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 Scammer insists on educating me on scams

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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I seem to have sparked an unexpected response in a dollar chop (well, at least I wasn't expecting it).

The scammer is aggrieved of course that he's hearing a Mr G0m3r has somehow scooped the lad while he wasn't paying attention. The scammer is now moving heaven and earth to convince me in clear detail how the scam is going to work itself out with our excellent Mr G0m3r cheating me thoroughly.

Of course Mr Scammer wants me to come back and everything will be alright.

I guess I am confused at him being so explicit around the mechanics of it while of course depending on doing the same thing if I were so gullible. Has anyone else got a scammer so determined to prove himself right?

At the very least he's pissed off and I'm having a chuckle at that while I continue to defend Mr G's integrity. I've even stirred the pot a little saying that if Mr G has to do more work that Mr Scammer has left so untidy in the file, that he deserves the extra charges and fees that would require. My character is a retired entertainer who's business manager has passed on and is now completely unawares of the ins-and-outs of business. I have hopes for this.

Too much fun really for this to be fat-free.

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Ye Olde Privy Smythe

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is an observation. There is no honor amongst lads. They will "spoil" another's work for a dollar chop. It is a pretty competitive land for some in ladland. You can maybe play each party against eachother. For example, send your lad a message meant for "mr g0m3r" and vice versa. That should give you a nice lad elegy trying to convince you that you made a big mistake, etc. Otherwise known as the accidentaly sent email (ASEM). your whole goal here is to annoy this lad and keep him from spending time on real victims.

Another thing is this: depending on how far you are along in your bait, say to your lad that you are sending your account details, and give him in return the fake account details for "mr g0m3r." This could really piss off your lad and give you a nice insult in return (a nice addition for your siggy). This might give him the impression that you are another scammer trying to spoil his maga.

Just some ideas. Hope they work.

As always, bait safe.

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