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 Lame. lazy laggard!

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Catcher In The Lie
Master of Master Baiters

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:57 am Reply with quoteBack to top

My six hour Saturday bait Smile
Here you say goodbye to your financial stress. etc.

I have bad credit and am very interested in getting a loan. I would however, like to see your website. Kindly send me the link to it so I can begin the process.

l received your mail but you have to understand that my webcam is not available at the moment its under construction if you are really much in need of the loan kindly fill in the application for manually and lets proceed with the process.

Thank you for letting me know your webcam isn't available. In that case, will you please send me a few of your Satisfied Customer comments regarding your firm? That will help me greatly, as I am in need of some money right away and would like to feel free to proceed.

Him sending a satisfied customer letter
Fwd: Loan.................this is another mail from a client of mine
Thanks Mrs xx ,the funds had reflected in my account and my Bank had confirmed that,l am happy now and l promise to pay all the monthly payment accordingly.
Barrister Kxx

Those are mail from my client who have been satisfd with the legitimacy of my loan firm.try and proceed with the loan and l promise you that every thing is going to work out fine and sorry for the mis type when l figure web cam insted of website..
Mail me soon

Then another satisfied customer
Hi Mrs XX,
l just received a call from the transferring Bank they said th loan will be coming in today,thank you for your help and l promise to payback the loan at the end of the tenure as soon as l have received the funds.

Will e-mail you soon.

Melanie G0mez

Some real 'cred (crud) there! Convinced me Very Happy
Wonder if I can get him to send some satisfied customer comments in the form of a poem, cuz I'm trying to keep a bait (any bait!) going for Murry's poetry contest & not having much luck so far
Crying or Very sad

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"I don't want you to be burdered again." Ali the hitlad Sule
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