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 My very first love lad - Ongoing

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Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:03 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've stayed out of the shark infested waters of the love lad pool. but when a lad with the unlikely name of appeared, I had to jump in and take the plunge.

So, in comes Dirk Pitt, adventurer extraordinare, and sea lover.

This is an ongoing bait, and any hints, tips and tricks would be much appreciated as I attempt to chart this unknown course.

(Okay, I'll stop with the nautical theme).

Bog standard love scam letter in the forums

Me in quotes
Them in Dark Blue - name changed to protect the bait

My dear Nazzie

I got your email and I'm honoured that you'd write to me. What would you like to know about me?

Hello my new friend Dirk

You, excuse me, that I so long did not write to you, simply I had a problem, and I hope, that you write to me.

It is very pleasant to me to receive your letter. I am glad that you could to answer me. Now I shall tell a little about myself. My name Nazzie.

I was born to Russia, city Zvenigovo. Zvenigovo very beautiful city, city with historical constructions and very wonderful architecture, with the unique and unusual nature. I not shall while describe the childhood, for me it very hard, hard to recollect it. I shall tell to you a little later, in following letters. I have finished high school perfectly well, have then entered the university, on faculty of foreign languages.

Where studied English language, but also French much. I very much liked to study, was pleasant, an atmosphere at university such amicable rallied, I was surrounded with very good people. At university I took a great interest in different sciences. I very much loved psychology, you possibly read Deil Kornegi. I very much liked to study history, history of the countries of the Western Europe. When I studied it, I plunged into that world, the world of the past, but it for me was as the present. But I only acted in a role of the spectator. The history as any science shows gives reflection above achievements of mankind, above mistakes of people, politicians, chapters of the states. At university I very much liked to play the big tennis. I remember that every week visited this club.Yes, the university life to me was remembered for all life, the many-sided nature, a variety. When I have finished university I have understood that the world, the world is already opened for me, opened, and there has come freedom, freedom of a choice of. I have got a job, the teacher of foreign languages. To me very much to like to learn people to languages when I learn, I think that already one person begins more which can already communicate with other people in this language. But my wages not so high, probably only because in Russia have not learned while to respect with work of teachers and teachers, it is heavy and a honest work. But I try to earn additionally the tutor on English language sometimes. At leisure I like to visit cinema, theatres, I like to go to walk with girlfriends on park and squares. I like to speak on different vital themes, to argue, think and communicate it so important in sew lives. Two times a week I go on aerobics and to pool to hold the figure in a good condition and at me it it turns out, as I think. My time passes remarkably, but I am frequent began reflect about the person which to me is necessary, necessary as my soul. To me so at times hard and sadly, that I one and at me is not present there is no gentle and kind support, there is no lovely person. And now I write this letter to you and to me it becomes already easier, easier, because who knows that at us will turn out, but it is already important that we have found each other... I can tell still much all to you, but I think that I shall tell to you it already in the following letter.

Now you tell about yourself, tell about the childhood, about the life where you studied, tell about parents. It will be very interesting to me to listen to you, and your life.

I shall look forward to your prompt reply my dear Dirk

Sincerely Nazzie

Dear Nazzie

Its good to hear from you, and I'm glad to hear that you're well. What can I tell you about me? My name is Dirk Pitt, and I work for NUMA as a Special Projects Manager. At the moment, I am sitting on the deck of a research vessel off the coast of Hawaii, enjoying the sunshine. I love my job.

There's really nothing much interesting to say about me, what sort of things did you want to know? I'm not used to talking about myself.

Oh, and my friend Al says hi, and that he likes your pictures.


Dirk Pitt

Hello my dear friend Dirk

I am very pleased to receive your letter so fast. How wonderful that we started communicating with you. I am so interested to know about you all, all because of you, and your life. But I want to continue the story of my life. I think you know this is very interesting. What's the girl you start to communicate.

Perhaps you could ask me a question, why did you start to get acquainted through the Internet. I just recently learned that through the Internet can find their love, their dreams and human life, its second half. I learned it from his best friend. My girlfriend works in a very heavily Tourist firm in Zvenigovo, and she told me that through the Internet, many women find their love, their very nice person. So I decided to try, try to find to find their love. Certainly in my city a lot of fans I have. But I'm not interested in these people. I was beginning to annoy people, men, men who want only sex, and therefore I can not find host city of this man with feelings, with Lascoux, with the most beautiful emotions and with great heart. I have a peculiar psychological barrier there, my mother threw my father when I was still quite small.

Therefore, I am afraid that I'm afraid of dating in Russia with some person that I was also cast. And I will be the same plight as my mom. And so I want to find the man, a man not from Russia, I want to find a person overseas who has a different view of the world, women and the relationships between women and men. And so I began to search the Internet, I began to look for. Now I am writing to you, write thinking that you can understand me, you can see in me a light, the light you need and because of that I want. For me it is very important, it is important to find anyone who would understand me, appreciated, respected, inspired me, raised me above heaven, I want this. Yes, perhaps it is just as long dream and fantasy, but why not to believe does not believe in the best and good in this world. Faith helps us to help deal with many difficulties and problems.

I am a little bit in that letter even talk about their lives. I have no friends, I have no sisters, no brothers, and it is so difficult, so I am sad. I do not want you to show me that hard, so hard, I feel very strong kind and I do not want to show their tears. I told you because I know what you want is to know.

Please tell me about yourself, about your hobbies, about what you do at work. Tell me about what girls do you like and what you most value in women. I am very interested to hear it. I want to know what you are, as is taking place every day of your ... Tell me ...

The next letter I will tell you more about themselves and their hobbies, about what people surround me at work, I will tell you what you are interested ...

I will wait eagerly for your quick and warm letter.

Yours sincerely Russian girlfriend Nazzie

My dear Nazzie

I am so sorry for not emailing back. My boss needed me to fly back to American sharpish for some goverment project. I'm sure you can understand that I can't tell you any more. But, I'm back, and in another different location, this time off the coast of New Zealand. I love the fact that I get to travel about with my job. I've always loved the ocean, and now I get to spend all my time around it. Its sad though, just what people are doing to the oceans. I spend most of my time trying to figure out what's going wrong somewhere, and trying to fix it. Do you like the ocean?

Look forward to hearing back from you



Hello my dear friend Dirk!

I am madly glad to receive from you the letter, glad to that that at last that has found the person which is interested in my life, me as the person, your letters concern me up to depth of soul, warm heart as it is not strange but I consider that we are close on spirit, I feel between us spiritual communication and very much I hope that you though slightly feel too as I, I shall wait it. In the last letter I wrote to you about the trade if you not against I shall more in detail tell about it.

Still studying at university, I have solved for myself that I shall learn children to foreign languages. You for certain ask why children and I shall answer, that children are the best in this life, children are always open to you, their ideas are pure, they see in me the senior sister, I feel as is necessary to them and I like it. I have written to you about the work, but on past it I wish to tell to you about my daily life. Practically every day I go to walk with the favourite girlfriend. We go to walk on parks, we speak on different themes. Today I have told to the girlfriend that I have got acquainted through the Internet with very interesting and surprising person. My girlfriend was very glad to hear it. It is glad because it madly wants that I have found second half, the love in this world. It wants that in my life there was all very well and happily.

My most gentle friend Dirk I wished to learn from you that you love from music. I very much love vital music, I love music which forces to reflect to think of each word said in a song. You probably heard a song of known executor Kane, this song refers to " Damn those eyes ". This song simply comes the sounds and words into drops of soul. But certainly I can listen and other music,very much much depends on mood, I very much love classical music, Mozart, Beethoven. You possibly heard Beethoven's Lunar sonata, it so beautifully and gently.

I wished to learn very strongly that is pleasant to you in the work, you love the work, you like to be engaged in it. It is interesting to me to learn about what you dreamed when you were the small child. When to me there were 11 years, I dreamed to be the doctor, probably because I wished to do goods to people, I very much love people, probably in our world it sounds as paradox. But I can simply such nature. I consider that each person once was the small child and it dreamed dreamed to change this world, to make its kind and happy and probably for this reason each person in my soul the same small child which sights were kept, but it can already make nothing, it is probable the mission it will assign to the children, and children this miracle, a miracle of the Lord of the God.

Yes, I to you have told that I very much love people. But I consider that each person should be fair and kind. I have started to communicate with you and probably I wish to tell at once that for me as for the woman, the woman which I wish to find the love, very important honesty and the kindest feelings of the person with which communicate. I hate lie because the lie is to destroy in this world. I want that at us much with you has turned out. I wish to trust that that our attitudes will start to develop fairly, warmly and gently...

I still shall tell much to you about the character and about the childhood in following letters.

I shall wait for your fastest and warm answer my gentle Dirk.

Yours it is sincere Nazzie

My dearest Nazzie

Please forgive me for not writing. While I love the sea, the sea does not love satellite communication. Al managed to drop my laptop overboard the day after I last emailed you, and it took a while for it to dry out. He was apologetic though, and has promised to take us both out for dinner at some point in the future as an apology.

My dear, I can honestly say that I've not listened to much music, my life precludes it. The music that I do hear is the music of the ocean, and of the world. The slap of the waves against the hull of my boat, the swish of the waves on the shingle of the shore, the call of the sea birds, and the haunting cry of the whale.

You must excuse the way that I go on sometimes. Al says that he always thought that I was married to the ocean, and in a way, he's true. The ocean has been the one constant in my life, she never changes, and she never tries to wound me. Can you be my ocean now, Nazzie?



Canada Netherlands United States United States

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dirk Pitt is doing OK so far.

Just remember to check out all the reasons for failure of WU and Moneygram, and let your imagination roam free.

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Juan's stalker

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 6:10 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Welcome to the "Love Boat" Meridian! Laughing
Im sure you will have smooth sailing darlin.
We are all here for ya.

Your poopsie is still on script and not answering your questions.
Maybe you could send a one line question and nothing else in an email to see if they will notice?

Maybe say:
How come you never answer any of my questions sweetheart, thought you wanted to get to know me too?

I'm sure the others will be along shortly with some great advice. Hang tight and you are doing well. Wink

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Cathartic Kate
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

[girlykiss] Meridian [/quote]

Woooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooo.

Glad you finding some Russian romance babe.

You doing great, short reply mails, laying down your options to give some pain when the Vlad runs out of script.

Weareborg and others are masters at this chess/manipulation stuff, boring starts yep, but the end games are fun.

Keep control and one step ahead and enjoy your "new love".

As the brilliant DQ says, any questions, any time.

Wink Laughing Cool

This Dirk sounds a hunk any chance he could mail me?

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

G'day MeridianAlicante .

As DQ said she/he's still on script, and will be for a couple of months, also drag out the replies, make it wait, Treat is like a fat Labrador,
keep waving a bone at it, but never let it have it. And simply ignore any requests for money, OR if he does go off script sooner., please
remember that for every request for money, there are many excuses why you can't hear him. Also avoid talking about Western Onion and
Money Grab. In fact I've had a few convinced that Moneygrab does not operate in Australia.

The Russians won't continually go down to WU, many check up for the payment on there computers. After a couple of dummy runs, they
will simply move on and drop you.

But she sounds charming, I hope you enjoy yourself, and she equally enjoys her time with you. Just tell her what she wants to hear, and let
it go where it goes. and "Be Nice'' Be charming, beg for a photo, but don't send her one, till she earns it,

If you can post the e-mail headers and a photo, that goes a long way for others to track just where she does come from, or if others have
baited the stolen photo's before. And at the end of the day, That's all it is, She does not exist

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Thank you everyone for the words of welcome, and for the advice. I thought that she/he/it was still on script, but its good to have that confirmed Smile

Delivered-To: [email protected]
Received: by with SMTP id k20cs44285bkq;
Wed, 22 Apr 2009 01:43:42 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id q19mr8949884qai.40.1240389819820;
Wed, 22 Apr 2009 01:43:39 -0700 (PDT)
Return-Path: <[email protected]>
Received: from ( [])
by with SMTP id 5si2805658yxt.2.2009.;
Wed, 22 Apr 2009 01:43:38 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of [email protected] designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
DomainKey-Status: bad (test mode)

Received: from unknown (HELO localhost) ([email protected] with plain)
by with SMTP; 22 Apr 2009 08:43:33 -0000

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 12:43:57 +0400
From: Sabirova Nazzie <[email protected]>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.29) Professional
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
To: Dirk Pitt <[email protected]>
Subject: Hello my most lovely friend Dirk

Hello my most lovely friend Dirk.

I am madly glad to receive from you such fast letter. How today your mood? How do you feel? I will fairly and sincerely tell, that your letters become simply necessary for me. Your letters cheer me up, force my heart beats more strongly, your letters force to hear knock of my heart in ears. As for a long time as for a long time I did not worry anything similar. And it so is wonderful. I probably understand now that such mutual relations, that such to tell the kind and tender word. Your words so are gentle to me, they warm my soul. You become the person to whom I wish to trust, I wish to trust all most secret desires. Yes, probably I very trustful, but I wish
to be such, I wish to trust in kindness of people, I wish to trust in the warmest and tender feeling - love....

My darling Dirk I wish to continue the story about the life. I hope, that my story will be interesting to you. I wish to tell much to you about the life, I with anybody, except the girlfriend do not share it. And I so would like to tell it, I want that my soul felt better. I wish to tell.

I spoke to you that the father has thrown my mother when I absolutely was small. And it was necessary to my mum very difficult. It brought up me, trained, only thanks to it I have achieved that that wanted. I became that person, that kind and gentle person as my mum. Last time to me is very sad and heavy. Hard because I feel very lonely, I do not have not enough caress, there is no support, there is no person to which I can entrust everything, there is no my half, my most favourite person. And I so wish to find it. Can this person there will be also you, but I wish you to learn very well before, I wish to know absolutely all about you, it is very interesting
to me.

My darling Dirk we communicate with you and what is pleasant to you in me? What? Than I could involve you? Only the beauty? At you it is a lot of friends, what you tell to the friends about me? Tell, it is very interesting to me to learn it.

Today already very much late, I will write to you tomorrow, my most expensive Dirk

I will look forward your kindest and fast letter

Your sincerely Nazzie

This is the lastest in this morning. And since I'm getting irriated at the script, I kept the reply simple.

My Dear Nazzie

You write such lovely emails, but are you reading mine? I asked you a question, and you did not answer. Can you be my ocean? I will not tell you more about myself, till you answer me.




Here are a few of the pictures that she's sent me. Usually two or three per email, a few duplicates, totally unsolicited. All are safe for work.

Canada Netherlands United States United States

Closed lad accounts x 7 Mortar x2

Fake Cheques: $150,000

"May God bless you? Happy exams in advance Thanks," Mr. Herbert Horsey

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