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 Fun from Nigeria

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Hello I'm New here!

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walter_theressa: and i'm the chief supervisor
compguyinslc: I see
walter_theressa: maybe we can doome eachothe on mobile?
walter_theressa: if you care
compguyinslc: I don't do that on the phone
walter_theressa: WHY...........TO ME IT'S THE BEST
compguyinslc: Does nothing for me, what country are you in? Ghana? Nigeria?
walter_theressa: i can't pronounce it well
walter_theressa: it's Nigerian er ia
walter_theressa: it seems like that
compguyinslc: New twist on an old scam huh?
walter_theressa: what?
compguyinslc: Nigeria
compguyinslc: fraud capital of the world
walter_theressa: whatz that?
compguyinslc: Bet you've got no idea where Bountiful is
walter_theressa: me............its stated in utah
compguyinslc: Just South of Salt Lake right?
walter_theressa: i hate been embarrased
walter_theressa: okay
walter_theressa: fuck off
walter_theressa: bye
compguyinslc: So you admit it?
compguyinslc: it's ok
compguyinslc: I am not mad
walter_theressa: admit what?
walter_theressa: ur a fool
compguyinslc: cause I caught you early?
compguyinslc: yes, I ghuess that makes me a fool
compguyinslc: must be a challenge finding people these days that don't know about this
walter_theressa: i hate being embarrased
compguyinslc: I feel bad for you.
compguyinslc: Why are you embarrased?
compguyinslc: I understand your motivation
compguyinslc: Probably hard to make money there
compguyinslc: But if you're honest, people might be generous
walter_theressa: i don't like that okay
walter_theressa: fuck off
walter_theressa: bye
compguyinslc: I was going to send you a cash donation
compguyinslc: Don't you want a thousand or so dollars to help with the twins?
walter_theressa: ur crazy
compguyinslc: Why would you choose Nigeria
compguyinslc: If you are not in a cyber cafe somewhere
walter_theressa: it just my company tat choose for me not me
compguyinslc: ah ok
walter_theressa: i'm in my office in africa
compguyinslc: right
walter_theressa: why is it that you never believe me the first time we're gonna chat?

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walter_theressa: re you there?
compguyinslc: yes I am
compguyinslc: its just this
compguyinslc: I keep getting contacted
compguyinslc: by women
compguyinslc: from my area
compguyinslc: that are always mysteriously employed in nigeria
walter_theressa: oh!....sorry
compguyinslc: always nigeria
walter_theressa: but i hate to be embarrassed
compguyinslc: if you are legitimate why would you be embarrased?
walter_theressa: calling me a bad names
compguyinslc: I didn't call you any bad names
walter_theressa: u just called me a fraudster
compguyinslc: where were you born?
walter_theressa: utah
compguyinslc: then tell me, why is your english grammar so poor?
walter_theressa: so............poor
walter_theressa: i schooled in germany
compguyinslc: LOL
walter_theressa: i got ascent
compguyinslc: i bet
walter_theressa: bet what?
compguyinslc: you do.
walter_theressa: what?
walter_theressa: got ascent
compguyinslc: So when are you comingback to Utah?
walter_theressa: i guess a month
walter_theressa: b'cuz i'm the chief supervisor there
compguyinslc: let me send you something
compguyinslc: Quick Tips to avoid being scammed:
1) Mention of any of the following is a dead give-away that you're dealing with a scammer: Cashier's Check, Western Union, MoneyGram, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cote De'Ivory, or Cameroon.
walter_theressa: launching and advertising isn't easy
compguyinslc: 2) One thing you may notice about scammers is that they often have a very poor understanding of the language and geography of the country they are claiming to be from. For example, you may see a user claiming to be from the United States who has a very unusual way of phrasing their sentences and/or lists themselves as living in locations that don't make sense.
compguyinslc: 3) Do not give out your personal information such as your instant messenger ID, email address, or phone number to users you just met online. Scammers will often try to take your conversation with them off the site quickly, often including their email address in the first message they send to you. The safest approach is to keep your conversations with unfamiliar users within the messaging system until you know them better.
compguyinslc: 4) Do not call unfamilar numbers you receive in text messages on your cell phone.
5) Our very best advice: Don't send money to strangers!
walter_theressa: i got that
walter_theressa: thanks for the advice
compguyinslc: amazingly, you fit every criteria
compguyinslc: not even just a couple, you fit them all
walter_theressa: thanks,but i'm disappointed in you
compguyinslc: you're dissappointed in me?
walter_theressa: yep
compguyinslc: What's the number you want me to call to dom me on the phone?
walter_theressa: u harrass me
compguyinslc: I'll call you
walter_theressa: now
compguyinslc: ok
walter_theressa: maybe 30mins later
walter_theressa: i got to see my boss
compguyinslc: really?
walter_theressa: but can i give you the number now?
compguyinslc: sure
walter_theressa: okay
compguyinslc: how late do you work there?
walter_theressa: +2348022086500
walter_theressa: i come in always by 10;00pm
walter_theressa: re you there?
compguyinslc: wow, you work later then we do
walter_theressa: yep
walter_theressa: i got no choice
compguyinslc: Econet Wireless Nigeria Ltd: +234 802

walter_theressa: can i have urs?
walter_theressa: i don't know
walter_theressa: its my hotel number
compguyinslc: interesting how it is listed as a pay per call number.
walter_theressa: wow!..........its very expensive
compguyinslc: I am sure it is
walter_theressa: what.......expensive
walter_theressa: ????????????
compguyinslc: yes
walter_theressa: okay
compguyinslc: probably will cost me a fortune
walter_theressa: fortune of what?
compguyinslc: I am done, time to move on to the next victim.
walter_theressa: who's the next victim?
walter_theressa: if i ask?
compguyinslc: Whoever you talk to
compguyinslc: bye
walter_theressa: re you gonna call me?
compguyinslc: oh yes of course
walter_theressa: okay.......when?
compguyinslc: 30 minutes
walter_theressa: okay
walter_theressa: i'll be oxpecting your call
compguyinslc: ok
walter_theressa: can i add you on my list?
compguyinslc: not till later
walter_theressa: okay
walter_theressa: if yo insist
walter_theressa: can i hae ur nmber in case you call
walter_theressa: ?
compguyinslc: 801-799-3000 (Salt Lake Police)
walter_theressa: okay
walter_theressa: let me write it down
walter_theressa: i got it
walter_theressa: okay bye
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Hi onesys01,

Chat is a great way to waste scammer time and have a little fun in the process. We do try to discourage our members from telling scammers what they are doing wrong, and educating them in ways that will make them more effective. Showing them links to this site and providing information like "tips to avoid being scammed" does just that. Also, we ask people not to involve innocent third parties in their activities. We don't want to become a nuisance ourselves by causing local police to field calls from scammers. While it's a funny idea, the police are busy and can't do anything with your scammer since they have no jurisdiction in Nigeria. The scammers know they are untouchable and they won't bat an eyelash over something like that.

Please take a few minutes and read through our FAQ and forum guidelines.

I hope you'll try your hand at some of the stuff we do here. It is endlessly entertaining, and it can make a difference. Very Happy

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