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 Entertaining dialogue and response : "John Strickland&a

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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:36 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here's some dialogue with a scammer. His final reply to me is the most entertaining part. He must have called me at least 20 times and I gave him a runaround or just diverting the 'phone to screening or to voicemail. He also made a number of calls to a fax number and to another scammer in Holland.

His first email to me and imne to him are not here, I must have deleted them.

His in black

Mine in brown

Dear Tom

Thank you very much for responding positively to my proposal.
The name of my late client is Brian Afelberg you share the same surname with my client.. this makes you a better candidate for this transaction.
[color=brown](no need to read this, standard claptrap crap)

 I assure you that this is a perfectly thought out deal. It took me time to concretize this business venture.
I have arranged it in such a way that after the successful execution of the business, you or me will have nothing to be afraid of.  In effecting the fund transfer, we shall acquire the entire needed document that would legitimize the process of the transfer.

The deal might sound like a joke to you but it is real. When we start events that will follow will show my sincerity and seriousness.
I have taken the liberty to explain the perfected modalities for this.
First i have to reiterate our resolve to carry out this transaction within the jurisdiction of both local and international laws and it is for this reason that i have decided to acquire the necessary documentation with regards to the funds. With all relevant documents in place the issue of receiving the funds will not pose any risk to all parties involved.

For clarity, i will outline the perfected modalities:
1. The preparation of the legal papers will be carried out by two attorneys.
One of the lawyers is a local attorney that will prepare the "will" and testament bequeathing the assets of the deceased to you and this includes the deposited funds with the bank. I have concluded with this attorney on arrangements to draft and prepare this "will" making you the sole heir of the inheritance, which he has agreed to do. He has promised that he will deliver this "will"  later today. I am presently waiting for him and as soon as i receive the "will", i will send you a draft copy of the "will" for your perusal. I have paid his charges .

2. When you are satisfied with the draft copy of the "will", i will then engage the second attorney who must be a federal accredited government attorney for procurement of the letter of probate. This attorney shall obtain all affidavits and documents that will be used to legalize your claim as the sole benefactor and next of kin to the deceased. This document is the final document that gives you legal authorization to lay claim to the funds and also gives you the authority to request for the transfer of these funds into your account.
The attorney is the one that will stand on your behalf when laying your claims in the fiduciary agent where the money is lodged. He shall be your legal representative here in NIGERIA who will carry out the required representation of all legal papers in your name at the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF JUSTICE to acquire the necessary probate papers which will be used to get the approval from EQUITORIAL TRUST BANK for the transfer of these funds to the beneficiary in th is case being you. It is this same attorney that will obtain this document and it is this document that my bank shall recognize during the process of transfer.
I hope you now know the importance of the two attorneys .
This is the point where you will have to come in. The second government accredited attorney (your legal representative) must not know that you have friends in the bank who are assisting you with this transaction as this might raise suspicions and probably jeopardize the entire success of this project.

For this reason you will be the one to communicate directly with the second attorney and there might be need for you to make a deposit payment for his services. This also depends on how you can negotiate with him. The attorney can have his fees deducted when your inheritance is transferred to you (this you suggest to him).
You must understand that i am putting so much trust in your hands and i do not expect you to let me down.
Please send the following information immediately:
2) Full Names
4)Personal Cell Phone

Feel free to let me know if there is anything that you do not understand . I will expect your call or your mail as soon as possible, so we can start the first stage of this transaction.
Please acknowledge the receipt of this mail as soon as possible.
Have a wonderful day and remain blessed.
Warmest Regards,
Tele: :234 8024476789
N/B  secrecy should be our watch word, you should never disclose this to anybody no matter how close to you. this is for security reasons [/color]

Please read my previous email.
You may call me to discuss this as I am very interested. 
Call me on + 44 709xxxxxxx x  MON - FRI 0700 - 1700 GMT. 
I will not initiate business with you until you have done this and will not reply to any email from you until we have spoken.
Tom xxxxxx.

i have tried to call you severally but your phone is always on fax machine.
dont you have a mobile phone. i must not waste time on calls.
reply asap

That 'phone will divert to VPN if the line is busy.

You can try   + 44 709 xxxxxxxxxxx

 0700 - 0700 GMT MON-FRI only

Thank you.

the lines are not direct numbers to you, i was told to say my name and i did and it rang but nobody picked. this severally times.
am tied of your childish games.
i need a serious man.
call me if you wish to partner with me

Do not make threats or use a disrespectful tone if you wish us to work together.

Accidentally the call screening was switched on while I was playing hide the sausage with my secretary - I apologise.  It has now been removed (the sausage too).

You may call me any time until 1700 GMT today.


i called you again and you phone was on answering machine.
please get serious with me, this project is as important as my life.
since you really want to speak with me, why not call me or give your mobile phone to call you.
am ready to the calling, all i need ais a phone number to reach you with

Yesterday he called me, I was stuck in a traffic jam of horrendous proportions and had plenty of time to talk to him. I was very hard of hearing and he was yelling at me. I had the phone on bluetooth/loudspeaker and my passenger was in hysterics! I kept him on the phone for a total of half an hour, during which time he cut off at least three times to buy (or steal) more credit.

When the traffic started moving I decided I'd had enough and told him I knew he was a scammer and had only been entertaining myself at his expense. I got a tirade of abuse and then this email :

you are a fool, your four father first scammed our four fathers. came to africa and stole our rich heritage. suffered us as slaves and killed us like ants.
it is time to get back all what your four fathers stole from our four fathers.
we will not stop untill the europeans, americans etc . come begging for forgivenes.
you are wise to know that this is a scam but your child might not be as wise as you are. then we shall strike.
barstard so called civilised nations .

What the **** are you talking about you ******?

You have four fathers?  I have one and I know who he is,  not like you scamming sons of whores.

I can assure you that my children are as 'wise' as I am and will not be caught out by a scammer.

Mortar x5


You are the pertetic fool with no ambition, you wasted our time, by doing this.
You white are reaping what you saw, by enslaving our forfather. if you like publish all your head white still fall for our trick, fool, is better you work with me because am demmm rich.

you are a fool, your four father first scammed our four fathers. came to africa and stole our rich heritage. suffered us as slaves and killed us like ants. it is time to get back all what your four fathers stole from our four fathers.
we will not stop untill the europeans, americans etc . come begging for forgivenes.
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