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 Dumplings for Pascal

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 9:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello all;

i used to do this scam baiting just for the fun.

after checking this site i have decided to be more serious in all the baiting business, so, forgive the silliness of this one im posting (it was done way before i found this site, hence my intention was more to annoy the heck of them).

here it goes (im am the blue and they are the red):

i got one of the standard email asking for a foreign account to transfer funds...




I am Mr [email protected]@L Z0NG0 sourcing for services of an Oversea Investment Manager (OIM) to manage the sum of US$11 Million, this amount represent an over invoiced amount of money from a contract that was awarded to an American Oil exploration company by Gabon National Petroleum in 2005, one year later in 2006,the American company completed the contract and was fully paid by direct Wire transfer for the execution of the contract, leaving the over invoiced sum safely deposited in a special security account managed and monitored by the top officers of the corporation that I represent, this top officer are in charge of the day to day running of accounts and finance section including the auditing department of the corporation and have perfected all documents to back up the payment as to avoid any trace whatsoever, which makes the transaction 100% risk free.

My request is your assistance in receiving this money using a secured account that is able to take this money and thereafter you invest it for a period of 2 years on their behalf. You would be entitled to 25% of the total fund in question, while 5% will be set aside for any sundry expenses incurred by both parties in the course of this transaction. I have noted your honesty and ability to protect the highly exalted positions of the officers here in discuss. On your acceptance to assist, we will first draft an MOU to be signed by both you and the group in a meeting that will be arranged at your instance before the processing of the payment, which will pass through the relevant authorities for purpose of authentication before a transfer to the account you will provide for this purpose.

As an administrative officer I was mandated to seek your indulgence on this matter, if this is acceptable to you, contact me strictly by email stating your private phone number Please DO NOT bother to respond if you are not interested.

Yours Sincerely,

[email protected]@L Z0NG0

Glotis Armaduke can't let this go unnoticed!


Hello Mr Z0NG0!

i was very much surprised to receive your email as we have not meet before, right? maybe we had in some chat rooms or one of those offshore investment networking parties i generally go.

if we have met before i offer you a million apologies for not remembering you and for the lateness of this reply.

i am very interested in investing those monies, 25% seems to be a good cut for the favour i am willing to do to you and your customers. i need specific instructions as to how to proceed with this.

thank you for noticing my honesty and willingness to protect and partake on this endeavor

god speed Z0NG0! god speed!

Glotis Armaduke the Third.

he/she answers shortly after that, as i was not taking this seriously i didn't updated the name from my character to the one i used to have at the email...


Dear chang

Thanks for your response to my mail. I want to tell you that I sincerely proposed this beneficial and fruitful transaction to you. All i need from you is your sincerity and honesty that you will not sit on the money when it's finally transferred into your account. I would appreciate your sincerity and faithfulness to partake in this project. It will require your full commitment both time and otherwise for us to achieve our goal without any hitch.
I am also assuring you that this transaction is hundred (100% percent risks free and legal. You should as well try as much as you can to make this project very confidential until the funds gets to you. Please reassure me that you will not seat on this money when it gets to you, also reassure me of your capability to handle this transaction with the maturity it deserves, and forgive me if I offend you. This is because, we have not met before and we are going into business that worth's millions of dollars. To me, I prefer someone who is married tied with family, who cannot be pushed or be overwhelmed with the magnitude of the money. I do hope you understand what I mean.
You can call me on my direct telephone number any time: 0022650476007. For us to discuss details and the next steps to take in this transaction and possibly what will be your benefits for your sincere corporation and participation in this transaction.
Please send to me your full bank account coordinates where the funds will be accomodated.

I am waiting for your call today 0022650476007

i had to come with a funny yet believable lie for the name change at my email, plus to give him some background of the character.

Hello ZOng0!

i promise that i will do many things to partake on this endeavor... many... many things except sitting on the money!!! i rather sit on a small puppy than on the monies.

i am married with a wonderful woman and we own a restaurant so we live surrounded by delicious food and love, money is not a major issue to us. do you like dumplings? we make the most juicy and delicious dumplings in the region! if you send me your postal address i can send you some delicious dumplings and maybe a picture or two.

i just saw this email now, so i could not call you, it is quite late here at the moment and when the dark comes, i rather dont use the phone, it is like the sabbath for the jews, just that i am not a jew.

would you mind explaining to me why the need to call you? where is that number from? i hope you understand that i am a little bit suspicious of easy money from the interwebs!... my delicious wife will kill me if she knows that i am doing this because we read in the news about those "scams", i really dont understand too much about what or how the scam happens but my wife always complain about me using the email saying that me and the interwebs will bring the end of us! and that i am up to no good.

i need to be sure this is not a scam; would you send me a picture or something with a newspaper showing the date? and if possible, one picture of you holding a sport shoe, nike or adidas will do, so i know this is not a scam and that you are a honest god fearing citizen of the world.

my account number is from the HSBC, is that ok? i will activate the online banking (not really sure what that really is, but i read something like that in the mail they send to me about the credit card) and will gladly send the info to you once you explain more and what to do, plus i get some pictures or proof that this is real.

god speed ZONGO! god speed!

p.s: my name is Glotis Armaduke the Third, the C. Chang in the email is something i dont know how to change, i am very new to the interwebs and this account of the electric mail was set up by a friend.

Glotis Armaduke the Third

i also sent this message about maybe being able to use a chat program instead (i wanted to maybe make him/her to use the webcam to put a shoe on the head or something... maybe turn it into a weird sex chat with a dumplings theme)


we can also chat on the interwebs if you want.

i have the MSN chat machine thingy installed.

[email protected]

Glotis Armaduke the Third

he agreed...

Good evening and thanks for your mail.all the contents well noted

please let us chat on yahoo messenger

my yahoo chat id is [email protected]

give me a minute call when you are online to enable me log on

call me

I am waiting for your call 0022650476007

again i start rambling and going steadily insane...

Hello my amazing friend Z0NG0!

i will ask my friend who is very good at computers to create an account for me in the yahoos chattering thingy of the interwebs.

do you remember my delicious and voluptuous wife? well, she is very insanely jealous and yesterday after a huge order of dumplings she denied me the righteous kiss and instead informed me that she suspects i have an interwebs lover cause of my secrecy on the emails between you and me; well, dear Z0NG0, can i ask you kindly to let me explain to my wife about this godly endeavor? i fear that if she is not informed her horrible jealousy will make her go insane! or worst...

i do want to partake on this and we are very hardworking people who will never sit on the monies, can i include her on the chat? maybe we three can all chat together...

please Z0NG0!, i beg you with a million apologies to help me save my marriage... think about the dumplings! :'-( [my friend told me that the characters before this is called a smoochy of a person crying... i feel like crying torn apart between our endeavor and my marriage]

god speed ZONGO! god speed!

Glotis Armaduke the Third

he/she seems to notice that i was just making fun of him cause after that message he/she stops sending me message for a while... but then... when i was thinking this was over i get the following.


I'm sorry but happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from UK though I tried my best to involve you in the business but God decided the whole situations.. Presently I’m in UK for investment projects with my own share of the total sum.

Meanwhile, I didn't forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how.

Now contact my secretary in Burkina Faso his name is (3r1c [email protected]), his e-mail address is ( [email protected] ) Ask him to send you the total of $100.000.00 (one Hundred Thousand Dollars Only) which i kept for your compensation for all your past efforts and attempts to assist me in this transaction.

I appreciated your efforts at that time very much. so feel free and get in touched with my secretary and don’t forget to let me know immediately you receive it so that we can share the joy after all the suffer ness at that time.

In the moment, I’m very busy here because of the investment projects which I and the new partner are having at hand, finally, remembers that I had forwarded instruction to my secretary on your behalf to receive that money, so feel free to get in touch with her. He will send the amount to you without any delay.

[email protected]@l

as instructed i contact the secretary and cc Z0NG0...

Hello 3r1c [email protected]

Mr Z0NG0 has instructed you to transfer me some monies! i crave for those, please advise

Z0NG0! dear friend, i am copying you in this email so you enforce your powers over your lowly man servant.


Glotis Armaduke the Third

the secretary then informs me a standard crap about fedex


I have decided to go and deposite the Draft with FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY, BURKINA FASO BRANCH since they are the people to deliver the cheque to you,

I will advice you to contact the FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY BURKINA FASO as soon as possible to know when and how to deliver your package to you because of the expiring date.

You have to contact the FEDEX EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL BURKINA FASO TROUGH THEY e-mail address at

Delivery Manager [email protected] 1b3gb|_|l3m

Email Address:[email protected] <-(this here made wonder how they actually manage to pass that trick as real... i mean... fedex using a email?!)

Contact them and know when they will deliver to your address. Let me repeat again, try to contact them as soon as you receive this mail to avoid any further delay ,

You should also let me know through email or phone call as
soon as you receive your Draft. If you have any problem do not hesitate to contact me via my email;[email protected],or trough my mobile number

Yours Faithfully,
Mr.3r1c [email protected]

i do as instructed, by the way, every time they add a new address, i just do reply to all, so the latest correspondence have included all of them...



as per email below;

please update me about the monies. i need those monies to buy nutrients! <-(invader zim reference...)


Glotis Armaduke the Third

obviously... fedex wants me to pay some fees before the release the cheque... why am i not surprised... (they attached the most horrible fake form i have seen.)

From The Office Of The Delivering Manager FedEx Express Delivering Company
Tel: +22675 74 33 71. Email:[email protected]
(Ouaga - Burkina Faso West Africa )
Address: 011 Ave de Ibrahim 74411 court road-Ouaga Burkina Faso West Africa


Be informed that every arrangement about the delivering of your package will be released to you as soon as you are able to meet up with the working terms of FedEx Express Delivering Company,

Your package will be leaving Burkina airport to your country, as soon we wonfirm the payment of our security keeping and delivery fees of $175.00 .ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE UNITED STATE DOLLARS,

You will confirm your package trough the address you shall fill in the form attached to you after 48 hours as soon as we receive the fees,

Be also informed that you will be providing any identity card that bears your name as you have send to us to our agent before receiving your package

Do view and fill the attachment form and return it back to us urgently with the fees of $175.00.ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE UNITED STATE DOLLARS to enable the delivering agent come over with the information’s on the form to your country.

You advised to send the charges trough western-union money transfer or money grams with the information's below.

Mr [email protected] 1b3gb|_|l3m
Address: 011 Ave de Ibrahim 74411 court road-
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso West Africa

Do forward all the payment information's and the payment slip to this office trough our office e-mail address to enable us carry on with the delivering of your package.

Awaiting your reply

and at last i get my satisfaction, by sending them dll's renamed as "bmp" for the form and the ID plus a file called Western_Union_Slip.jpg which they can totally open and read... which it is really a renamed *DELETED* picture for them to enjoy... Very Happy

well, it is a pretty much standard baiting without major success other than making fun of them... i hope from now to make use of all the tips and tools i have seen in the forum to make them waste money/resources, etc.

i may like to have a mentor, by the way.

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