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 Poppin' my cherry

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 09 Aug 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been lurking here for quite some time and decided to come out of the closet and grab my first lad. I found this one in the Surplus section and replied to him Sunday. Here's what I have so far.
I'm having a blast with this and open to critique and pointers.

3RIC WALT3R LOAN AGENCY wrote in message dated Sun, 9 Aug 2009 10:18:17:

This Is a Finance Lending Organization we give out
loans to all in need of help.Are you looking for
money to pay bills? Do you want to start Or Expand
your Business? Or Do you simply need money for
your Personal Needs,then take Up a Loan here with
a very affordable 3% interest rate.

We give out home loans in the following categories.
Auto Loans
Mortgage loans
Business Loans
Personal Loans

If You are interested, you would be required to send
Us the Below info:

Your names ..........
Amount Needed.........
Your country.........
Your address ........
Phone Number..........
Monthly Income........
Your Fax Number.......
Your Age.... ..........
Monthly Payment:.......

You can contact us via email,for more
[email protected]


To whomever receives this letter,
I am very interested in a business loan and that's a great interest rate!
I will provide you with all information you requested at the immediate
response by you with a little information about your company, how long
you've been in business, etc.

I await your prompt reply,
Lady Fanni3 Tuck3r


Attn: Lady Fanni3 Tuck3r,

Top of the day to you,i am in receipt of your mail and the content is very well noted and appreciated. Regarding your question,the name of my loan lending firm is 3RIC WALT3R LOAN AGENCY,and i am the C.E.O.

I have been in this business for a little more than 15yrs now,giving out loans to various clients all over the world. As well i am a certified lender endorsed by the Federal Government of Nigeria,and of course there are certificates to prove that.

I would love to do business with you,and lend you any amount of money needed ($5,000 - $20,000,000.),so you are to get back to me with the necessary details for the transaction to commence immediately,and i guarantee you within days you would have the loan you require.

Note: you can also call for info.

*3ric Walt3r Loan Agency.****Address: 2 Wusain Zone II **Abuja**.
DIRECTOR/ CEO: **Mr. 3ric Walt3r**
**LICENSE No: 98267
Tel number: +XXX XX XXXX XX


My upstanding 3ric Walt3r,
Thank you for your very prompt, courteous, and articulate reply!
I am comforted by the facts that you have been in business for 15 years as well as being a certified lender by the Federal Government. From your response I can tell you are a serious businessman and I don't intend on wasting the time of a busy C.E.O. of such an esteemed company.

I am eager to tell of the loan in which I pray to receive. My husband Shirley (he always hated that name and demanded his close friends and associates refer to him as Sucker, which was short for the S in Shirley and the remainder of ucker of his last name) has, after 68 years on this earth and 57 years of marriage to me, sadly passed away four weeks ago.

Alas, I am indeed still in grievance of his untimely passing, but determined to carry out his final wish, which was to open a hospital under his name to treat, and ultimately cure, mentally disturbed individuals that have gambling addictions.
He had a passion for helping the insane gambler, and opened a trust fund in his early twenties with the intentions of starting said project, but was cut short by the grim reaper who probably gambles himself, thereby thwarting the plans. Because I trust you, I will disclose to you that Sucker, being the shrewd businessman that he was, was able to put back close to 4 million dollars (3, 875,000 to be exact) but after taking up the head of this mission, I've found that is nowhere close to the amount of money needed to open such as a hospital. The figure I was given by the architect and the general contractor for building the plans that my husband had drawn is $8,500,000 and so you can see what a terrible position I am in leaving a remainder of $4,625,000 needed. I have no doubt that (from your esteemed position) you loan money of this amount all the time.
I promise that the hospital will revenue enough money on its own to make the payments!

I'm sorry if I have bored you with my rambling as I'm sure you have more important matters to attend to.
I am eager, if you are willing, to enter into a business partnership with you and I would like to begin by establishing trust with one another. I will provide you with any and all information needed to begin this loan if you can do the very small task of providing me with the credentials of past business transactions. In particular, a former email or message sent from a satisfied borrower stating that the transaction went well and praising your company. I'm sure you have many saved emails from happy borrowers having been in business for 15 years!

I pray that you are willing to loan me such a large amount! It would make an old lady happy to fulfill the dreams of Sucker and be such a notable day for the insane gambler!

In anticipation, I await your quick reply.
Lady Fanni3


Dear.Lady Fanni3

I appreciate your warm email with kind heart and apology over the loss of your husband.

Please find reference as you have requested below.

Mrs. K**** M*****
Email. [email protected]
Amount received. $950,000 USD

Mr. M****** W**********
Email. [email protected]
Amount received. 3.5million GBP

K**** Lake National Park
[email protected]
Amount received. $23,000,000 USD

I have also taken the liberty to ask about four of the old loan receiver to contact you via email. since I can not confirm their current contact, as I only emailed them.

Please provide this information listed below as soft copy application for documentation and contact purpose.

Your Name:
Date of Birth:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Exact Amount Needed as Loan:
Duration for payback:
Place of work *Past or Present*

Reference Needed.

Your Husbands Relative *2*
Mode of Identification * Valid drivers License or International Passport.
Architect Contact information's.

At receipt of this information from you, I will proceed be providing you our lawyers contact information and the loan terms and agreement document prepared by our Loan processing Unit, also you will receive governmental certification for safe receipt of your loan, Insurance for the loan will be done before the transfer of your loan amount to your nominated bank account. through the aid of our transferring bank First National Bank Pl c.

I will accept your kind understanding with this email because your soonest response will be greatly appreciated.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. 3ric Walt3r


My dearest Eric,
You've made me so happy by seeing this email in my box today, and thank you for your warmest apology over Sucker's death. I accept your apology. You would think after 4 weeks I would be over his death by now! I suppose these things take time and have set a personal goal to be rid of the mourning and guilt (over being at least partially responsible ) of his most painful and bloody death in a total of 7 weeks. At least he left me with money to take care of the estate, and his healthy death insurance policy was an added bonus.

I'm afraid there is a bit of a problem with your credentials. I took the liberty of attempting to contact the first name of K**** M***** you had listed by telephone, but the number reached a rather gruffy man named Rufus Wainright in Orange, CA. He said he didn't know a K**** M****, anything about a $950,000 loan, and that he has had that same phone number for more than 26 years. I'm sure it was a mistake in your records but one can't be too careful nowdays:
Since this was to establish trust between one another before embarking on our partnership, this has been a major setback in the circle of trust. My good Eric, I want you to be within that circle of trust too!

I will most faithfully fill out your soft application including passport, but first do me the very small favor of sending me your identification. What I need to continue the application and rebuild trust is a photograph of you with something reading your name in the same room. It could be a picture of you behind your desk with a nameplate on the desk reading Eric Walter, or it could be as simple as a picture of you holding a card with your name on it.
Surely this is a very small thing to ask and would put aside all doubt as to who you truly are and that of a serious businessman.

Upon receipt of this, I will send the application.

As an upshot, Rufus Wainright and I talked on the phone for over two hours! I found him to be not quite as gruffy as I first imagined and he expressed an interest in meeting me. He was such a classy and cute gentleman, but I'm afraid we need to work on his humor a bit. I like them witty and ironic!

Please send the proper identification in specific detail as asked and let's begin this partnership.
I await your swift response,

Lady Fanni3


I fear at this rate I'll scare him off quickly. I hope he sticks with me for a bit.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 09 Aug 2009
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

What a great first bait!
It only lasted two weeks and a day, but I got two trophies (one picture, one Official Apology Form), one poem, S3cur1ty Sh13ld time wasted, and two bank accounts shut down out of it.

I haven't heard from him in a few days and I'm assuming he's grown tired of it. I've just sent out two more interested replies to new lads and I'm officially hooked.

I would post the completed bait here but it's so labor intensive since I'm on a Mac and that email conversion program isn't available for OS X.
I suppose I should make a .pdf of it.

Closed lad accounts X4
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raging alcoholic

Joined: 19 Aug 2008
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^^ You wouldn't be the first one to make a PDF. the last one was pretty damn funny

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x1 Rita the ETA eater, x1 Via Team Doughnut, x1 Via Prince Emaka, x4 via the Nazis)
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