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 Church Mugu Asks For Forgiveness

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

For those unfamiliar with my ongoing saga with Al0ys1us Bask3rv1ll3 Nwankw0, a brief summary of what has transpired so far is detailed after the main content of this message.

After all below had transpired, things went quiet for a while, so I closed the mugus file thinking that the bait had run its couse after over a year of hijinks... or so I thought.

A short while ago, I received an apology from the mugu:

Well of course, a church such as this can't just turn down this opportunity to save a soul, so it is willing to forgive and forget, but not without certain requirements being filled:

I hope that he comes through... he seems desperate enough and after all he has been through, I have to think that he just might. If this bait ever finishes, I will publish it all properly on 419 eater.

And here's that summary I was talking about...:

Back in early June 2008, he contacted my other baiting character with a standard 419 scam. We went through the standard church bait as inspired by other creative geniuses on this board.

He wrote (in handwriting) a five page letter of introduction detailing what joinging the church meant to him, followed by having a large tattoo in his right tricep (the whole thing covered). The church induction committee was so amazed at his letter, that they felt that he was destined for a higher purpose in the church and he was encouraged to get ordained as a minister. This involved having two assistants for the ceremony. Each rubbed mud in his eyes and then led him into a body of water (in this case a dirty looking stream about belly deep) where he would utter a phrase and then have his assistants dunk him underwater. This was repeated twice more and I indicated that his level of holiness was determined by how long he stayed underwater.

Well, the first attempt was abysmal, so it had to be repeated. The second attempt is a classic. Both were videotaped and sent to me as proof.

With the mugu now a minister in the H0ly Church of Sa1nt H3lda B0an3r, we had him write a sermon (handwriting of course) on the topic for the next service, "Thou Shalt Not Steal" with emphasis on earning an honest living.

I tried to get him to safari into Chad to collect his $325,000 to start his churches in Nigeria and Ghana, but he wouldn't bite. He then surrendered his ministership and started going to an evangical church for guidance, leading to his expulsion from the church entirely, as church members are not allowed to form relationships with those outside of our own faith.

This led to a war of words that went on for quite a while, with the main topic being the mugus demand for reimbursement for his expenses. He threatened to go to the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria with this. I would have loved to have seen that happen.

The problem was that the pastor had discovered that the mugus initial contact with the member was to perpetuate a 419 scam on him and he was using his church membership as a tool to facilitate said scam, therefore, his entitlement to compensation was therefore null and void. This was akin to a bank robber purchasing a getaway car and guns to rob a bank, and when the attempt fails, demands that the bank compensate him for the cost of his purchases. I don't think so. And so things went quiet for a while.....

You have surely suceeded in creating enemity between i and my lawyer. Thanks very much for that. You called me all sorts of name. Even Scammer? There is no problem - <B>Dr. Randolf Travis</B>
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

"I have decided to bring this hampering hamstring of disequilibrium in opinionation to an end."

Huh? Shocked

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