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 My complaint about 419eater members

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Star A Star
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

generate your own

I would like to take this opportunity to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. As this letter will make clear, whenever 419eater members is blamed for conspiring to turn peaceful gatherings into embarrassing scandals, it blames its faithfuls. Doing so reinforces their passivity and obedience and increases their guilt, shame, terror, and conformity, thereby making them far more willing to help 419eater members force some to live by restrictive standards not applicable to others. 419eater members's the type of organization that will trump up any lie for the occasion, and the more of a thumper it is, the better it likes it. 419eater members is simply incapable of entertaining an unorthodox idea. Now that that's cleared up, I'll continue with what I was saying before, that it is pointless to fret about the damage already caused by its stroppy, deranged snow jobs. The past cannot be changed. We must cope with the present if we hope to affect our future and reverse the devolutionary course that it has set for us.

It's quite easy for 419eater members to bombastically declaim my proposals. But when is it going to provide an alternative proposal of its own? Any honest person who takes the time to think about that question will be forced to conclude that it somehow manages to maintain a straight face when saying that children should belong to the state. I am greatly grieved by this occurrence of falsehood and fantastic storytelling which is the resultant of layers of social dishevelment and disillusionment amongst the fine citizens of a once organized, motivated, and cognitively enlightened civilization.

If 419eater members gets its way, we will soon be engulfed in a Dark Age of vandalism and indescribable horror. That's why I'm telling you that if there's one thing that it's good at, it's spreading the germs of hatred, of discord and jealously, of dissolution and decomposition. As we organize our campaigns against the most mudslinging malcontents you'll ever see and formulate responses to their rhetoric, it is critical that we reinforce notions of positive self-esteem. While we may all pray for a perfect utopian world in which everyone is holding hands and singing "We Are the World" in perfect harmony, the blunt reality is that in a recent essay, 419eater members stated that the federal government should take more and more of our hard-earned money and more and more of our hard-won rights. Since the arguments it made in the rest of its essay are based in part on that assumption, it should be aware that it just isn't true. Not only that, but its sycophants resist seeing that it's time for it to face the music. They resist seeing such things because to see them, to examine them, to think about them and draw conclusions from them is to expose injustice and puncture prejudice. I'll end this letter with a personal invitation to 419eater members itself: If you care to respond to what I wrote, please do, especially if you think that I am being inaccurate or unfair. I do not wish to misrepresent you in any way whatsoever. Pax vobiscum.

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Ok i will try and take the form to my staff members, once i get the form filled, i am not ready to fill another form, make sure that this is all the forms, i am going to fill them and once i get them done, i will not fill another form
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:56 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Star A Star wrote:
If 419eater members gets its way, we will soon be engulfed in a Dark Age of vandalism and indescribable horror.

oooo! goody Laughing I love a good Horror B movie Laughing
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Pastor Frank
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Very cool, thanks for the link.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

What a great link - gonna do my wife next but for now here is a complaint about Mr. Mod Laughing

I am going to make this short but sweet: It is more than a purely historical question to ask, "How did Mr. Mods's reign of terror start?" or even the more urgent question, "How might it end?". No, we must ask, "Will the world ever be free of flagitious, stinking rubes like Mods?" It is bootless to speculate on the matter but it should be noted that Mods eschews his commitments to responsibility and truth in favor of a breathless and drooling enthusiasm for hedonism. As long as I live, I will be shouting this truth from rooftops and doing everything I can to take a proactive, rather than a reactive, stance. First and foremost, he has had some success in destroying our moral fiber. I find that horrifying and frightening but we all should have seen it coming. We all knew that Mods's true goal is to distort and trivialize the debate surrounding antidisestablishmentarianism. All the statements that his cronies make to justify or downplay that goal are only apologetics; they do nothing to stop this insanity.

Mods's jeremiads are like a Hydra. They continually acquire new heads and new strength. The only way to stunt their growth is to exemplify the principles of honor, duty, loyalty, and courage. The only way to destroy his Hydra entirely is to provide more people with the knowledge that everyone ought to read my award-winning essay, "The Naked Aggression of Mods". In it, I chronicle all of Mods's publications from the raucous to the vexatious and conclude that Mods's claim that my bitterness at him is merely the latent projection of libidinal energy stemming from self-induced anguish is not only an attack on the concept of objectivity but an assault on the human mind. Unilateralism is one of the legs upon which Mr. Mods's allegations stand. So I give you this letter. I hope it helps.
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dr stephen williams
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 6:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

For M Mahvi, the scumbag owner of, host of dozens of ponzi schemes:
Mr. M Mahvi's worst transgressions are systematically whitewashed by the press. To counteract that whitewash, I will use the remainder of my space here to expose Mr. Mahvi for who he really is. To start, if Mr. Mahvi doesn't realize that it's generally considered bad style to clear forests, strip the topsoil, and turn a natural paradise into a dust bowl through a self-induced drought, then he should read one of the many self-help books on the subject. I recommend he buy one with big print and lots of pictures. Maybe then Mr. Mahvi will grasp the concept that I am more than merely surprised by his willingness to blitz media outlets with faxes and newsletters that highlight the good points of his irascible projects. I'm shocked, shocked. And, as if that weren't enough, Mr. Mahvi insists that "metanarratives" are the root of tyranny, lawlessness, overpopulation, racial hatred, world hunger, disease, and rank stupidity. Has anyone, at any time, ever been more wrong? To rephrase that question, how far do Mr. Mahvi's lies extend? The best answer comes from Mr. Mahvi himself. That is, if you pay careful attention to his pestilential protests you'll unquestionably notice that if Mr. Mahvi thinks that the ideas of "freedom" and "radicalism" are Siamese twins then maybe he should lay off the wacky tobacky.

What I am getting at is this: I would undeniably like to comment on Mr. Mahvi's attempt to associate emotionalism with simplism. There is no association. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mahvi should clarify his point so people like you and me can tell what the heck he's talking about. Without clarification, Mr. Mahvi's pranks sound lofty and include some emotionally charged words but don't really seem to make any sense. If he had his way, schools would teach students that we can stop fanaticism merely by permitting government officials entrée into private homes to search for heartless, beer-guzzling spouters. This is not education but indoctrination. It prevents students from learning about how Mr. Mahvi says it is within his legal right to mold the mind of virtually every citizen—young or old, rich or poor, simple or sophisticated. Whether or not he indeed has such a right, if I want to waver between the alluring promises of an insensitive "new morality" and the sound dictation of my own conscience, that should be my prerogative. I don't need Mr. Mahvi forcing me to.

In a broad-brush sense, Mr. Mahvi will have more impact on Earth's biological, geological, and chemical systems during our lifetime and our children's than all preceding human generations had together quicker than you can double-check the spelling of "incomprehensibility". When that event happens, a darkness and evil exceeding anything seen in history will descend over the world. I can hope only that before it does, people will communicate and teach. Only then can we look at our situation realistically and from a viewpoint that takes in the whole picture. He loves getting up in front of people and telling them that he can make all of our problems go away merely by sprinkling some sort of magic, pink, pixie dust over everything that he considers ungrateful or wretched. He then boasts about how he'll set up dissident groups and individuals for conspiracy charges and then carry out searches and seizures on flimsy pretexts by next weekend. It's all part of the media spectacle that is M Mahvi. Of course, he soaks it up and wallows in it like a pig in mud. Speaking of pigs and mud, instead of taking the easy path in life, the downward path, we must choose the upward path regardless of the pain, suffering, and sacrifice that this choice entails. Only then can we finally put inexorable pressure on Mr. Mahvi to be a bit more careful about what he says and does. Yes, Mr. Mahvi will try to stop us by breaking down our communities, but he maliciously defames and damagingly misrepresents everyone and everything around him. There's a word for that: libel. That's all I have to say about Mr. M Mahvi so I guess I'll stop writing now. Oh, and Mr. Mahvi: Before you start formulating a smart reply, don't bother because I'm just not interested.

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I like this!!!! Twisted Evil

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The therapeutic benefits are astronomical! Thumbs up

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 1:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^Right, thefife! This is what she sent me.. Smile

"I think I'll confound my critics by devoting this letter not to describing inerudite, mischievous stool pigeons in general, but Dr. [email protected] Dw0ps in particular. And that's why I feel compelled to say something about jaded, untrustworthy backstabbers. He says that he has been robbed of all he does not possess. That is the most despicable lie I have ever heard in my entire life. As everyone who has access to reliable information knows, he just keeps on saying, "I don't give a [expletive deleted] about you. I just want to send children to die as martyrs for causes that he is unwilling to die for himself."

There are few certainties in life. I have counted only three: death, taxes, and Dw0ps doing some pestilential thing every few weeks. While others have also published information about the most rapacious doomsday prophets I've ever seen, I, not being one of the many brusque disgusting-types of this world, am not trying to save the world—I gave up that pursuit a long time ago. But I am trying to highlight all of the problems with his incoherent expositions. Something recently occurred to me that might occur to Dw0ps, as well, if he would just turn down the volume of his voice for a moment: We could opt to sit back and let Dw0ps enshrine irrational fears and fancies as truth. Most people, however, would argue that the cost in people's lives and self-esteem is an extremely high price to pay for such inaction on our part. He is like a giant octopus sprawling its slimy length over city, state, and nation. Like the octopus of real life, Dw0ps operates under cover of self-created screen. He seizes in his long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection.
So we're supposed to give Dw0ps permission to damn this nation and this world to Hell and hope he's rational enough not to do so? How naive! Someone has to be willing to challenge the present and enrich the future. Even if it's not polite to do so. Even if it hurts a lot of people's feelings. Even if everyone else is pretending that no one is smart enough to see through his transparent lies. Unfortunately, I can already see the response to this letter. Someone, possibly Dr. [email protected] Dw0ps himself or one of his henchmen, will write an anti-democratic piece about how acrimonious I am. If that's the case, then so be it. What I just wrote sorely needed to be written."

Hey, wait a i sure she didn't write this one herself? Wink Laughing

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Hey this is fun Very Happy

I have read some of a lad hugger's writings. While I disagree with much of their content, I do not intend to attack a lad hugger's opinions, only to offer my own viewpoints. Here's a quick review: A lad hugger always cavils at my attempts to fight the good fight. That's probably because a lad hugger presents itself as a disinterested classicist lamenting the infusion of politically motivated methods of pedagogy and analysis into higher education. It is eloquent in its denunciation of modern scholarship, claiming it favors impetuous, intellectually challenged mendicants. And here we have the ultimate irony because the separatism "debate" is not a debate. It is a harangue, a politically motivated, brilliantly publicized, loud attack on progressive ideas.

I indeed dislike a lad hugger. Likes or dislikes, however, are irrelevant to observed facts, such as that a lad hugger doesn't use words for communication or for exchanging information. It uses them to disarm, to hypnotize, to mislead, and to deceive. We can no longer afford to do nothing about a lad hugger's uncivilized, disingenuous conjectures. Instead, we must strike while the iron is hot and recall the ideals of compassion, nonviolence, community, and cooperation.

There is an unpleasant fact, painful to the tender-minded, that one can deduce from the laws of nature. This fact is also conclusively established by direct observation. It is a fact so obvious that rational people have always known it and no one doubted it until a lad hugger and its legates started trying to deny it. The fact to which I am referring states that all a lad hugger really wants is to hang onto the perks it's getting from the system. That's all it really cares about. A lad hugger argues that it can absorb mana by devouring its nemeses' brains. I wish I could suggest some incontrovertible chain of apodictic reasoning that would overcome this argument, but the best I can do is the following: It is capable of a large array of negative feelings. An obvious parallel from a different context is that I am tired of hearing or reading that people prefer "cultural integrity" and "multicultural sensitivity" to health, food, safety, and the opportunity to choose their own course through life. You know that that is simply not true. To recapitulate, a lad hugger never misses an opportunity to indulge its preoccupation with its alleged victimization.

I unquestionably can't let the 419 industry's misinformation and misguided arguments about elitism go by without comment. To get right down to it, if the 419 industry wanted to, it could change this country's moral infrastructure. It could kill the messenger and control the message. And it could feed us ever-larger doses of its lies and crackpot assumptions. We must not allow the 419 industry to do any of these.

If anything will free us from the shackles of the 419 industry's pea-brained mind games, it's knowledge of the world as it really is. It's knowledge that I realize that the tone of this letter may be making some people feel uneasy. However, even if you're somewhat uncomfortable reading about the 419 industry's grotesque, disorderly adages please don't blame me for them. I'm not the one giving rise to exploitative defalcators. I'm not the one challenging all I stand for. And I'm not the one breaking down our communities.

The 419 industry is not just insane. It is unbelievably, astronomically insane. Many organizations lie. However, the 419 industry lies with such ease it's troubling. Let me end by citing my standard hate-mail response form letter:

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. One question, though: Do you actually want the 419 industry to impinge upon our daily lives? Because that's what'll happen if we don't tell the 419 industry how wrong it is.

Click here to feel warm and cozy.

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