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419Eater is my life

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I was doing some light reading in the Nigerian online newspaper, and I came across some things. I thought I'd share them, as you never know what you can use for your baits! The last story is about a 419 scam, the others just about other fraud. Enjoy!

Police operatives in Lagos are currently quizzing 21 years old girl, Chidimma Nwabueze, to ascertain if she actually connived with some fraudsters to fleece her employers, Fab Limited, Apapa, Lagos, the sum of N800, 000.
The suspect had lost the money to the fraudsters, who allegedly brainwashed her, promising to launch her into the millionaires club, by giving her the sum of N150 million in return.

Daily Sun gathered that the N800, 000 was given to her by her employers, to deposit in a Bank which shares the same building with the company, before she met the fraudsters, who told her she could become a millionaire by first, parting with the money.

The suspect from Anambra state, was arrested by police detectives from Apapa Division, after the matter was reported. But the suspect denied stealing the money, saying she only wanted to use it to make extra N150 million for herself. The fraudsters were said to have shown her some fake dollars packed in two cartons and told her they needed some local currencies to settle some bills before giving her, her own share of the foreign currency, an equivalent of N150 million.

Narrating her ordeals in the hands of the fraudsters, Nwabueze said she was given the money to deposit in the bank, adding that she decided to take it to some men and a strange woman she met in a taxi the previous day.

By her own account, she had boarded a taxi at Sanya bus stop on Oshodi-Apapa expressway and was going to Apapa, before she met a lady in the car, who claimed she had no local currency to pay her fare.
The suspect said she had to pay the taxi fare for her. She said the driver later parked the car, alighted, opened the boot and later came to tell her that the strange woman had some dollars packed in two cartons.

She explained that the strange woman later told her she was a prostitute, who wanted to get married to one Alhaji, who she said, usually beat her up at every slightest provocation.
According to the suspect, the woman told her that the Alhaji returned home one day with a white man and a dog. She claimed they asked her to have sex with the dog, which she resisted, adding that it was the beginning of her problem.

She claimed that it was when the two men left the house that she decided to carry out a search and in the process, discovered the dollars stacked in a cupboard.

The driver and two other men in the car said they decided to go out of the house to share the money.
According to her, the woman told her that Alhaji was a wicked man, who was involved in fetish things, adding that it was the reason for deciding to neutralize the evil spirit in the dollars before sharing it.
The fraudsters allegedly took Chidimma to a ‘Spiritual Home,’ where they swore an oath not to reveal any secret to anyone, threatening that whoever did it would die six days later.

They driver, who turned out to be a member of the syndicate, allegedly told her and his accomplices, who feigned ignorance to bring the money which he claimed was to be mixed with the dollars to neutralize the evil powers in it. A member of the syndicate, identified as Emeka, was said to have waited for her at the Federal junction, while they boarded mounted a motorcycle to the shrine. “They said my own share would be N150 million but that I should bring large sum of money for the exercise. After receiving the money from me in his shrine at Iyana Ayobo, the ‘spiritualist’ told others to produce Bar Beach water, while he told me to buy sachet water at Oshodi.”

“I did so, but when I got to the Federal junction, Iyana Ayobo, I made a call at a business center, because they collected our handsets. When I called the ‘spiritualist’, he told me to go and fast for fourteen days while he went to the mountain to pray. That was when I realized that I have been duped,” she lamented.

And another story:

It was a day of reckoning for a suspected fraudster, who allegedly duped banks of several millions of naira as he has been arrested by the police.

The suspect, James Akpan Etim, who had been on the wanted list of the police was arrested recently at the premises of a new generation bank (name withheld), which earlier reported that the suspect defrauded it to the tune of N200 million.

The suspect, however, gave the name of Obembe as the leader of the syndicate, which specialized in hijacking peoples dividend warrants and return bank warrants.

It was gathered that the syndicate had already defrauded many banks several millions of naira before nemesis caught up with him when he went the bank to withdraw large sum of money.
Staff of the bank were said to have found out that the suspect opened three separate accounts, with different names but with the same passport photograph. They later contacted policemen who came to arrest him.

When the suspect was brought to the office of the Police Public Relations Officer, Oduduwa Crescent, he turned out to be the person the police had earlier declared wanted.
He initially denied any knowledge of the allegation, it was Obembe who led the gang, he said. He confessed how the syndicate defrauded many banks.

The Lagos State police spokesman, Mr. Frank Mba, told Daily Sun that the suspect had been on the wanted list of police, for sometime, adding that luck ran out on him when a vigilant staff of a new generation bank became suspicious of his activities and alerted the police.
He said: “We must arrest all the suspects involved in the fraud, as they are fraudsters, who have duped several banks of money running into millions.”

He said their mode of operation was to connive with some insiders of the banks, who assisted them to intercept share holders’ dividend warrants and some returned share warrants.
He said the case was still being investigated, adding that those involved in the fraud would be prosecuted.

And this:

•World Bank chief reveals how he was defrauded and the EFCC intervention
Thursday, May 1 , 2008
Photo: Sun News Publishing
More Stories on This Section

When Mr. Ishmael Lightbourne, executive director of the World Bank, ran into a traditional ruler who goes by the name ‘Mustapha,’ abroad and learnt that the latter was a ‘diplomat,’ he could have counted his luck.

This was even more so as the ‘diplomat’ told him he had some business connections in South Africa, Ghana and Mali and wanted a partnership to explore them.

Lightbourne, who wanted to make investment in Africa, had jumped at the offer, perhaps hoping that the friendship of a ‘diplomat’ would be worth the while. Unfortunately, he miscalculated, as ‘Mustapha’ milked him dry. Not even his training as accountant and a chartered accountant, for that matter, raised his antenna to know that he had entered into the trap of a fraudster or what is called ‘419’ in local parlance.

Before his eyes were opened to the fraudster’s game, he had lost $1.4 million.
However, luck did not desert Lightbourne totally. He shouted to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which came to his rescue. So far, the EFCC has recovered some money from the fraudster, which was given back to the World Bank chief. The anti-graft commission has also promised to recover all the money involved and return same to him.

Lightbourne spoke to Daily Sun on his experience and the EFCC intervention. He is full of praise for the anti-graft commission for its professionalism. He also sets an agenda for the Federal Government in the fight against corruption.

How and when did you get involved with ‘Mustapha,’ who eventually duped you?
A friend introduced me to Mustapha from Africa, who wanted my assistance, financial and otherwise, on a transaction he was engaged in. I met Mustapha personally, in the summer of 2002 and he represented himself as a career diplomat for Nigeria with involvement in South Africa, Ghana and Mali. He invited me to become involve in a mineral and mining venture in Ghana. I was introduced to the Chairman of the Ghana Mining Corporation, with a view to becoming involved in investments in the mining and extractive industry.

How much was involved?
Over the period of about two years, 2002 to 2004, I transferred approximately US$1.4 million to Mustapha.

How much has the EFCC recovered?
I learnt through my legal representatives in Nigeria that the EFCC has recovered approximately US$800,000 in assets from Mustapha and others of his associates. However, I have not yet received a direct confirmation from the EFCC in this respect. However, through Mr. Lamorde, who was then director for the EFCC, I received a total of US$80,000 between 2004 and 2005. I have not received anything thereafter, but I am hopeful that once the case against Mustapha is concluded, there would be the possibility of a substantial distribution in the near future.

What is your level of confidence in the EFCC, especially now that Lamorde has taken over?
To my knowledge, Mr. Lamorde's involvement in this matter commenced around December 2004, at which time he notified me that the EFCC was investigating the fraudulent activities of Mustapha and urged me to cooperate with his investigation. I provided documentary evidence of the payments made to Mustapha for investment purposes and he promised that the money would be recovered and returned. I have had communications with Mr. Lamorde several times during the past four years, in his capacity as director of the EFCC and he has always assured me that once the court case is concluded, the funds already recovered would be returned.

I accept his assurance entirely and because he is thoroughly familiar with my case and now in his capacity as acting Chairman of the EFCC, I am even more convinced that once the case is successfully completed, the funds would be returned.

What is your view about the recent Nigeria's position on Rule of law and fight against corruption?
The country of Nigeria has suffered greatly in the eyes of the international community because there is a perception that fraudulent practices are rampant, not only within the country itself, but in the aggressive and relentless practice of some of its citizens to fraudulently manipulate people from any country. This certainly is not a good reputation for a country to have and certainly, should not be the kind of reputation that the Nigerian citizens would want its beloved country to have. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon the Nigerian government to not only establish but also implement the rule of law to fight the ugly scars of corruption and to restore the good name of its country.

Based on your experiences with the "419" dupes in Nigeria, what lessons have you learnt?
I still receive many scam communications via e-mail, fax and ordinary mail. I have learnt from bitter experience and from the several documentaries that have been shown on the ‘419’ scams to stay as far away as possible from this unlawful and dangerous business.

What assurances has the EFCC given you to recover fully your money?
I have received assurances from the EFCC from time to time that it would make every effort to recover my money. The process has been long and sometimes I have felt that the goal would not be accomplished. I was particularly concerned with the fact that my repeated request of the EFCC to disclose exactly the amount of money they have recovered so far has gone unanswered. But I have not lost hope and now with Mr. Lamorde's elevation to the position of acting Chairman of the EFCC I have even greater expectation of a substantial recovery of my funds.

What is your advice to Nigerian government in her war against corruption?
The Nigerian government is the custodian or the trustee of the good name of the people and country. It, therefore, has a representative and responsibility to vigorously promote and uphold the good name of Nigeria and to implement measures to eradicate corruption for the sake of its own citizenry and to rid the rest of the world of this menacing problem.

The country should continue to fight corruption both at home and abroad and to work assiduously to build strong institutions and citizens of good character and to raise the national consciousness to fight against corruption in all forms and places. The government should establish good governance in all government institutions and to urge its citizens and private sector corporations to do the same.
It should also practise the golden rule: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’

What connection do you have with Global Society for Anti-corruption?
I am deeply indebted to the heroic and bold efforts of the NGO, Global Society For Anti-Corruption; its President, Frank Ezeona and others in the organization for their hard, unselfish and untiring work to rid Nigeria of corruption. I am grateful for their efforts to restore money and property to those, like myself, who have been defrauded. The government and people of Nigeria also owe the organization a debt of gratitude because of their work to rid Nigeria of corruption and establish good governance and the rule of law. Unfortunately, this organization needs more recruits and needs greater funding from the public and the government, if it is to carry on its noble mission to banish corruption and to restore stolen property to their rightful owners.

The group’s president has been particularly strong and diligent in representing me sometimes without the proper funding. He has kept me informed about every new development in the case and has given honourable and professional representation so far. For this, I am truly grateful.

well i really don't no wat ass to say to u than telling u that u own me - Paul

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some interesting finds here Jasper... I love the way African journalism and reporting differs so much from what we are used to.

Keep reading those papers...

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419Eater is my life

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Now where did the daughter of a mermaid swim off to? I have an article for you!!! Shocked Wink

I'm in a mermaid cult, but I also believe in Jesus
Wednesday, July 4, 2007

• Stella Kalu
Photo: Sun News Publishing
More Stories on this Section
Dr (Mrs.) Stella Kalu, Ozonanze Queen (Eze nwanyi) believes that practice of native medicine is inborn and not learnt. She said that native doctors are meant to save and not to destroy lives.
Herbalist traditional medicine

Roots and herbs are gifts from God. God created roots and herbs for human consumption and the practice is as old as man. Our ancestors used roots and herbs and they lived longer than people of today. You don’t need to go and learn how to practise native medicine, it is inherited. It runs in the family. I inherited native medicine practice from my ancestors.

It all started when I was a child, about three years old. I used to follow my grandfather to his shrine and whenever we went there, I told him to give me his ofo so that I would use it to consult the oracle and he would restrain me, saying it was not yet my time. Roots and herbs were always revealed to me in my dream.

It all started when we lived in Enugu where I was a hotelier and my hotel business was booming. I used to have money which I didn’t normally know the source. Though in my dreams, I was always shown roots and herbs which I did not accept. Then, we used to attend Sabbath church in Abakpa Nike, Enugu. It was when my children started dying and I had problem of conception that I was told in my church that my problem was caused by a marine spirit.

I lost my son and the second one was sick to a point of death. We took him to hospital and he did not respond to all medications given to him. The doctor, a white man, told us that his ailment was spiritual, that we should try native medicine. My landlord was not happy because we just packed in, so he took us to one native doctor.

While at the native doctor’s shrine, as the treatment for my child was going on, I fainted. And the native doctor said that I was possessed with marine spirit and that I should not conceive again until I was through with my native initiation. She requested I should bring a white basin, seven packets of candle, plastic buckets, cup, incense and plates, which I brought.

After four months, I took in but when the pregnancy was eight months-old, I was sick. I had a swollen body. I didn’t go to toilet. I couldn’t urinate, no food. The only thing I saw were stars in every corner of my room and my head kept on turning. My husband asked me why I was constantly turning my head? I would ask him if he saw stars in the room? I saw little children singing and clapping their hands, saying it was time for me to die.

They placed a coffin before me, which I rejected. They brought a gold coffin which I accepted and even lay in it. My hotel business started going down. If I cooked soup and other delicacies after some minutes they would go sour. All the bags of garri, rice and beans I bought became rotten instantly. This kept happening until I had no money to continue and I had to stop. After two weeks of my initiation into marine spirit (Owu mmiri) I gave birth to my son, Ozoemenam.

Relationship with God
I have a strong relationship with my God. I believe in God Almighty, I believe in Jesus Christ. I do call God Almighty before treating anybody. I read the Bible and I do pray with my family. I do go to church, it is only that Christians segregate a lot. If you go to church, they will begin to think otherwise, for that I decided not to go to church again, for it is better for me to be on my own. I do welcome people on evangelism and we share the word of God together. The work I am doing is for God, I help people who are sick or has one problem or the other I don’t kill or do wickedness to people.

Native doctors
Native medicine is natural; it is not learnt. It is like a gift. If you are gifted in the use of roots and herbs to cure sickness, you will be seeing it in your dream. I was always shown roots and herbs with their names in the dream which I always wake up to write down. Like in my case, I inherited it from my grandfather; it runs in our family.

We have two types of native doctors – those that are born to be native doctors and those we called Dibia Oti Nkume. They are the ones who learn how to practise herbs and roots and they are also into wickedness. A good native doctor will always have his/her ofo, nzu and odo, which signify peace. You don’t need to practise evil.

Mode of worship
I belong to White Star mermaid cult (owu mmiri) where I am the secretary and when we are going for an outing, we normally dress in white/red George with white blouse, cowries bead, ofo, nzu na odo, powder, scent, kolanut (oji), alligator pepper (ose oji) and if you have your serpent you can carry it along with you. And before you do any work for a person, you must consult the spirit (itu ogu/ikpatu owa).

Area of speciality
I help women who are looking for the fruit of the womb. Men who are infertile maybe as a result of low sperm count or they contracted disease, like gonorrhea, syphilis which was not treated. I give them herbs and roots. Some women have fibroids and I do give them roots and herbs; children’s convulsion, people looking for good luck, women who are disturbed by marine spirit, ogbanje, in fact, people who have one problem or the other do come to me for help.


well i really don't no wat ass to say to u than telling u that u own me - Paul

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