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 My new girl friends a cop

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Well this one's a bit different. Turns out "Sweet young thing's" a policeman, with a gun, so it must be genuine.
The IP's also a bit of a jumble [see below] Perhaps others can find something else.
Then she tells us she's from Poland. Stranger and stranger

here's it's first script,
script 1

Hello!!! How are you? Thanks for your letter! I expected it!!! I really have not enough time to speak on a site. Well Let's begin ours e-mail acquaintance As you already know, that mine Name Tasha. But it not my true name, it my nickname in The Internet. My name Tany. Certainly, I love more, when me Name Tasha because so I name close people. I want, that you sent me also some photos you. Agree, what it is more interesting to communicate and receive a photo? Will be Remarkably to have your photo on my computer, and to look at you More often. I will wait it. It is a pity, but I really have few photo on my computer. I will try To thicket to please to you with new photos. Well? I will send some photo with this letter. Inform me necessarily comment. Do not hesitate, Because I love compliments!!! I am assured, that I wish to learn you better! I will tell to you not much about me. I not I go in for sports at leisure because it is my second work. Certainly, I love sports and itself very sports person. In the free Time I like to walk in park, for me the season and weather is not important. I think that employment this very good and useful to health. Sometimes it is necessary to have a rest from dirty city air and to leave on the nature! Sometimes when it turns out, I happen on picnics to my girlfriends on the nature. I love animals. Especially I love cats and dogs. I have three dogs which live on my summer residence. In cold time they live at my place. You love cats? Right now on my knees I sits Cat Tomis also helps me to write you the letter:)) It will be good, if you Tell to me more about your hobby? You like to read Books? You prefer what literature? I love detectives and books about Psychology. Well, I think, that I will stop to write this letter. I think that in Following time I will tell to you more about my family and about why I search Relations on the Internet! It will be interesting to you to learn it? If it is interesting That I will necessarily tell to you it.

script 2

hello again Rod How are you doing I think that all well! I am glad, that you have written to me. All this time I thought, whether I will be interesting To you or not Now I am happy, because have received your letter!!! I am happy to continuation of our acquaintance. I could not be registered on Site of acquaintances from my city and the country, therefore I had to specify another sites. I hope, what you can understand it You have no problems with it You have really liked me and for me has no basic Values in what country you live, I necessarily would write to you. From your history Rod, I have not much learnt you better. You seem To me very good, romantic and kind man! Thanks for the good And the interesting letter, I with the big attention and interest read it! I think that you the good and interesting interlocutor. I think, that we Really we have much in common and to us it will be easy in dialogue the friend with The friend. I am glad, that our dialogue begins well! It is a pity, of course, that you Rod, have not sent me your photo. I think, that You have simply forgotten it to make? I will wait your photo with your following The letter. I very much wish to have your photo on my computer! Well Rod, now I want to tell to you that I search and for what have decided to place mine profile on the Internet. I search for love, attention, care, trust ; I search for the favourite person for wedding and serious relations. If I shall grow fond of the person I is ready to go in any part of the world what to be near to him. I cannot explain to you that has forced to look me at you. It was feeling inside me that you are the correct person, I was possible which man searched. On my nature I love adventurous acts. I do not search for the man From my country, I want another. I think that you have arrived to the Internet behind that Well Rod, now I wish to tell to you more about me, about mine Lives. I promised to you to make it in my last letter. I was born and I live in the city of Warsaw. My birthday on February, 22nd, 1979. My favourite colour red and dark blue. I adore dark blue colour. I work on two works at once. Give I will tell to you more in detail about my work in the following letter. OK Rod, now I wish to tell to you more about my family. A name My mum Maria. A name of my father Tomash. Last years I very much Seldom I see my father. My parents have divorced, when I was 12 years old and After that my father has left to live in city Valim. I have no native brothers and sisters, But I have much Cousins who live in different cities of Poland, therefore I seldom see Them. I live with mum and very much I love her because it is the closest for Me the person. To us it was very heavy, after the father has left in Other city, but after a while we have got used to it. When I There was small I have been very offended on the father because thought, that he Has thrown us. Now certainly I understand and I am not angry with him. In a life There are different cases and sometimes people cannot live together. My father Never forgot us and always helped my mum when it was It is necessary. Thanks to my daddy we lived well, and I have received the good formation. Rod, it will be good if you tell more about yours To family and native It is interesting to me to learn it! I search kind, loving, reliable for the man. It should be the clever, interesting interlocutor, with sense of humour. The age, colour of hair, a figure not so are important for me, as his care, character and the serious relation to a marriage. I shall wait for your Rod, letter with impatience. With best regards Tatsiana

script 3

Hello Rod How are you doing I'm fine! I very much It is happy, to receive your letter again. I very much very much very much like to read Your letters!!! For me already the good tradition to see your letter And to write the answer. I am glad, that we have remarkable and constructive Dialogue. Your letter the big pleasure for me. I always test pleasant excitement before check of my mail box, Also it is very glad, when I see your letter! I am glad that you have told to me a lot of new, And interesting! Rod, you the good interlocutor. To me to like to communicate with you. Let's enjoy studying each other. I promised to you to tell about To my work and now I will tell it to you. After leaving school I Has arrived in legal institute. I studied five years and now I I work as the officer in special branch of police of my city. To me To like my work, and I have chosen this work not casually. I have solved To continue good tradition of my family. My father and the grandfather also Work in police all life. Rod, to you probably it is difficult To present it, but I really know receptions in karate and well I shoot from Pistol. At institute I always had good estimations on educational To shooting. Certainly, it was only a practical training, my work Only consists in paper affairs and card files of criminals. I work The chief of criminal department. I am engaged in gathering Data on the prospective criminal. In archive of my computer To contain it is a lot of affairs, a photo and prints of fingers of criminals and when It is necessary to me address for the necessary information. Also at me Good talent for drawing, on the computer I make the photodescription The prospective criminal under the description of the victim. I the good artist, this my hobby and work! In the childhood I very much loved To be engaged in painting, and had the big talent for it. Certainly, I understood, > That in Poland very much it is not profitable to be the artist, and it is impossible to live only One drawing, therefore I have decided to leave it only my hobby. Rod, with this letter I will send you some my photo Visitings of the remarkable city of Vladislavovo! This city very good resort and vacation spot in Poland! I had remarkable time there. This city is located on Baltiysk coast. Rod, What you think of my work For me it is interesting to learn it! Here many people cautiously and care concern me when learn that I I work in police. For me it very much is not clear, because I kind And the sociable person. Now I wish to tell to you about my the second To work which is in basic my hobby. Certainly, you understand, That I have chosen this work not casually. At school I have begun Seriously to take a great interest in dances. Now besides my basic work I I work as the teacher of different dances. I love as modern style, and To the classic. Rod, you know the Latin American dances 3 times in A week in the evenings I am engaged in this work. I come to the sports > Club where lessons on fitness and aerobics also are conducted. I adore mine Work and always with impatience I wait for evening when I go to the sports Club. I think, that you understand, that I very occupied the person and at me There is not a lot of time which I can spend houses at the computer, But I always try to write to you at once! Rod, I want, that You also have told to me more about your work For me will be It is interesting to receive particulars of it. Also I wish to ask you much Questions in this letter because me much interests, and I want To learn you it is better. I think, that you also learn a lot of new about me! Well, now my questions for you. You prefer what perfume You Love something aggressive or soft? I prefer gentle aromas, My favourite aroma French perfume Purblanka. You love what clothes Also what dress is more often? Certainly, for work I prefer to carry Classical suit trousers or a skirt. I do not put on the special The police form because I work in department where it is not obligatory To do. I do not watch a fashion and I like to put on, as to me to like. More often I prefer jeans and a jacket. Rod, what your physical You consider feature as the best I think, that my best physical Feature is my eyes. Eyes it is a mirror of soul of the person. Only Having looked in eyes to the person, it is possible to learn much about it. Certainly, I consider That I have very appetizing breast also!!! How much money is important for You For me money it only necessary possibility to To existence, it is social necessity! For me always very sadly to learn on work on What awful crimes are ready people only because of money. I do Money and career by my vital aspiration. For me on much more important My family, creative realisation of my energy and the future happy Family! You have an allergy and especially on some products I not I have. In what mood you happen more often Usually I very cheerful And quiet. It is really necessary to try very strongly that To cause in me negative emotions. I do not love conflicts and I try Always quickly to reconcile. In what mood you usually happen in the morning Sometimes certainly it would be desirable to forget about work and to > remain to sleep, but I I understand, that it is necessary and I rise. After a cup of good coffee to me Happens on much better, and morning begins well! You love coffee What You are ready to forgive acts, and what are not present can forgive any Acts except treachery and a deceit. I the fair and devoted person and I do not love when me deceive. If you would win one million Dollars in a lottery, what you would make with this money I think, that These are very easy money which are earned without effort and consequently them It is possible also easily and without a regret to spend. I would not > began to spend these Money for purchase (cars, yachts, houses or something another, me To like my life and I do not search for riches and luxury! On this money I Would make something useful to a society. For example, would give these Money for the charitable purposes. Well Rod, I will be To stop to write this letter. I hope that I have not tired you with mine And you will answer with questions them fairly, also as it was made by me! I will be To wait. I wish good day. Your Polish girlfriend Tatsiana.

Header info.


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jneqFW0QuMGlwwf5Rq/yX0to8bvnB9NRljZnR4KdMTwkpun+FC3g0O4lSibeNVCZxcNk+izDPyIhYi+2owrQ= ;
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Tomis has helped with other letters. appears to be a socks proxy

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Nice find Stepan.

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