benie. When we get this job done would you like to come live in USA with me?



Lad replies

Dearest ivore,
Good,if you can take good care of me as i stated in my first letter,i think,you dont have to be worry because it is very and must that i will live with you more over,it has been my prayer to have an America man to be my husband and as God may have it,you come accross me through my prayers it is well.with much love.


Time to make a commitment.

Dear Princess you make me very happy. I will give you a good life here. Look I sent email to the Doctor I will let you know when he emails meOK?



Within a few minutes he replies and starts laying down the rules for our nuptial bliss too.

I will be waiting to hear information from you as soon as possible he gets to you.take care of yourself for me and i believe you dont drink too much cos i hates that very much as i will like to let you know some certain things you should aviod for me k.

love you.
till tomorrow good night


The accusations of having a drink problem upset me a little.

Dear Princess I stopped drinking alcohol after I found GOD dont be afraid OK? Who told you I was drinking, please be honest?



She refuses to grass on her snitch and ignores my question.

Not by my power or knowledge,but Gods Revelation that i might come accross you Dear.Listen,when the son of man i.e Jesus christ,set you free in fact you are free indeed.all the old things are pass away,you are new creature syas the Lord of Host.Amen.i will like you to read this passage(Hebrew13v1 to 5)

God bless your love

I think she is the one with a drink problem oh well.......... I still love her though faults an all.

Note in this one she adds my name to hers I think she´s serious about me too, awwww sweet.

Good morning.
How's your health for me?Hope also you slept well last night and also you dream all about me and what was your dreams for me?

lastly,what's the position of things?Have you heard from the bank Director?

yours ever
princess ruth(Ivore)
what ever good you can think of,i believe it good for me too.
my computer is giving me hard time this morning am just writing from outside which is very bad.hope you may help me just to repare it for our easy communication cos i will not be happy to be going outside all the time.

Of course the bank manager is one lazy tyke. Ah is that computer going to let her down? I sure hope not.

Beautiful Princess, nice to hear from you again. I have not heard from the Director yet. I will let you know when he writes.

I was thinking about you all evening.

Beloved 1voreBigun

Oh it seems I must have missed the bank managers email,shame.

I have called the Director as soon as i recieved this mail and he told me that he has contacted you may be you have checked ur emailbox well.

yours Pr1ncess

Is she spying on me?

Hello Princess, what is the Directors name again please. I think his mail went straight to trash.


Love 1voreBigun

Oh yes silly me I remember now. Good she decided to put my name first in her reply.

Dearest ivore

here is his contact as i you told that they are going on some service on their bank website as he told me when tell him about.

Dr Benie Blah Blah Blah


pr1ncess ivore ruth

Her reply includes a couple more provocative photo´s to keep me interested. A copy of her passport too.

Wow Princess you are so hot. Look I sent another mail to the Director because I cannot find his email. I´ll let you know what he says OK?

What is the problem with you computer and how much do you need? Let´s see what I can do OK?



Now I´m sure she has a drink problem, somehow we got married.

Sweet heart,i have called for the reparer and he said that it can cost me 150$ to repair what spoilt in it.
And also,check your trash and your spam box for the bank directors email he told me he has sent to you already.

yours wife princess ivore ruth

150 for computer repairs is ridiculous I think she needs a new one. I have holidays coming up so need to set the scene for being away and out of contact so.....

Hello Princess, my trash is gone already, sorry. I asked the Director to send the mail again, we need to be patient.

Can you go to the shop and see the price for new computer because 150 is too much only for repairs, I think a new one will be better for you. Look for prices on notebooks OK?

Send your bank details please I´ll do a bank transfer.

I have to go out now, will be back very late I think, need to visit a friend in the hospital. He has the Swine Flu thing did you see it on the news?

Take Care

1voreBigun xxxxxx

Lad replies

God bless you sweet heart.
i have gone for the prices and it was two different princes i.e the new one and $600 for fairly used(new one $800)I wouldn't lier you honestly i doesn't have bank account's too shame but you have to forgive me for not having bank account.But darling,dont you think if i have bank account it might spoil me too quick,because when my late father was alive,he do everything in my need so i dont have to.

We still hoping to hear from the Director tomorrow.thanks for your love and caring,may the good God bless you and protect you for me and your family also.

much love
princess ivore ruth.

I don´t normally go for reserved women but hey were in love.

My sweet Princess, I think you should get the new computer, really buying second hand is a false economy. Without a bank account I´m not sure what I can do to help though. When the Director sends the money you will need an account then.

My friend in the hospital is very sick Princess the doctor say he may die from this swine flu thing. I sure hope they can do something to help him.

Darling do you have any more photographs you can send me? I love to look at your beauty.

Take care and big love to you


PS I have some holiday coming maybe I should visit with you what do you think? Then I can bring the money.

Next I get an email from the bank manager which i wont bore you with but he insists on all my details. I cant be bothered to make anything up so.....

Dear Director I think you have my details from before. Just use that one please.



Princess replies

Good day.
sweetheart,really i apreciate your mail and happy to hear that you will visit me and my family here.Please hows your health this morning and i still feel very sorry for your friend in the Hospital i pray that he might not die for he might be the next USA president who knows.

Please darling,i would like you to come so that after the money has been transfered into your bank account all of us will go together to your country and stay as one family.concerning buying the computer,since i doesnt have an account to recieve the money to buy the computer,what if i ask friends here?Because i cannt continue going out to public cyber cafe to write you mails it is too risky and unsafety for my life i think i have told you about how the boys here behaves towardfs women more especially if youre good looking someone.

Darling,when will the holiday commence?(i want)

I sugest the best idea is to collect from a friend or a member of our church to recieve it or would you like to come with it together while coming?Though i dont know when youre plaining to come.

I will be happy again if you send me your pictures i think you have mine atleast enough.should i go and ask for an account or when are you coming?Please talk to me if you really mean to come and pick us to go with you together after the money has been transfered to your account in your home.Please what is the position of things now from the bank Director sid?Becaues i would want everything to finish on time so that we all will move together to your home.Though the Bank Director told us last time that he will help us get visa to your as soon as the money has been transfered to your account.But i prefer you come here.

yours ever
princess ruth ivore.

At least she is happy about my visit i just hope she doesn´t want to sleep with me before we get hitched.

Hello Sweethheart, well the Director did not send anything yet. I wrote him today and now must wait. Patience my Princess.

My health is generally good but today I had bad headache maybe from worry about my friend, he really was very sick. Please pray for him OK?

Well I was happy you would like me to come and visit you and family, I would also like tha ideat. What is the best way to reach you please.

I quite understand you not wanting to go to cyber cafe, better at home don´t you think? I will get a notebook computer here and bring it with me, much cheaper here in USA I think.

Please have some thoughts about a good hotel for me please my sweet. Anything around $200 a night please not more unless absolutely necessary. I would be able to stay a maximum of 10 days, but this is enough time to visit US Consul if we need to OK?

I have suspended license here but it is still valid for overseas so maybe try find price for car hire too, I would like to see something of your country anyway.

Please take care my darling

1voreBigun XXXXXXXX

What a nice family I can stay there at no charge, cool.

Hotel for two hundred$ a night is more than expensesive i think our house here is enough to contain as much as many people.Please when are you coming?why not the Director on phone.

princess ruth

Seeing as I will save on the hotel charges I´ll take her a laptop me thinks.

Hello Sweethheart, well the Director did not send anything yet. I wrote him today and now must wait. Patience my Princess.

My health is generally good but today I had bad headache maybe from worry about my friend, he really was very sick. Please pray for him OK?

Well I was happy you would like me to come and visit you and family, I would also like that idea. What is the best way to reach you please.

I quite understand you not wanting to go to cyber cafe, better at home don´t you think? I will get a notebook computer here and bring it with me, much cheaper here in USA I think.

Please have some thoughts about a good hotel for me please my sweet. Anything around $200 a night please not more unless absolutely necessary. I would be able to stay a maximum of 10 days, but this is enough time to visit US Consul if we need to OK?

I have suspended license here but it is still valid for overseas so maybe try find price for car hire too, I would like to see something of your country anyway.

Please take care my darling

Ivore Bigun XXXXXXXX

On second thoughts.

Hello Princess, I think better in the hotel until we know each other better what do you think?. I did not call Director because I am busy with work and I must visit the hospital each day too. Please forgive I am very busy at the moment.

I can visit with you after 3 weeks I need to fix some business first and see about visa. What is your nearest airport?

I will try contact Director again tomorrow.

Good dreams for you.

1voreBigun XXXXXXX

She really wants the money I think.

Honestly ivore,i have seen that you have no interest in helping me to handle this project for my family which is very bad if you treat your queen that way you have decided now cos all am trying do is to let you about my suituation here and you never cares to hit my point about moving this funds from the bank or are you afraid of doing this for us?

What are hiding from?just be open to me and it wouldn't be any off mmine skin k.What's the good responds from you when ever i tell you something that is eating up my skin,you wouldn't listen to it all you might tell is going to the hospital,how some one be sick all the day?Call the Director of the bank for easy communication and you deosn't want to do that to make things easier,send me your more pictures you refused doing that for me what are you thinking for ivore?

princess ruth

I´ll give her a chance it may be PMT

Princess why angry? I am ready to make my work but the Director did not send email. I have many email in my trash but I do not know his name. In life I learnt it is necessary to be patient, if you want to be angry then be angry with him not me OK?

I am not hiding from anything in life, I am a free person and happy to be.

If you want something ask, don´t hide OK?

I hope you have a better mood soon.

Take care

1voreBigun xxxxxxxxxxx

At this point I have to go on holiday and cannot continue for a while. When I get back I get this.

Wow.How're you doing just wondering why you have not heard from me and i was so sorry for you been a flu sick person.How re you coping with the flu?hope youre geting better please accept my offer (sorry).

would like to hear from you on how everything is going now k.sorry as i told you had been trying to arrange my computer yet is not good just writing from a cyber cafe.

bye and take good care of yourself.
princess ruth.

So I reply

Hello Princess, I got home from the hospital only today. I had the swine flu thing and they thought I would die from it. Still very weak though.

God Bless


Now waiting to see if this one can be saved. Fingers crossed.

I apologize if the contents in this mail are contrary to your
moral ethics, which i feel may be of great disturbance to your personal life

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Nice straight bait, i'm curious what will come next

-Upon all what she had did for you receive this fund yet you act ignorant you shall see what God's will do to you very soon!

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