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 I'm another wannabe oga and am getting good response %

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 17, 2009 1:01 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is what I have sent out to a few baits that I have grown tired of.
I modified it slightly from another one posted here. It's not my material. I'm just too lazy today to write my own.

I am testing you to see if you were up to the job proposal I have lined up for you. You are very skilled.

You see, my name is really Mr Carter, and I run a very successful scamming ring.

I know you are not really who you say you are, as well. I have seen your skills, and I wish for you to work for me.

I will give you a format that has a guaranteed payout and line you up with some prospecting victims. The first payment you receive from the first victim you will give to me, but after you have shown me even more of your prowess, you will only owe me 10% of any money you receive from victims I give to you.

Contact me if you are interested.

The "papa batallion" I got from

It makes me a sort of godfather figure, I guess.

2 out of 4 lads have responded to it.

Here is one response I sent to a lad that tried to take immediate control away from me.

Already carry dey do. Work for me I ask questions I make you moneys.

Where are you now? Lagos Abeche where have man wadded

Dont put fire oooooooooo I find another

To which he responded

I believe you, trusting to see your normail introduction.

I like that pidgin english website.

I'm trying to get some small cross border safaris, to bring them into my compound to work.

Or maybe start a war with the Gomer Boyz in some jungle ambush or something. I dont know. I'll think of something for them to do, if this works.

Safari X3 Up the Congo without a Paddle. 2282 miles round trip as the crow flies Lagos to Kinshasa Congo
Do you know that 2 of my men have been arrested? in Kinshasa today?

How do you want me to believe that you can be more Catholic than the Pope and more Islamic than the Sheik? -Cynthia Adams

OTU SUWAAKWAA NNE GI -Victor Moore. I like to think of it as a horrible death curse.

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