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 Olga or Natalya Step-over

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is a new delight, Early days yet with only Five replies, It also
goes by the following, name and e-mail address,Natalya Stepanova, [email protected] or there's two or twenty two scammers using the same set of photo's
Refer to Romance scam,
If anyone want's to jump in, Please feel free, it's confirmed as a scammer, Just post any feedback you get.
First scripted reply.
Hi Gordon! I am very glad that you have written to me on mine
e-mail, and for me it was pleasantunexpectedness. I for the first time write to the foreigner, I have no correspondence experience through
the Internet, and I will tell to you in this letter a little about myself. As
you alreadyknow my name Olga, me now 27 years, I live in Russia, in
city Tolyatti. I was born in Tolyatti, dateof my birth on December, 17th, 1981. With me together there lives my father. I do not remember my
mum because she has thrown me and my father when I was 5 years
old. Since then I did not see my mum,and I do not know where she
now lives. I work in cafe, the cook, I help the main cook to cook. I
studied as the cook, my daddy very well is able to cook, and studied
at him since the childhood, andlater I have studied on the cook. I like
to begin that that new, to learn new things. I studiedEnglish language
at school, it was the second language, after Russian, and later when
I have leftschool, I went on an evening school on studying of English language, I knew that when-be to benecessary for me English language, but I did not think that I will correspond with the foreigner,and I am
very happy that studied English language because now I can write to
you and read yourletters. Now I have a little forgotten English language because there has passed time, and I hopethat you will not have problems with understanding of my letter. Gordon I would be very
happy seeyour photos in your next letter, and I hope that you will
send me your photos. I do not know thatelse it is possible for you to
write, this my first letter, and I hope that you too write to me about
you, I would be very glad to read it. I will wait your answer, and I
hope that very soon youwrite to me. Olga from Russia!

2nd reply,
Hi my friend Gordon! I am very happy to receive your new
letter, thanks for your letter, I withpleasure read it. I worried about
that that I can it is not pleasant to you, and you will not writeto me
more. I am very glad that you have written me the answer. Today
I have come home got tired, Iwork in cafe every day, we do not have days off, and sometimes I take free days. Today I had aworking day when I went home, I thought of you, and I very much would like that
you have written tome, and now I read your letter, and I write you the answer. The computer to me was presented by mydaddy, on my
birthday when to me 27 years were executed, but at me was not before the Internet, andI have connected it two weeks ago. To search for the man on the Internet to me my cousin, his nameOleg has advised, he
has told to me that has got acquainted with the wife on the Internet, she livedin Moscow, and after some time of their correspondence, they have decided to meet, and she hasarrived to my cousin on a visit, and after a while they have decided to get married. I did not beginto search for the man in Russia because I always would like to get acquainted with the foreigner,and now I write you the letter, and I am very glad that we
have begun our acquaintance. I named youmy friend, and I hope that
I have not confused you with these words. I search for serious relations,but I know that in relations the friendship is very important,
you agree with me? I the open andrectilinear person and consequently I write you all it, I write that that I think, I want that youcould understand what I the person and learn me better, and I hope that you are glad to read thatthat of my life. I in this letter wished as to tell about my father.
A name of my father Pavel. Tohim now 53 years. He the military man, and he very seldom happens at home, him often send inbusiness trips. Now him too is not present the house, he has left in other city. My father very kindperson, and fair, and I am very grateful to him. He has grown
up me, and always helped me, and I amvery happy that I have such father. I send you a photo where I and my father, we are on hisbirthday, we celebrated it at restaurant, at me it is a lot of relatives, and I hope
that you willbe glad to receive this a photo. I will finish my letter, and I with impatience will wait yourfollowing letter. Your new friend Olga.

3rd reply
Hi dear Gordon I with pleasure read your new letter today. How you feel today? What at you new? Ihope that you will not be confused
by that that I named you today dear. I am really very happy thatI
have got acquainted with you though even through the Internet, but I think that you very goodperson, and for me kindness likely one of the main qualities in the man. I wish to describe to youmy character. I already said to you, that I the direct person, I speak that about what I think, andI always speak the truth. I simply am not able to say lies.
Since the childhood my daddy said to me,that the deceit and lie is the most bad qualities which are at the person. You agree with me? Youcan describe to me your character? Continuing my letter I wished to tell to you, that you become forme dear person, and it is the truth. I became adhered to you. Each free minute I go to the computerto re-read your letter, let even it is simple letters, but for me your letters became very dear. Atme two years was not the relation. Very few people knows
about it, but I have decided to speak toyou about it because I think
that I can trust you. I had serious relations with the guy who was my
age, and I will tell to you about these relations in my following letter. If you want, you too canwrite to me about your last relations. I finish my letter on these words, and I have applied two myphotos, I hope that
you will be glad to see my new photos. On one of a photo I with my dog, a nameof dog Vulkan, I named so a dog because when the dog was still
a puppy, was very bright and quick,and liked to play, Vulkan it in Russian, in translation it will be the Volcano. The truth an amusingname? On the second photo I walked with my girlfriend. I hope that you with pleasure will read myletter, and to look at my photos, and I will wait your new letter. Your Olga!

4th reply,
Hi my dear Gordon!!! How are you? How your mood today? At
me very good mood, and it after I havereceived your letter. I know that
if I do not receive your letters, I will worry very much aboutyou. But I have received your letter, and I with pleasure read it, and I write you
the answer. Myday was today usual, and only your letter for me that
that new in today. Gordon I studied Englishlanguage at school, and
further I visited an evening school on studying of English language. In mylast letter I have written to you, that I will tell about my last relations.
I hope that you yoursfaithfully will concern my letter, and will read it
and if to you something is not clear, you canask me, and I will answer.
I will begin that I have got acquainted with the guy in a disco, himcalled Andrey. I have fallen in love at first sight, and I think that it was my biggest mistake. Isuch, I trust in love at first sight, and I know that it really by the experience. After therelation which two years already
lasted, I began to notice, that my guy began to pay seldom to meattention, and our dialogue was very strained. I have started to suspect, that he whom that meets,and I was not mistaken, in one day
I have seen this guy with the girl whom I do not know, I have
approached to them, he was in a shock, and nothing a smog to me explains. My heart has been broken,because I trusted this guy, he has come to me, and has told that he has fallen in love with thisgirl, but did not wish to speak to me about it, I have told to him while, and I am
more than him didnot meet. I do not condemn him. But me it was very bad, and after that has already passed two years,but at me was not serious the relation because I am afraid will trust in men. I spoke that
this guywas my age, now me relations with guys of my age do not interest, I search for the man who isskilled in a life, and is much wiser than I, I search for the man who is more senior me on age, andit is
one of the reasons on which I have chosen you. I think that I on it will finish my letter, andI hope that you will not get tired of perusal of my letter, I as have usually applied two my photos,it is a photo me on a summer residence, we have a summer residence out of a city where I and mydaddy we have a rest in the summer. I will wait your answer. Your Olga!

5th reply
Hi Gordon!!! Forgive me for that that I write to you only today.
I could not write to you earlierbecause I had problems with the Internet, and only today to me workers Internet Service Providerhave come,
and have made to me the Internet. I have sat down at once for the computer, and I writenow you the letter. How are you? What do you
do today? I in this week-end had the usual working daysin cafe, and today at me free day from work. I am going to go today with my
girlfriend to walk, atus in a city very good weather. I hope that at
you too good weather. I very much miss you and yourletters, and
I am very happy that I can to read your letter today, and to write to
you. I hope thatyou are not offended on me. I on it will finish my letter, and I will wait your answer. Your Olga!

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IP shows the following

Quote: Russian Federation (Moscow)* United States (Westerville)*

81 shows as Moscow, Moskva
75 shows as Pickerington, Ohio.


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