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 Comas and dog-eating neighbors - my first success (ONGOING)

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:57 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I haven't been around very long, but I've actually been able to do what I can consider a job well done with the help of my mentor Angusmactavish.
This guy contacted me, and I decided to begin with a simple straight bait, but as I discovered, he would swallow wilder and wilder things.

It appears to actually be two people, the lad and his oga, I think.

Feedback is appreciated.

After the first email he begins:
The Scammer wrote:

Dear Mr.Jeff Quiggli0,

I am most grateful for your deep concern and reply.As you know this is the fund my late dad deposited before his death and i am the next of kin of this fund,my prayers has always been to get a reliable and trusted God fearing person to assist me to transfer this fund to which you really sound like one.I have decided to compensate you satisfactory as stated in the first email or rather will want to invest with you since you are already an investor.

My mother and sister are not state in the village,my mum is very sick for the past one month and i am not really happy with our current situations.Please your faithfulness,trust and transparency in what i need now and fastness in accomplishing of this transaction so i can be able to put my family in a good and comfortable way.

Mr.Quiggli0,i wanted to talk to you on phone before i will send you this documents but i am giving you my trust so i have attached the documents trustfully for your seeing and safe keeping..Please call me after you go through the documents+233 261 xxx860.

I will also contact the lawyer immediately in order for him to obtained all legal documents for you to carry out this transactions.

Thank you very much and hope to hear from you very soon.God richly bless you abundantly..

Ba4h w1redu

I threw back a sob story about my paralyzed wife. This is to set up some later intrigue. I wanted him to get some trophy to me but he was resistant. For this he will pay later.
I wrote:

Mr. W1redu,
I was worried at first that this was not real, but the certificates have convinced me to which it really sound good! I would very much like to help you to transfer the fund, and it is all made good that you will compensate me satisfactory. As for investment, I mostly invest in the arts and entertainments, interestingly enough, specifically some major writer's guilds (that write for primetime television!). I may actually have some work for you as I see your writing skills are astounding, if you would be interested on the side. It pays extremely well (these shows pull in millions of dollars in advertising revenue.) Tell me if you are interested in that.

I am sorry to hear that your mother is sickly, but once the fund gets transferred perhaps she will be better. Myself, my wife is ill. She is in a coma since she had a traffic accident which resulted in her getting shot in the spine by an angry man. He is in jail now, but it does not bring true justice. But in several months my wife may be out of the coma. The doctor says she is doing much better, though she will always be paralyzed from the left knee down. The doctor says that she could get a robot leg which would be actually useful, because she could store stuff in the hollow. The robot leg doesn't do much but move like a normal leg, though (it will make clicking noises though. I hope it will not embarrass her). Her leg would be like a purse. I asked the doctor why people can't just get a robot leg if they don't lose a leg or get it paralyzed, he said that it's expensive but the insurance covers it. So most people can't afford it. I bet some Hollywood types have robot legs, but they keep it secret.

I wish I could talk to you on the phone but I was walking across the street last week and it fell on the ground and skidded away, which would have been fine (except for scratches), but a garbage truck ran over it and smashed it to bits before I could grab it. I was so angry! I sent it for repairs, but I forgot to take the SIM card out. I still receive messages, though, and I check them from my work phone, so if you want to leave me a message the number is (206) 350-7054. I don't know how to call that from out of the country, but maybe you do. You could also send a fax, they end up on my phone, but I can't retrieve them from my phone if it's broken. It should be repaired or replaced in about a week's time, they said.

I'm still slightly confused about this transaction, so if you could provide more details that would be appreciated. I'd be glad to help whatever way I can!

Jeff Quiggli0

So he passes me on to his oga, who has apparently been in the army or something. I will not get his name right, that is for sure.
The Scammer wrote:

Dear Mr.Jeff Quiggli0,

Thank for your email and you are you doing today?
I am really very sorry of your wife recent condition,Sir the good and merciful Almighty God will touch,protect and take away all her pains.Lets all joined hands to fast and pray very seriously for her and i know that the unbeatable and miraculous,the alpha and omega the lord lord of good will save her.My mum here and my mum there are all in pain but i know the lord has spoken and they will be well soon in the name of Jesus,Amen...Sir with the investment plans i am very interested,i did Arts(General knowledge in Arts,Graphic design)in senior secondary school and also love entertainment business so everything sound good and very interesting.We shall talk more on this.

Please we should proceed very fast to get this transfer done immediately so we can give my lovely mums best best of treatment.
I spoke to the manager of the security company yesterday in person of Captain James As4re,and he told me that everything is intact so once you contact them as my beneficiary their Legal Department will get you a Power of Attorney which will be endorsed and stamp at the High Court of Oath,this is the legal document which makes you the legal and rightful beneficiary of my fund,He said,when the legal document is ready they will now get you a certificate of change of ownership in your name then the box can be cleared and move to bank for immediate transfer to your account of destination.Please lets work very hard and also don't forget prayers because the Almighty God is the ultimate,miraculous and he is the Alpha and Omega,i believe in my heart that he has already carried our load,he has already made a wonderful way in our life and what so ever we wish for ourselves has been established in the name of Jesus,Amen.
May the Almighty God blessed you and live long and hope to see you.

This is the information of the security company

Capt.James As4re
Gl0bal S3curity Comp4ny
[email protected]
Safe Deposit,Confidential,securities and
Accredited Clearing House
P.O.BOX 637 North Cantonments
Office- +233 21 xxx 900
Mobile- +233 (245)xxx 278

Please contact them immediately to move on with the transaction with immidiate effect.Thanks for your co operation and hope to hear from you very soon.

I inform him that I have contacted him, in an attempt to see if they are the same person.

I wrote:

Chuck,These sorts of things will annoy him soon

I am me doing today, thank you for asking. I am glad to see that you are able to help with writing. I will ask our team here what positions they may have available and we will get back to you. For your reference, the pay will be around $20,000 an episode to perhaps even $100,000 an episode depending on slots available, Nielsen ratings, and crime syndication. Are you more of a comedy writer or a drama writer. We have openings for both. Please write back soon.

I have fired an email off to Colonel James Arse. This should be handled quickly. In the meantime, however, as Lieutenant 4rase handles this, please consider the writing position.

Mr. Quiggli0, CFO, PHD, CPA, OSB That's Order of Saint Benedict, a group of monks

PS. Thank you for your concern for my wife. The gangrene has now jumped to her right leg, and we are very worried for her.

Chucky panics when I don't actually email him.
The scammer wrote:

Dear Mr.Jeff Quiggli0,

Thank you very much for your email.

Sir,i just read your mail and contacted the Director of operations Captain James As4re and he told me that no body has contacted him as my beneficiary.Please as you know situations here are not favorable for me and my family at all and this is all i have to depend on so please i want you to contact him immediately to get things quickly done.

Daddy,i do not want you to get worried over your wife who is my mum too recent conditions,we need to stand very strong and pray very hard because i believe the Lord will save her in a miraculous manner.She will get better soon and i will also see her soon.

Try to contact security company now,i will get back to you soon.

God bless you

So I actually send the email, but not before introducing my dog, who he must read a rambling story about.
I wrote:

I am sorry that I said that I had sent the email. I say that when I know that I am about to do it in seconds. But as I just sent the email to you my dog walked into the room and gave me this look. I looked back at him and said "What is it Kangaroo?" (that is his name, Kangaroo, not because he is a kangaroo but because he can jump fairly high, almost as high as the dog next door. We have had competitions but Kangaroo does not win. I am feeding their dog secretly meat scraps though, so he should grow fat and not jump as high. Then Kangaroo will win.) Kangaroo looks back at me with that look. (I have attached an image of the look that he gave me, though it is not Kangaroo but a picture that I found of another dog.) I realizsed that he was trying to tell me that it was late at night. "Is it bedtime?" I said, and Kangaroo got very excited and jumped around. Then he pissed on my favorite rug! It was a terrible night. I cleaned it up and went to bed. I forgot all about the email! I shall write it now.

You said this is all you can depend on, but remember my offer to you to work for one of the companies that I invest in and write a script. You can depend on that. It shouldn't take time at all, and the reward is sound! Please tell me if you are interested, or send me the email of someone who might be because they are very short on writers right now and they are running out of time.

I shall send the email to Mr. Arb4se now. You needn't worry so much, Mr. Arb4se will handle it for you, and you can worry about the writing then. That's what he's there for. It will not take long now.

Mr. Quiggli0, CFO, PHD, CPA, OSB

PS. The doctor called and my wife does not actually have gangrene. He was confused and mixed her with another patient. We were worried for no good reason.
PPS. I coughed some blood this morning, is this bad?

I begin my wonderful habit of badmouthing characters to other characters:
I wrote:

General instant promotion As4re, DOO (director of operations)
Mr. W1redu said I should talk to you about finalizing things for some transaction (I don't quite understand it all, but he sends money to me and then he gets it but I get a part or something).

He said

I spoke to the manager of the security company yesterday in person of Captain James As4re,and he told me that everything is intact so once you contact them as my beneficiary their Legal Department will get you a Power of Attorney which will be endorsed and stamp at the High Court of Oath,this is the legal document which makes you the legal and rightful beneficiary of my fund,He said,when the legal document is ready they will now get you a certificate of change of ownership in your name then the box can be cleared and move to bank for immediate transfer to your account of destination.

Now, between you and me so you know, Mr. W1redu is a big worry person. He worries a lot, so it is best not to tell him if there is any snags or such. He worried when I forgot to send you an email for a day. He is in such a rush. You cannot have a good life if you rush things. I hope you are not one to rush. We'll see if that annoys him

So please tell me what is needed to do these things and we shall proceed.

Mr. Quiggli0, CFO, PHD, CPA, OSB

PS. Do you know anyone that is creative and good at English? I need a writer to write a script, it is worth a lot of money to a company that I invest in. Send me their email.

Captain OGA wrote:

In response to your mail we noted and understandable.

This is to notify you that we have been eelier eeewwww --- sounds as slimy as this scammer notified on the claim of the Late Mr. Kw4dwo Ba4h W1redu’s consignment in agreement with Mr. Ch4rles W1redu (Next of Kin) that you are appointed as the beneficiary.

Please be notify officially that you are required for the legal document [power of Attorney]; this would enable you the right and access to the fund, it must be clear to you that the legality of the process is the only gateway to the release of the fund stress-free and immediately.

In order to accomplish the availability of your power of attorney from the high court of oaths through the legitimacy of our legal department, take note of the outlined below;


FULL NAME……………………………….Compulsory

NEXT OF KIN…………………………………………….if any

MARITAL STATUS…………………………………….. Compulsory



OCCUPATION……………………………………………. Compulsory

CURENT HOME ADDRESS/TEL…………………………..Compulsory

ID/INTRL PASSPORT………………………………….necessary
WHOOPS - my old eyes just missed this form

In the light of the above information, your are also required to send the requisite fee for your power of attorney immediately to your lawyer in charge, this would enable your approval from the High Court of Oaths. The below information should guide you to send the fee;

NAME: Mr. Ob4millar A. Gb3nga

ADDRESS: P.O.BOX 637 North Cantonments

FEE: 850$USD

We appreciate your cooperation in advance to enable our best service. you are welcome to contact us through our telephone line for any further request.

kindest Regards

Capt. James As4re

(Director of Operations)

Well things are going to get fun. I need to talk to this lawyer of course.

I wrote:

Commandant As4re, DOO
When i hear power of attorney right away I think of an old cartoon I watched, I forget the name. The main character was a superhero and a lawyer. He was also part bird or something. He had wings. His catchphrase was "get ready to feel the power of attorney". I've attached a picture for your enjoyment. Pic attached - Harvery Birdman, attorney at law

Could I speak personally with the lawyer before paying this fee? I would like him to explain it.

Jeff Quigglio, CFO, PHD, CPA, OSB

He of course obliges me
Captain oga wrote:

Hon. Jeff Quiggli0, I'm gaining rank too!
Contact our legal department lawyer in charge of your power of attorney for clarification:
Barr. Ob4millar
[email protected]
Thank you

Meanwhile, the first lad contacts me with some sound medical advice
I wrote:

Dear Mr. Jeff Quiggli0,

How are you and every member of the family today? My hope is to see each one happy and healthy.

I am so happy to hear that your wife is in good condition. Don’t you see that as the work of God? i really know that he can do anything, actually it not good to cough blood so you need to see your doctor. Don’t worry, God is in control, it is very good to belief and stand firm in God with prayer i do belief he can answer me that is why I committed every issues in his hands.

I could be interested to fix in to and write comprehensive scripts for you but inconveniencies rounds me here, I mails you from public internet cafe each time and finances is another issue, as your were aware that my mother is ill and I need to provide her with medications from the city back to the village. That is the very reason why i become inactive about the script writing because it required time and finances; I also need to own a computer.

At this very point you can see that this fund stands the most important thing for me now and if you could be more active and concentrate on the claim I will be glad to attached script writing or whatsoever since one of my plan is to come over to you. Do not forget prayer because I belief the Almighty God will heal every wounds and sickness.

I really appreciate your concerns

Well, I better take that advice:
I wrote:

I am fairly well today, though the coughing has unnerved me. It's only once a day though. My throat is very scratchy. Thank you for your concern for my wife. She is still in the coma, but at least she does not have the gangrene. I swear I saw her move when I visited her today. I remember the first time I met her. I was working part-time in a five-and-dime, my boss was Mr. McGee (he told me several times he didn't like my kind because I was a bit too leisurely). I was doing something close to nothing, but it was different from the day before. That's when I saw her, she walked in through the "out" door. She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a second-hand store (and if it was warm, she wouldn't wear much more Smile ). That is of course, raspberry beret by Prince It seems so long ago. I hope she pulls out of the coma. I have attached a photo of a raspberry beret. Do you have them in Ghana?

The scripts do not actually need to be comprehensive, and my clients do not need them in electronic form. They are for a new show, as yet untitled that will be on NBS this fall. You can write them by hand, they are for small 5-minute (or so) scenes, called sketchs. It is a comedy show. Each one is worth $500 to the company. If you are still interested I can send you notes for one of the scenes, the basic plot is done for you, you just need to write dialog and action. Then just scan it and send it my way.

I am going to see the doctor tomorrow so I may be out of contact. I am taking your advice to see what is with this coughing. It is frightening to me, almost as much as spiders.

I fire an email off to the lawyer
I wrote:

Mr ob4map1llar, I imagine it has many legs and says "change" and "hope" a lot.
I have been informed by Chief As4re that I am to pay a fee for a power of attorney document. I have a few questions first.
What is power of attorney? (besides a catchphrase from an old cartoon I used to watch. Have you seen it?)
Who signs the document? Do I need to sign it?
Why does it cost so much?

Thank you,
Jeff Quiggli0

Eagerly, the lawyer replies. However, I am in the hospital.
oga as lawyer wrote:

Attn: Mr. Jeff,

Power of attorney is an authentication to receive fund in the absence of the owner; this legal document would be sign by the judge, the lawyer (Myself), next of kin or the beneficiary (Yourself). The required fee is meant for the Court Stamp Duties and Approval.

Send the fee via Western Union or Money Gram with the details below;
Mr. Ob4millar A. Gb3nga
P.O.BOX xxx North Cantonments, Accra-Ghana

Your fast notification as soon as the fee is sent would allow the fast processing of the document.

Next time try to correct the spelling of my name.

Kindest personal regards
Barr. Ob4millar A. Gb3nga

Of course though, I am in the hospital and can't respond. In the meantime, I've gained a son!
my son, the lad wrote:

Dear Daddy

How are you Daddy,How is everything going on?Were you able to see the doctor and what did he say about the coughing.Thank you very much for the essential assistance you are offering me now and i assure you that this will also give us the great opportunity to invest profitably.I contacted Captain James As4re today and he told me that they are on the process with you and i was really excited.Please when the fund get to you i need your transparency and faithfulness,i have given you all my trust and believe all is going to well.

I am still praying for your wife and i know she will come out of that coma very soon.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon

God bless


I'll post some more later. This is tiring me out.

"you are the drunkard and a son of an unwanted and castrated goat sheltered under muddy closet!." Er1ck J3ckette
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