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 Strange Mass Insult Response

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:15 am Reply with quoteBack to top

So, I sent out a mass insult to about 300 guys about a week back. I got about 10 responses back, but this one really stands out. It looks like the guyman really took a lot of time to write it out. If someone could tell me how to translate the last half that would be great. I'm hoping it's additional insults to my family, health, etc and not just a repeat of what's above.

Email I sent out
You are a fucking idiot, guyman. If we ever meet on a dark street at night I will beat you to death. Magas will never fall for your stupid format.

Remain Bless,
Yekeen Afolabi

This is my first mass insult so let me know if you have some advice for me on how to piss them off even more. Anyway, this is what one guy wrote back...

death will be the blood that flows in ur entire generation
the eyes is the lamp of the body ur light will diminish in day timw
u will never see a moment of peace
gun will come after u in the day while sorrow flows in ur dream in the night
it is poverty that kills a slave......paralysis will be ur killer
aepilepsy......will circulate right from ur father and spread within ur whole household
problems today..sorrow tommorow and pestilence next tommorow will always mark ur calendar
ann lathan: as from today ur name is no more in the bok of sucess
ann lathan: u will only hear people making it but sucess will never come ur way u will never see jot
u will never make it u will never survive u will never riseu will never get rich
ur sucess will blow away in ur presence like a candle in the wind ur ways wil never be smooth
u will never be glorified people of the world will always treat u like a plague
ur cloth of glory will tear in ur presence so shall it be.....kose kose ni ti ilakose....eyi a ba wi fun ogbo no ogbo n gbo,eyi ti a wi fun ogba logba ngba ...
awise ni ti ifa afose ni ti orunmila
ojo ti akerejupon ba fi oju di alangba na ni yoo fi oju kan ilepa abere kii kohun aso konko kii kohun odo
eyi ti mo wi fun o loni aro ti ro mo gbogbo ohun ti odo ba ti de....o ti di okunkun.....oo tun ri imole mo laye e............inu okunkun lo ma ku si tebi tara.tore,tojulumo ati gbogbo awon to ba fe see e laanu laye............akutupu kii rowo rori,omori igba kii ridi joko...........leni,ayo ti fi igbesi aye e sile..........o tu jeeyan mo.....aye alaye loo ma lo...igba re a o tun ni dale...inu iponju ati ipayin keke lo ma gbe,aisan ati iya loo ma filogba...............
ann lathan: pue................aba ti alabamo ba da loosa oke ngba
ann lathan: o ti se bee...................................
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

There's something in there about a "stage, aunt, husband, fall, rat" hard to say exactly other than it's in Igbo and misspelled enough that a translator cant decipher it. Sounds like he was pretty pissed though. Thumbs up

Write him back and say

mr man, ur igbo na worse for ur english ,ok.go back for school with thr chldren wey dey teach u to speak corrctly as humanbeen an nor like babboon ooooooooo

Which translates as: "Your Igbo is worse than your English. Go back to school where the children can teach you to speak correctly like a human being and not like a baboon!"

It will make him very happy. Twisted Evil

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks a lot for the nice come back Smile. I'm going to send out another email right away with your phrase and hopefully he'll write back even more pissed.
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