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 Your girl Natalya!!!

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inetnum: -
descr: ZAO "Company "ER-Telecom" Yoshkar-Ola
descr: Enterprise customers (PPPoE)
country: RU
admin-c: ETHD12-RIPE
tech-c: ETHD12-RIPE
remarks: INFRA-AW
status: ASSIGNED PA "status:" definitions
mnt-by: RAID-MNT
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: Network Operation Center CJSC ER-Telecom Company Mari El branch
address: 12, Lenina st., 424000, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia
phone: +7 8362 210035
fax-no: +7 8362 210035
e-mail: [email protected]
admin-c: SMS68-RIPE
tech-c: ALB49-RIPE
tech-c: AVA89-RIPE
nic-hdl: ETHD12-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered

All below are scripts,two emails from me were so short.... Confused

Hello my new friend!!!!!!
Thanks for the letter. For me very important that you write me.
I search man, who can be very good and interesting company for me and also
I am free and I am not marry, so I will be happy if relations will
have continuer in the future.
I have dream to visit your country and I have thoughts that I want to have there
close friend, that is why I asked marriage agency to help me to find man in your country,
and I really don't know how they make this, it is secret of agency, but I received your
address, I decided to write you!
I would like that you find out about me more. My name is Natalya. I am 27 years.
Mine height is 170 centimeters, weight is 54 kgs. I was born and has raised in small
Russian town Yaransk and I still live here.
I do not have parents. They died. I have only cousin, his age is 28 and he lives quite far from
me, in another city. I shall tell you about him and his family later.
Here in Russia all people study at school 10 years, and I made the same, and after
school I decided to study at University, for this I went in big city Kirov,
I received good profession, I am economist and also I have some knowledge in legal issues.
After University I came back in my town and I received here job in one firm, which
delivers wood.
My firm communicated with manufacturer and after that search buyer for the wood.
I work such as economist here.
Tell me please about your work, ok?
Do you have big family and a lot of relatives?
Now I live in flat, it has been given to me from my job. I do not smoke, and do not
drink alcohol. I believe that it is pledge of youth, beauty and health. I hope that you
agree with me. I shall help you to learn me.
First of all I want to have good friend in your country and I want we will be friend with you,
but also I have not relations with man here in Russia, because of this I am very lonely,
And I would like to find the man, with who I will feel good,
Who will love and respect me and my opinion. In turn I will care of him,
give him tenderness and love, tenderness and - warmth...
I feel so sad each evening come back in a cold empty flat. In the evenings,
when I do not like to go anywhere I sit in front of the TV, and I look movies and
I am very independent, because since children's years I did and made all by myself. In life I
got used overcome all by myself. No one did not helped me and with all difficulties and
troubles I coped independently.
My dear friend, I like to sew and knit.
I like nature, I am in delight of beauty of stars, brightness of the sun. I
have some principles and I follow them. I will never smoke cigarettes or take any drugs,
because it will be reflected on the health.
My friend, I hope you have not tired to read my letter? Simply I wanted to tell you a little
about me and my life. Please write me if you want to continue our acquaintance. I want to
know more about you. About your habits, friends, place where you live. Please send me some
photos of you, I will save them!
I will wait very much!
Sincerely, yours Natalya!!!!!!


Hi Michel!!!!!

How are you? Today I thought of you. It is very pleasant for me that

you wrote to me again. I am pleased that you want know me better, I think,

that we can be good friends first. I am really interested to learn you


I hope you understood all that I wrote to you. I ask a pardon for my

English. I try to use English without translator, but sometimes if I

do not know the word then I use electronic translator. I shall tell you

something more about me, ok? I never traveled abroad, but every year

I have some free time of work and can have vacations.

I work 6 days in the week.

I work in firm, such as economist, I told you about this already and each

day I come to my work at 8 o'clock am, my work can be busy sometimes because

I count sales, and also I communicate with buyers, my firm receives the

proprices from sale of wood, I am engaged in calculation of charges and incomes.

Even my work is very serious, I am very cheerful person, I love dialogue and I

love when it is fun!

You already know that I have only cousin. His name is Denis and he is married


I do not see him very often because we live in different

city and he has his own personal life. But I am always happy to meet him and his


I would not want to talk about my parents, because they died and when I talk

about this, I start cry...

Do you have many friends?

I have many friends, I think it because of my open and sociable character,

usually I am saying what I think and have on my mind.

I am very open girl. I have good relations with my colleagues.

Most of my friends have their other halfs, but I am still alone. I

tried to find soulmate in my city, but I has not success, I am nice and interesting

girl, but can not find good pair, may be my destiny is find man in another country?

I am really tired to be alone, and you cannot imagine how much it is

awfully - to spend lonely evenings, it is the most boring time for me.

I am really pleased that I have met you in my life.

I want to continue our relations and develop them.

I know that we can be more than friends in the future, all will be fine, right?

I am open for the new in life and I would like to visit your place, because I

understood that I want changes in my life and to sit in this pont now is now for me!

I am one man type and I think, that love is very strong feeling,

I want to find fair person, kind, who is caring and understanding, who will

love me not because of my beauty, but because he will see beauty

inside of me also. I am sure that truth born in our hearts and we always

should listen to them.

But in this moment I don't think about children, because I have not strong relations

with man, I am young girl and I would like to see all, what I never see before.

Culture of your country is very interesting to me. Tell me more

about your city and country please! I would also like to find out

which traits of character you appreciate in women? And which you do

not like and respect so they can push you away?

Well, I am going to end with my letter now... But I shall wait to get

news from you, write to me back soon, ok?

I really want to know you better,

Yours Natalya!!!

Third and she is mine Confused

Good night!!!!
I hope that you are fine! How passed your day? Tell me! Thanks for
your leter, which I have received. It was a big pleasure for me read it!
Yesterday my girlfriend Katerina had a Birthday. We with my girlfriends
visited her at her home. We laughed so much and joked, because all had
a great mood. I looked around and was so glad for myself - I have such
remarkable girlfriends! Kat made a beautiful table and we ate a little
and then we gave our gifts to Kat! She was very delighted with my gift,
because she did not have such soft toy yet in her collection. She likes soft
toys. I am so glad, that I did please her.
But sometimes I am sad for some reasons. I want to meet you very much.
I think of you ever more these days. You constantly are in my ideas. I can't
forget about you even for a minute.
We also watched a video, we have seen beautiful film, which the called
"You've got mail". I very much liked this film! Did you watched it,
my dear? This story about beautiful love between man and woman.. My
impression from this film is that there is similar story of acquaintance
through the Internet! Just as we have! I hope that our correspondence will be
finished same as in that film, and we will meet.
I hope that you do think of me as I do.
I look forward to your reply.
Wish you good day!
Your girl Natalya!!!

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