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 I've confirmed it. Chevron is drilling for oil in the Alps.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I received a typical Chevron/Texaco email:

From: "[email protected] El Dine Zaher" <hz a [email protected]>Add sender to ContactsTo: undisclosed-recipientsCHEVRON OIL/PETROLEUM NOTIFICATION:®

This is to inform you that you have benefited One Million United States
Dollars($1,000,000.00)from Chevron Oil/Gas due to the two unlimited Oil Wells
just discovered in Africa.

Do get back to me with the means you would want your funds remmited to
you,either bank to bank transfer or a certified cheque delivered to you.

(1)Full name
(2)Home Address
(4).Telephone Number

Mr Kelly [email protected]
EMAIL:[email protected]
Yours Faithfully,
Online Co-ordinator

I replied:

Dear Mr. [email protected],

I am quite thrilled to receive this news. My husband didn't believe it, so I quickly looked it up on the computer and showed him this:

Switzerland: Drilling plans for proposed 20 oil wells, Chevron CORP. Order #: 166805.

Swiss Alps based CEVRON OIL CORP. is currently gearing-up to drill at least 20 wells on blocks 3 and 4 on the French side of the Alps.
Cevron Oil Exploration & Production plans to drill at least 20 wells on blocks 3 and 4 in northern province of Tuscany, company COO Tomas Welden told French officials in an email. "In addition, we will continue with our geological and geophysical studies to optimize the exploration potential in the area and improve production," he said."

Is this the project you are referring to who will be sending me the money I won? Please let me know so I can prove to my husband that this is for real. He lost his job and we've been living on food stamps from the culinary institute for the past 6 months.

Please let me know what the procedure is for claiming the money. this is truly a Blessing!


He stayed on script and ignored my question, I sent:

Dear Chevron,

As I said, my husband doesn't believe this is for real, but I definitely do believe you because I looked it up online and showed him this article about the oil exploration:

(inserted same article)

Please be so kind as to let me know if the above is the oil exploration project you are referring to, so I can tell him I actually won $800,000. Then I will be ready to send you the fee. As soon as you can verify that this is where they are drilling, I am ready to send the fee to you by (Option 1). Also, am I supposed to send the $530.75 to World Cargo or to Chevron (or to who?) Many, many thanks!

Very truly yours,

He replied:


Attn: XX,

Thanks for your urgent response, well understood. Be inform that above commension statement you wrote to us quite long is true, they are all there in the above commercial in CHEVRON OIL TEXACO COMPANY. In most basic function is for you to get back to us with the requirement information and this enable deliver your CHEQUE VALUED THE SUM OF $800,000,00 USD (what happened to the million?) to your residence address you will provide to us. etc. etc.
Please call for more info. +234-702-088-2452

I suppose I should be a little more inquisitive and ask if Chevron has hired Attila to transport the equipment by elephant Smile

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