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 My first bait - Featuring a female and a refugee camp.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 10:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Meet Ph1n4: she's simply delightful...


greetings from ph1n4

My regards to your family, I felt like communicatrice with you my name is ph1n4 is my pleasure with due respect to cultivate a healthy friendship with you with due respect. I have great interest in the ocean and travelling, my hubbies are reading and dancing.i saw your profile to dayb at (

so I decided to extend my felicitations to you. Presently I can not really specify what prompted my drive to write but I did have the mind that you could be a nice person.

I will like you to contact me back , So that I will give you full explanation about myself, I contact you through this medium now in order to provide the link for detail discussion.

Feel free to write me back .

Your's Sincerely

Wow, no mention of cash, the girl just fancies a conversation

Meet Mr S4und3r5:

>>hELLO Mrs Ph1n4,
I admire your sense of freedom and optimism. Tell me more about
your good self. I look forward to later discussions with you - To
start the ball rolling as they say, What dances do you like? What
books interest you? Which countries does one admire most?

And I am sure you have psychic abillities - Not to gloat as
but I have always been commented on being a nice man, despite my
business background (Some dealing with money can be known for
'short spark' shall we say?)
I hope I am able to transport my
kind soul to you thriough the medium of email.
By your written voice, I already envisage your soul being
innocent and light, and await further discussion with delight,
>> Your sincerely,
>> Mr F4rn S4und3r5.

No reply yet, so..

>>My dear Ph1n4,
>> You have not yet supplied me with a response. Excuse my
>>eagerness, I'm just too willing to comply with your ambition and
>>wish also to relay discussions with you. I do hope you will not
>>my hopes down,
>> Sicerely,
>> Mr F4rn S4und3r5.

And 'she' bites.. Oh, and apparently, out of interest, she's in a refugee camp. I knew her wish to 'communicatrice' with me wouldn't last long

>>Hello My Love Darling,
>How are you hope fine,Darling i thank you so much for your love
>cares ,Sweetheart try to understand my condition here in this
>suffering refugee camp
as i dont have any other relation,you are
>the only person in my life for now,please my love i am not safe
>here as i dont have food to eat no medical cares,Please help me
>you are everythings i am think about with love and trust,i love
>you with all my heart.please try to understand my situation here
>in the camp.
>Sweetheart all i want you to do for me now is to help me out of
>this suffering refugee camp to be with you there in your country,i
>will like you to send the letter i will send to you to the bank
>of my father immediately to inform them that you are my foreign
>partner that we want to transfer my late father's fund into your
>bank account in your country.Ask the bank to reply you urgently.

<Bank address snipped>

My love i realy want you to make sure this money is transfer
>immediately to your bank account in your country so that after the
>transfer you will send some money to me here as i dont have
>International Passport, Refugee Liberty clearance Certificate to
>have freedom and other travelling document to come over to you
>there in your country ok.
>Do let me know of any development as soon as you contacted the
>bank ok,i have here with me The Death Certificate Of My Late
>Father And The Deposite Certificate.I really appreciate your
>coming into my life and i wish we have began the moment of happy
>future together.When i give my love i do give all.
>Yours Forever love Wife,

Erm.. 'Wife'? Ok...

>Dear Ph1n4,
> It is so nice to hear from you once more: I thought I'd lost
>your sweet contact for a moment there. However, I cannot refrain
>express my confusion upon your wonderful essence. You did not
>mention your position trapped in this 'camp' in your first kind
>message to me; in fact you were a rather carefree and innocent
>seeking only honest communication.

> I am completely and uttery confused and bemused. Can you
>in full detail all that has happened since I replied to your first
>joyfully ambitious message?
I do not want to bear any harm
>inflicted upon you, but before I can help you, you must clear my
>misted mind from the fogging confusion materializing inside my
> I'm scared. Please be urgent in answering ALL provided
>contained in this message, please: I really ache to help you.
> Reply quickly; I can sense by your troubled tone that time is
>the essence.
> Yours sincerely,
> Mr F4rn S4und3r5.
>P.s. One last query: What did you intend by anchoring your message
>with "Yours Forever love Wife,'?
Was this a mistake, or a fault of
>my misinterpretation?

A day later, I viewed 'her' reply

>>Hello darling ,
>> how are you over there in your country today?hope all is
>>with you and your family.darling,how far have you gone with the
>>bank ? honey try and contact the bank with their email address
>>which i send to you and tell them that your are my partner that
>>you want to know the posiblity of the transfer of the money to
>>your account in your country.honey,i want you to know that is
>>because of the love which i have on you that made me to use the
>>word (forever in love )
and i want you to understand that things
>>are very difficult for me in the camp and to eat herte is very
>>difficult and as ma writing you this mail i have not eating
>>because we now eat once in a day and taht is the reason why i
>>you to help me contact the bank for the transfer because i have
>>aalready inform the bank about you as my partner
but honey if you
>>can still help me to get my travelling documents to come and meet
>>you in your country so that when i come ,we can process the
>> transfer together i will be glad.
>> so honey try and contact the bank and update me as soon as you
>>hear from the bank with all my love ,trust,hugs and kisses.
>>ph1n4 (Heart Icon removed) Mr F4rn S4und3r5 - Aww, ain't that sweet??? ~ 667jjk

Mr S4und3r5 displays both his caring and observant side in his reply:

>My dear Ph1n4,
> As overwelmed with joy as I am, confusion still grasps me. When
>were you transported to this refugee camp?
Your good self seemed
>full of innocent joyfullness in your first inquisitive message to
> Please explain more about your experience. Where you captured?
>Did they hurt you? What do they desire from your sweet soul?

> Please, if you could answer all queries above, I will set upon
>plan of rescue.

> Yours sincerely,
> Mr F4rn S4und3r5.
>P.s. I also noted that your second name has changed from being
>to the full 'd0b0r'.
- She'd changed email address ~ 667jjk Please do not say you are married. The bond
>materializing between our souls is too strong to break.

In her next message, Ph1n4 kindly clears things up, sort of

>Hello darling,
> thanks for your mail and i want you to undarstand that due to the
>love and trust which i have on you ,made me to inform you
>everything about me and the existance of the money .so please
>darling ,if you realy want to help me ,i will like you to send a
>mail to the bank because i have already inform the bank about you
>as my partner but if you are ready to help me please kindly inform
>me because the qestion you ask me make me to remember the past and
>shed tears becuse i don't want to remember them again
.i have been
>here in the camp since the 2004 and things have never been easy
>and i was brought to senegal through the help ,of a rev father and
>i was hurt or harm because the day in which the rebles attack our
>home i was in the school and that was why i was not among my death
>parent and as the letter m i just use it just to open an email my
>real name is Ph1n4 D3b0r.

>so i wait for you urgent reply soonest i love you.

Mr S4und3r5 replies showing his sympathies, and announces a little secret... He also introduces a proposal:


My dearest Ph1n4,
Thank you for taking the time to clarify your unfortunite
situation. I am dreadfully sympathetic towards your past and
promise to avoid mentioning the ugly stench it must have exerted, a
stench so strong that it clearly still mingles in you to this very
I feel a dreadful sense of remorse towards the horrid senseless
persons who brought your beautiful essence into a place you
understandably despise. I can help, and wish to assist you. But, is
there any other way to provide support without speaking of
Although I trust you dearly and with all my heart, I am unsure
of whether or not your discussions with the bank were actually
carried out. So, being a soul who appreciates evidence, could you
contact them once more, over the phone, and whilst speaking to
staff over the line, could you simultaneously type out your exact
exchanges with the member of staff?
If you find the discussion
proves too speedy to record with accuracy, which I suppose will
prove true, simply record your exchanges, so you can stop at
certain points to transcribe the words. I hope you do not
interperate that I mistrust you, my sweetheart, but, as mentioned,
my soul craves proof.
Also, you may lend the bank my email address,
[email protected], so that they can send me a message confirming
your discussions.
The email above in which we hold contact by, is
checked daily, as I always check without fail in intervals at work,
and is accessible from home, hence my hasty responses. So, in all,
I shall know quickly when the bank's comfirmations arrive at one's
inbox. Once this is complete, I shall immediately set upon
constructing a plan to campaign for your freedom.

Yours Sincerely,
F4rn S4und3r5.
P.s. You are likely pondering over why I queried your relationship
status. Well, it will be expressed at some point, so why not now?
Ph1n4, my love, I now announce, with no portion of regret, that you
have claimed my heart.

This morning, I sent my lad a template on how to transcribe a phone coversation. I also hope that further down the line, I can make Ph1n4 send me a fake message from the bank, maybe setting up a convincing address to go with the email. My main aim for now though, is to persuade the dear to type out nonsense for her 'evidence'.

My dear Ph1n4,
After a restless night, I cannot help but think my instructions
of transcribing a phone convosation in yesterdays message were
somewhat rushed. So after consideration, I decided to create a
template to display how you should layout your discussion with the
staff member on a word processor.
The template is below.
This template is used by my business employees anytime they have to have evidence of discussions, so I'm just telling you to do what
is natural to me. You could follow the first lines to create a more
constructed conversation:

PH1N4: Hello my good Sir/Madam
Staff Member: Morning/Afternoon Madam. What is it you need help
PH1N4: I would like to inform you about a persons existance in a
Staff Member: What is this good souls name?
PH1N4: F4rn. F4rn S4und3r5.
Staff Member: Ok, we shall now email Mr S4und3r5 to confirm
discussions. Can you provide us with an Email?

I do hope you are clear on what you need to do now. Phone the
bank once more, discuss our transaction, make them email me to
confirm that this is fine, and provide me with a transcript of your
phone conversation. Then I can set upon a plan for your freedom
from that horrid camp.

F4rn S4und3r5.
P.s. I love you forever deary.

Viewed the lads reply this morning. Said she'd forwarded my address to the bank, but where's the evidence I wanted?

>Hello darling ,
> thanks so much for you love ,care and concern towards my
>welfare.darling i was so happy after i went through you mail and i
>have already forwarded yourto the bank and please try to inform me
>as soon as you hear from the bank
.honey ,i will like to come and
>meet you in your country but my only problem is that i don't have
>my travelling documents but if you can help me with some money to
>get my travelling documents so that when i come we can process
>the transfer together over there in your country.
honey ,please try
>to help me in any way you know you can help me because things are
>very difficult for me here now in the camp .i love you so much and
>i know from the way your sounding that you realy love and care for
>me ..darling
,i will be waiting to hear form you soonest with all
>my love ,trust,hugs and kisses.
>Ph1n4 F4rn - I've just noticed this. When we get married, we'll share my first name? ~ 667jjk

Where's the transcript?

My dear Ph1n4,
Did you transcribe your contact with the bank as I requested in
my previous message? It's for security reasons. We do it in the
everyday. If you contacted them via email, send me your
exchange of words so I know they approved of our operation.
I was
expecting a confirmation letter from the bank confirming my details
All legitimate banks follow this process.
Once I recieve an email from the bank, and a record of your
discussions with them, I can act upon a plan of action.
I look forward to your messages,
Mr F4rn S4und3r5. - F4rn's got his business head back on, hence the 'Mr' ~ 667jjk

Wow, I cannot believe this, it worked, sort of. Well, I didn't get a transcript, but I got her version of a confirmation message. I think I'm learning fast..


Hello darling,
thanks for your mail.honey ,i send a mail to thye bank and this is the mail i recieve from them and i know you must have recieve a copy too and i have inform the rev father and he promise to give me a contact of a good lawyer who will help us to prepare the documents and i will forward it to you as soon as he give the contact to me with all my love and trust.

--- On Sat, 6/13/09, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:

From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
To: (me), (scammer)
Date: Saturday, June 13, 2009, 3:40 PM

<Address of bank and other info snipped>

I have been directed by the director of Foreign
Operation/Wire Transfer to write you in respect of your
e-mail received. Actually we have earlier been told about
you by the young lady Miss Ph1n4.D4b0r that she wishes you to be
her trustee/representative for the claim her late father's
deposit with our bank.Late (Dr. W1ls0n D4b0r) is our late
customer with account no,(Customer number removed, just in case!)/A.substantial amount(US$5.7M, USD) of deposit with us. Hence you have been
really appointed as a trustee to represent the next of
Kin.Howe ver before our bank will transact any business
concerning the transfer of the fund with you, we will like
you to send the followings.

1.Chang e of beneficary and affidavit of oath permitting you
to claim and transfer the funds to your bank account on her
behalf. Note:This Change of beneficary must be endorsed by a
Senegalese resident lawyer (since the money is originated
from Africa and the Girl is Currently residing in Refugee camp in Senegal).

2.The death certificate of late Dr. W1ls0n D4b0r (Her
deceased father) comfirming the death.

3.A copy of Deposit Cerfiticat e of the account issued to Dr,
W1ls0n D4b0r by our bank.

Note that the above are compulsory, and are needed to
protect our interest,yours, the next of kin after the
claims. These shall also ensure that a smooth, quick and
successful transfer of the fund will be make within 48hours
at reception of these documents.
Also you have to send your account information which will
facilitate this fund as soon as these documents are been
provided.Therefore You have to hurry up to present these
documents to our bank to enable us wire the fund ( US$5.7M,
USD ) into your a ccount. We promise to give our customers
the best of our services. Should you have any question(s),
please contact foreign transfer officer Mr. D4v1d 5t0n3 on
telephone number for more directives /clarifications.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. D4v1d 5t0n3
(Foreign Operation/Wire Transfer Dept).
I have to admit, I'm feeling quite smug about this right now, but, alas, more security checks lay ahead ~ 667jjk

Now I'm feeling ambitious. I'm aiming for my very first trophy in my very first bait. Imagine that!

My dearest Ph1n4,
I am satisfied with your good co-operation, (I expect that any
other soul by now would have refused my daunting commands and found
someone more worthy), not that I can say I am genuinely surprised.
I always trusted your words, my lovely Ph1n4. I am, as previously
stated, just a man of proof. The fact that you aren't dismayed by
that aspect shows how perfectly matched we could be.
However, one of my many employees has just informed me that I
have foolishly missed a step in our business routine.
He reminded
me of what is called 'Official Trust and Proof', meaning that this
step, when combined with the one you kindly completed (the message
of confirmation), shows that 'the subject is undoubtedly
legitimate', and can be approved as genuine.

This is quoted from my business' safety manual, 'All the subject
is required to do for this step, is to produce a photograph of
his/herself, while he/she is typing actively on the keyboard of the
computer he/she will be using throughout the transaction, in a full-
scale shot, meaning the person's body and face should be in full
view of the camera device. The computer screen should also be in
full-view, with the exact phrase
"This is serious fun" displayed
on it.

'Once this task is complete, the subject must provide a passport
photo of themselves.'

Attach both the required images onto your next message, then we
will finally be permitted to progress into our plan. I must warn
you, I already have a plan stored in my mind's locker, and I can
hardly wait to deploy it to you.
Yours sincerely,
Mr F4rn S4und3r5.
P.s. Thank you for being so patient my love. Your time in that camp
is almost at an end now. My love goes to your head and heart:
console and nurture it, as I do with yours.

I just recieved this. Not sure what to do at the moment, I'll have to think it over.

Dearest Love
Thank's for your ability to help me transfer the money to your position pending my arrival to meet with you,it shows you are a dependable and trustworthy man.
Listen,before i gave you this informations i know that you will never do any thing bad to me ,i have never told any body about this money the only people that knows about it is you and Rev St3v3n M4th3w no one again knows about it (since my parent's are dead).
So,i will also advise you to please keep it to yourself because i am afraid of loosing the money to people who will disappoint me when the money gets to their care that was why it took me time to tell you about it and i promise you this from my heart (I AM NOT GOING TO DISAPPOINT YOU) and i equally expect the same from you.and honey please i will like to here your voice please call me with our rev number,
Now,regarding the requests the bank needs from us i have with me here the deposite certificate (which i will send to the bank after the preparation of the other two documents) and the death certificate,(which i will also send to the bank) I thought it's the only thing the bank will need from us but since they need the change of beneficary and the affidavit of oath from the high court here in D4k4r S3n3g4l.
I have informed the Revrend about it and he gave me the contact of this lawyer below,he is a registered lawyer with the United Nations who will help in preparing the documents for us.

Please i will like you to contact him through email and phone today,when your contacting him, tell him that you are my Foreign partner and you want him to prepare a change of beneficary and affidevit of oath in your name to enable the transfer of my (Late) father's account in RoyalBank of Scotland to your account in Your country.
His contact informations are as follows,
Barrister (Dr)4HM3D M0RG4N ESQ
Country:Dakar Senegal.
his private email address([email protected])
Office Telephone Number: (xxxxxxxxxx)
So,i will like you to contact him for the preparation of the documents, Please try and contact me when you are in contact with him and let me know if he agrees to help us!..

Please i will like you to first of all get the money transfered and from it you can send some money from the account for me to prepare my travelling documents come and meet with your..I will be waiting for you soonest reply
A big hug for you,and kissssss!!!!!!!.
From my deepest heart,
Yours forever,

I have now sent this to the 'barrister':

Good day sir
I am the foreign partner of a miss Ph1n4. I'm sure you've heard
of this splendid soul. I need your help on a transfer featuring the
girl's late father's bank account. Poor girl. Email Ph1n4 if your
good self requires extra information about events.
Yours sincerely,
Mr F4rn S4und3r5.

And this to darling Ph1n4:

My Ph1n4,
An email was sent to 4hm3d M0rg4n regarding our deal.
How do you do today? Are you looking forward to breathing in
Yours sincerely,
F4rn S4und3r5.

Got a reply off the barrister today. A stock one asking for details.

<Info Snipped>
Sequel to your email to my noble law firm on how to prepare an authority letter( Change of beneficairy and Affidavit of oath)for you and your partner which will permit you to stand on her behalf for the transfer of her money From Royal Bank Of Scotland to your account in your country.
Before my noble law firm will proceed with the preparation of the document,i would like you to send me your full contact details(Your full names and address, as you would like it to appear on the Change Of Beneficairy and Affidavit of Oath as her trustee
So that i will go to the federal high court of senegal for the registration and also enquire about the cost of authentication and validation of the document.
Also send me your direct phone and fax numbers for better and easy communication.i shall give you the feedback after due consultations from the federal high court. So i wish to give you all the support that you needed from my noble law firm,You are really welcome.As soon as you get my mail reach me back with your informations as stated below.
1 FULL NAME.........................................................
2 YOUR COUNTRY..................................................
3 YOUR PHONE NUMBER.........................................
4 YOUR HOUSES ADDRESS......................................
5 YOUR NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD..........................
6 YOUR AGE..........................................................
7 YOUR OCCUPATION.............................................
<Info Snipped>

A week or two into my baiting career, and I've made my first minor mistake. I confused this bait with my other one (
The two are too similar.

I sent you the following message below. You failed to answer any
of my questions in response.
My dear fellow, how can I learn to
trust you without any infomation?
Please reply answering the queries in my message below. Only
thereafter can I supply you with details,
F4rn S4und3r5.

>> Good day sir
>> I am the foreign partner of a miss Ph1n4. I'm sure you've
>> of this splendid soul. I need your help on a transfer featuring
>> girl's late father's bank account. Poor girl. Email Ph1n4 if
>> good self requires extra information about events.
>> Yours sincerely,
>> Mr F4rn S4und3r5. - Lol, I was referring to the questions I presented
to the Rev. in my other bait. There were no questions with this one ~ 667jjk

This message should clear things up:

My previous message asking you to answer questions was intended
for an associate.
I request you to ignore it please.
However, I do have some questions for you. How did you come to
know my Ph1n4? Do you know she's in a refugee camp at this current
moment? Can't you persuade someone to free her?

You see, I do not desire to dishearten the dear, but, as you
could note by my recent mistake, I am a busy man with many
colleages to deal with. Don't tell Ph1n4, but I am contemplating
quiting my self-owned business to visit her.
What professional
advise can you yourself give me?
F4rn S4und3r5.

Got an Email off Ph1n4 just now... or is it 'k4te'?

hello darling
how are you doing ,I really miss you I have been thinking,Darling missing you is like am a empty house ,Missing you makes me,Confuse ,because i do think of you every day and night ,Darling i Love you with all my hreat and soul ,I want to be with you and spend the rest of my Life with you because you are the Angle of my life - What sort? Accute? Obtuse... ~ 667jjk and you also makes my life complete when ever i see you ,I miss you so much and i believe in that you are doing ok .I Love you so much and i want to spend the rest of my life with you , darling Love you Miss you hope to see you soon Take care and stay bless for the Love you have for me, honey i want to know wealther you have hear from the lawyer, please if you hear from the lawyer do let me know ok .My kissess and hugss to you. Your Angle

F4rn's reply:

My darling Ph1n4,
By the tone in your voice, I am reassured as to why I agreed to
engage with this process in the first place. You sound so achingly
tender, yet also filled with hope. Think of it, dear, in a short
wait you will be free from pain, free from danger, free from
misery. And safe in my arms.

As of late, no response has materialized from the good
barrister's self. In regret, this may be in result of a silly
mistake on my par, but one cannot say for sure.
One thing one can and will gaurantee, however, is my full effort
in freeing your sweet soul
Enslave thy heart, savour thy soul,
F4rn S4und3r5

Ph1n4 replies, asking about the barrister.

>Hello darling,
> how are you today over there in your country?hope all is well
>with you and your family.darling,how far have gone with the
>lawyer?because he called me today to infrom me that you contacted
>him and he replied you asking you to forward to him your full
>information ,he instead of sending your informations to him that
>you tune to query him
.honey why i trusted and i love you so much
>but i have pleaded with him and also i will like you to forward
>your full infoirmations to him because with that he can get the
>documents for us and your information will appear in them as my
> honey ,try aand send it to the lawyer and please inform
>me as soon as you hear from him .
>i love you so much darling.

F4rn will only give details once the lawyer replies with answers

My Ph1n4,
Yes, I did indeed send him numorous queries. You see, when my
business employees carry out transactions with anyone, I
specifically encourage them to ask questions
. Your lawyer should,
by job prescription, be prepared to answer any question posed at
him. He is genuine, is he not?
Since I've not had a reply from him consoling my thoughtful
mind, it is my duty to admit to slight suspicions. However, I
remain to hold trust in you. Contact the lawyer and tell him to
answer the queries
; I would have thought he'd have done this on
instinct. Then I'll send one's details.
Mr F4rn S4und3r5.

I got this from Ph1n4:

Thanks for your mail ,
i called the lawyer and explain all that you said and he promise to reply your mail .
i love you

And the 'lawyer' replied with:

<Address Info Snipped>
Sequel to the call i recieve from your partner today,my firstly ,my contact was given to her by Rev stevn who is the incharge of their camp and who happen to be avery good man of God that every one respect.and when your partner explain everything she want to do ,i have to call the bank for more clearification and Mr D4v1d St0n3 who is the transfer office told me that he late father deposited the money with their bank ($5.7m)which she is the next of kin and he also told me that she has contacted the bank for transfer through the help of her partner the i was convince and accepted assiting for the prepareation of the documents which she told me that the bank has demanded from the federal high court here in i will advice you to forward you full information as you will like it to apear in the documents to me to enable me go for the processing of the documents and also inform you of the cost.
you can as well call me on my direct phone +xx-xx-xxfor any enquiry.
Best regards
(Bar) M0rg4n 4hm3d ESQ
Principal partner
Office tel(+xx-xx-xx)

F4rn sent another message to the lawyer, asking for his 'professional' advise:

My good sir,
Thank you for cooperating in answering my queries. I understand
your position, and believe one is of genuine flesh. It is my
business' theory to query everything.
However, what is your advice on myself dropping one's own
business prepositions, in order to visit Ph1n4? Do you yourself
think of this as a wise and reasonable decision?

Let me know your professional views on this.
Also, give me a briefing on how I should complete this
transaction. What will this process involve?
I eagerly await your experienced response,
Mr F4rn S4und3r5.

Just emailed Ph1n4, updating her on things. Her and the lawyer might be the same lad afterall

Your lawyer replied kindly and I accepted his answers. I asked
some more questions in reply and requested a briefing on how we
shall go about our transaction.
Yours dearly,
Mr F4rn S4und3r5.

The 'professional' advice from 4hmed:

<Info Snipped>
Sequel to your mail,i called the rev father to know the posibility of you visiting ph1n4 and he told me that is posible but that the problem is that you may not see her because she did not have her refugee clearance certificate which will enable her to come to the air port to recieve you and that you will be allow to visit her once .so my advice to you is to first try and conclude the transfer and after the transfer you can now come or you can send her money to get every documents needed to come and meet you because according to the rev father if you come without the permition of the refugee camp authority ,you will not be allow to see her unless she get her refugee clearance certificate which will according cost $3,250.and why i am advice you to complete the transfer so that after the bank transfer the money to your account you can spend any amount from the money to bring her to you and to complete the transfer ,for preparetion of the documents ,it will only cost you $1,250 because according mr D4v1d St0n3 ,he promise to transfer the to your account within 48 hours as soon as they recieve the documents .so my only and best advice for you is to complete the transfer annd then get the lady accross to you country.
<Info Snipped>

From Ph1n4, practically arriving a few minutes after 4hmed's message:

how are you today over there ?hope fine and your working is going on well .ok darling please try to inform me as soon as you hear from the lawyer .i love you so much and wiating to hear from you.

F4rn's ready to send details

My good sir,
Would it be possible to send another guide or template one can
follow? Plus, do you have a website about your firm? Does the firm
belong to you?
I have my own business leading on electromachanics, good money.
Money must not matter to you, in your legal business!
F4rn S4und3r5.

Then, he emailed Ph1n4, revealing his plans:

Darling Ph1n4,
One has emailed your good lawyer, requesting a template to fill
in for our transaction. What would you, dear, say to myself
visiting your camp to exercise one's persuasive skills on your
I have been pondering over this for a time. What do you
You will be free soon,
F4rn S4und3r5

Recieved a reply from the lawyer. Poor excuse about not having a website:

<Info Snipped>
Sequel to your mail,i advice you toforward your full information to me as i earlier inform you becausethat will appear on the documents which confirm to the bank that your miss ph1n4 partner.and i want you know that i am the owner of my firm and website have been having problem and i am reconstructing i advice you to try and send the money first thing tomorow morning to enable proceed for the documents from the federal high court and it the documents will be ready in two days.
you can as well call me on my direct phone +xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx for any enquiry.
Best regards
(Bar) M0rg4n 4hm3d ESQ
Principal partner
<Telephone No. Snipped>

Ph1n4's message came 14 minutes later:

Hello darling,
thanks so much for your love ,care and concern towards my welfare .honey ,please you i love your so much and i know that you love me as well .honey ,coming now to visit me is very good ,but it will cost you much money because i will not be allow to come to the airport to welcome you and you will only be allow to see me just once and to be able to come to the airport and see you ,i need to secure my refugee clearance certificate which will cost more that $5000 which is too much and that is the reason why i will like you to try and send the money to the lawyer so that he can help us to prepare the documents for you to forward it to the bank for the transfer and remember that the bank promise to transfer the money within 48 hours as soon as they recieve the documents from to me darling i like us to finalise the transfer so that we have enough money to spend during the time i willl leave the camp.but i wnat to come firts well all you have to know the things that is involve.i love you so much and i will be waiting to hear from you soonest with all my love ,trust,hugs and kisses.

I just sent this to 4hm3d. F4rn's offering to fix the lad's website free of charge:

I could help repair your website. All us business men are aware of the current economic climate, so one can ask an employer to undertake and complete the task for no excess charge! How would one feel about this notion? Please accept my offer, as fixing your website would be part of an experiment regarding the expanding of skills featured in my business, S4und3r5 & Son.
Also, can you send me another guide or template I could follow or form I could fill in for the transaction? We are stalling on time here, my good man. - Obviously this is due to the fault of 4hm3d ~ 667jjk
F4rn S4und3r5.

F4rn's reply to Ph1n4 reiterates his wealth and his desire to travel to the camp:

I have requested the forms from the lawyer. I shall fill them if
they will help you in the path to freedom.
Dear, not to sound overbearing, but I own an up and coming
business. I recieve, in your terms, $6,000 a week, so I have quite
enough wealth to pay for one's clearance certificate and anything
else one requires.

Maybe I could visit in three weeks, when I have my annual break
from work.
Where is the camp situated? Where can we meet?
I desire to see you free in person.
Sincerely with love,
F4rn S4und3r5.

Got a reply from 4hm3d,

Sequel to your mail,i advice you to print and fill the form and send it back to me with your fee and for my website ,don't worry i will take of of it if you still need an agreement letter,kindly inform me.
you can as well call me on my direct phone +xxx- xx-xxx-xx-xx for any enquiry.
Best regards
(Bar) Morgan 4hm3d ESQ

He attached a form:

And from Ph1n4:

Hello darling,
thanks for your mail .honey ,the lawwyer called me thgis money to inform me that he hass ssend the form for you and the he is waiting for you to fill ,sign and send it to the him back with the process fee which he pleasetry my love to fill ,sign the form and send it back to the lawyer so that he can help us to process the documents ..honey ,you said in your mail that you can get me the clearance certificate ,so are going to send the money ?that is according to the revfather ,he said is $5,500 because without that i will be allow to come and meet you at the airport and i will have time to stay with you .and for our camp is located at ndium (nduim refugee camp here senegal)so please get back to me and inform me about your plans so that i will know my faith because things are very difficult here in the i wait for you mail soonest with all my love ,trust,hugs and kisses.

I'm bored with this one now, so I think I'll drop it today or tomorrow.

It feels a somewhat sad occasion, dropping my very first bait, but Ph1n4 was growing boring. Still, at least this goes out with a bang, right? This was sent to Ph1n4, as my baiter account refused to have 4hm3d's address. F4rn's wife finds his messages to Ph1n4 and 4hm3d, and goes ballistic. Enjoy! **Language Here Is NSFW**

I have just opened my husband's email account to find two weeks worth of messages sent to some bloody girl named 'Ph1n4'. Well, 'Ph1n4', let me tell you something 'dear', F4rn's gone one fuckimg step too fucking far this time!
Do you know how many times F4rn has done this already? Six. Six times he's gone behind my damn back. Six times! That's the same number of kid's we've got. SIX. 6. Sure, over the years he's provided me with the cash, but cash don't mean nothing without the loving to go with it!
He's also cost me alot of cash too. That 'security' shit I see he sent you wasn't company policy. No, it is due to the fact that he's fallen so much for circulating Scams lately that he's lost a total of 50,000 cash pounds on the internet alone. Sure, we're millionaires (3mill, exact), but without him selling his soul to a hot woman for bed action or buying some 'revolutionary' plant for £7,000, we'd have around 8million.
And what's this? He's been speaking to some barrister also? His ass is gone when he gets back, and this time I ain't bloody kidding.
So well done bitches, now I can have this mansion all to myself.
Hope your happy, cause I am.
THE Bitch.

So, no trophy here, but I'm awaiting my first abuse. Or will I get abuse? We'll find out soon...

I plan in a few months to email this lad saying, 'I'm F4rn, now on the streets of London. I write to one from an Internet cafe...'

Well, the reply wasn't exactly abusive:

Thanks you so much ,but please ,i will ,like you to send a mail to the bank and inform them that your withdrawing from assitting me as my partner so that i can look for some else who will help me because i will not like you to have any problem with your wife and i will not be the one that will bring problem to your please i realy thank you for all you have done God bless you .please help me for the sake of my life and send mail to the bank and inform them that your wife ask you to withdraw because as am writting you with my eyes full of tears i will find it difficult to trust any person they way i trusted you and if i should lose the money you have the whole blame to your self and i will never forgive you but try and do me that favour that will not cost you any money .please please .

F4rn's (ex) wife replies with a slightly more caring message:

Ok dear, I will agree with you on something. F4rn sure knows how to tear the trust out of people.
But look, I have to honest here. As sorry as I am that you came across this lying cheating scumbag, I can not offer any help. Truthbetold, I kicked Farn's ass out as soon as he got back from work yesterday. Not before showing him the emails he kept sending to you, though.
Now I don't know where he is, and quite frankly, I don't really care. He's not my problem anymore, and never again will be.
So, I'm sorry, you can contact this 'bank' yourself.
I apoligize on behalf of my EX-husband, and hope your welfare soon returns to normal.
Miss Fr4ud1ng.

Unfortunately, I'm going away for a few weeks, and feel that when I get back my baiting account is likely to be deactivated. That's a downside to Hushmail, I guess. Since you have to pay to regain access to the deactivated account, I won't be able to view any potential replies regarding this bait. So it would be safe to say, this one's over. Oh well, it was good while it lasted, but it wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway. Watch this space though; I still intend to send Ph1n4 a homeless hello from F4rn in a few months. Hope you enjoyed!

Although my email account did not expire afterall, I recieved no replies off 'Ph1n4' or her 'lawyer'. F4rn's message is still scheduled in a few months though, so keep a lookout

It's August the 31st, and I've just sent Ph1na this from a homeless F4rn:

My dear Ph1na,
How is your good soul keeping? I am sure you'll be able to recall the name F4rn S4und3rs. My name is probably know decaying inside your poor mind, after all I put you through.
I'm not sure you know this, but my wife took great offense to my contact with you. She litteraly went crazy, shouting at me, screaming at me, cursing at me. At one point she even attempted to rake me with her nails.
But i know I deserved every inch of punishment. I am sorry I neglected to mention my dear old wife and my kids.
I paid a handsome sum for my mistakes, though. My now ex wife through me out of the house, banning me from seeing my dear children, who are at the tender ages of 10 and 7. I haven't seen them for over a months duration now.
Currently, as i write this, i sit in an internet cafe, with nowhere else to go. I will likely be sleeping on the street tonight, which is now a normal activity for me.
My business callapsed shortly after i left home.
Oh ph1na, what should I do?
F4rn S4und3rs.

I'm happy to report that there is no bounce as of yet. I hope Ph1na reads this one.

Unfortunately, no reply came, so finally, this bait is at an end.

I hope you enjoyed it, and you may see F4rn again sometime soon


What do you think about my first bait? Feel free to comment!
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