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 A Rose by any other name

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Rose Martins came into my life in March 09. She may be related to Femi Martins who is also a friend with whom I converse under a different name Smile

Rose apparently had a large sum of money she wanted out of Benin but she was afraid evil people would get it. So she Contacted Zenith Finance who of course, would handle it all for a small fee, that seemed to vary, from $700 US to 7000 Euros...

Roses are

I am

And my deep thoughts and comments are in Black..which is my sad mood Smile

Why do the Zenith people want money for a transfer, I have sent them an e-mail to take it from the finds..this is very curious, explain if I am wrong

I dont understand your email. Are you refering to Zenith Finance Home as crooks or Justice Akanbi and co? Let me know.


Rose I got a reply and they said I must send them money for a transfer, you are being robbed by these people. I have sent their particulars to Scotland Yard who will investigate, please take care as these people are crooks...protect yourself as they will now realize that they are under international police scrutiny.

Take care

This is how it went back and forth, I was of course advising Rose that the crowd who were trying to help her were crooks....

Have you contacted Zenith Finance Home and what is their response? Let me know.


But the lass ( or is it a lad ?one can never tell...) persists, shoe me the money...Tom cruise would eb\\be proud...
I received your email. How much are they demanding for their charges and for what reason. Let me know so that I can advice you on the issue. Or forward the mail you received from them so that I can go through it myself. Like I told you from the onset, I would not want you to give out my name. I will rather prefer to be under ground.

awaiting your mail.


Regards to certified cheque you said about,i think western union money transfer will be faster than this because you have no time to waste this time

I prefer teh cheque as that way I am insured that a legitimate person gets the cheque..

I always let typos and intentional mistakes stand Smile
Please snd photographic representation of this please as my bank wants such details

[color=red]Bank Name: Royal Bank of Scotland
Adderess:142-144 PRINCES STREET, EDINBURGH. EH.10 6AA. U.K
Account Name:Sintera IT solutions limited.
Account No: 10594579
Sort code:83-51-00
Swift Code:RBOSGB2L
Note:Scan and send the payment slip today for official documentations

So now a bank is in on it ,

On receipt of the balance of the GXT diplomatic immunity , your consignment will be transfered to ECD for evaluation and converssion as you know it was converted in Banco Italiano into $50,000 USD Bearer Bonds in the tune of $30 Million USD because of UN strict measures on cash delivery.

Sweetening the pot here...

E-mail me to confirm receipt of the payment advice.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Fredrick McAnthony
Zenith Finance Home-HSBC
Tel/Fax:(44) 0845 587 1072
1st Floor,60 Queen Victoria St

Ah a new player....
They have not replied, I am flying to London next week, perhaps I can deliver the money in cash, that way Iknow it will get to them. Contact them for me as they seem confused, tell them I can be in London. I am on business and can meet them

I have spoken confidentially to Miss Rose and I have told her that I am on a consultation visit to London and can pay in cash when I arrive. I would of course have to be careful not to arouse security interst. Please tell me if this is ideal and tell Miss Rose as it appears youa re not in contact. I need full contact before I do this
Also do you recommend a hotel in London and will someone from your firm be prepared to meet me and take me to the hotel

London here I come....but with a few qualifications..

I am very excited about this and I trust that this is a serious venture. I beleive you said there is an administration fee of $5000 for the transfer. I will bring this is US dollars. But such a large amount may arise suspicion so I will place it in my lap top computer. You said you will meet me at the Airport and if you plan to have someone meet me with a play card with my name it might cause a problem. so instead of my name use the name of one of my secretaries. Use the name " Elen Degeneres" She will not be on my flight but it will not make security look for me as they may suspect something.

This is a far safer way to ensure that our arrangement goes through.

I look forward to coming. flight is... British Airways 172 arriving at Heathrow ( Do youknow where that is ??) at 7:30 PM London time, I hope you can make it there.

I have a cell phone but I am not sure if it will work in London. If I cannot make it work your contact at teh Airport will see to it that I am met..

can't be too careful
It will be very good if you can come to London and you will have to give us your flight itenary so that we will receive you at the airport. A hotel reservation will be made for you and do forward immediately a scanned copy of your international passport or Drivers license for identification and clarifications.

I prefer not to send confidential material liek that until i establish who you are

Why do you insult me, I wsin London and no contact, i went to Paris and your contacts did not reach me. I called the bank ons everal occasions and nothing. what do you suggest I do. I borrowed a lot of money to make this work, i travelled and no contact. What should i do....????

To make a long story short, "No one met me in London, Nor Paris and when i took the train back to London no one met me at the station...nor at the Bank Machine in Picadilly But Miss Rose persisted till this
I spoke to Rose about this, the trainw as not met by anyone. I will be in Picadilly Circus at Noon friday
I will be at or near teh bank fo Scotland Bank Cash Machine. I am 5 ' 8" Blonde and stocky. I will be wearing a blue jacket. I have thenecessary cash in UK Pounds...But i do not want to draw attention to myself. I will be walking about as if I am a tourist waiting for a friend....So in order to identify yourself do so discreetly...When you see me come up and casually say "PArticulalry nice weather". You will know it is me because I will reply " But the farmers want rain" Then we can get down to business

I hope you show up this time, my cell phone will not work as my phone card is dead.

Is a very long distance before we can get to Picadilly Circus,is about 1hour driving from our office to there ,can you imagine that so pleas do call them on phone now they are waiting for you or check in to the Hotel and call us from there.

And these are apparently diplomate, cab fare and all...
And Rose is in such alather her English si failing her.

I want you to know that no one is babe among those people in London and many of them are all family man,no how you can bought sim card and it will not work,or if it is true but why cant you go to any phone boot and call them on phone it will only cause you coins once you can avoid to bought a sim card

Okay this is crazy, no one came by the pub where my Iriah friends and I were drinking,.,.no one...
Today I will be "The Captain's Cabin" till closing, if this is a real venture come by to see me. Asdk for
my Irish friends as I am with them. When we meet i will go with you to sign all papers and transfer teh cash I am carrying

come to the pub and ask for my 2 friends...that way I will know it is real

Ask for Limmeep Rick
or and Goggs Sogah

Both Irish names

Pronouce the names quickly, imagine calling that out in apub...Smile

The Courier service money will cost you $770.00 and immediately you send the money to me i will go direct to the courier service office and pay the money so that they can beable to give me their flight shedule before tomorrow

After I "Left" London and chided them for not meeting me there or in Paris they persisted.

All you have to do now is to make the arrangement with the Diplomatic Courier service for the delivery of your consignment in your country,i have spoke with our director here and he have gave insrtuction to our London Branch for the delivery of your consignment via Diplomatic Courier service,which is the best way for you now to receive the consignment.

But I advise Rose that she is being taken by the advosors and here is the great news

I have great news. I contacted FED-EX at their international office head quarters
and I did not go into details . But, I explained how you are being told by the bankers that
you cannot send a courrier collect to my FED_EX office where I have an account.
They told me they have heard of this scheme by bankers in some countries. A client is told "Oh no we cannot send a shipment collect
they must pay and you must give us the money. What they do is in fact send it collect and keep the funds for themselves.
I have given them the name and number of the bank and they will be contacting the FED_EX officer

in your city to speak with these people. And iof necessary they will call in the police.
It is a very serious matter to them and these people must be chastised as they are brigaands and
Here is the not I got from them

In Green is a "response" from FED_EX to my concerns...not fake Smile This seems to have spelled the end of Miss Rose but she ran with it all the way...

Mr Francis, your letter caused some concern as we at FED_EX pride ourselves on service that
is practiced world wide. We do not have different standards for different countries.
If a country does not allow our official procedures we do not set up in that country.
I thank you and we will contact the people involved and if required we will noticfy the
local authorities that there is something not being treated fairly.

I appreciate that you could not reveal all contact information to allow for the protection
of the victim, please let us know if this resolves the problem

Jacob Delafon

Dear Anthony,

Now i can see it clearly that you are not even serious as i think you are,i told you that i have tried that the same number likewise the courier serivice director,all we need to do now is to pay them the flight fee and get make sure that your consingment dispache from west africa today.

And so ended my long affair with Ms Martins ( They do love plural names, from London trips, Paris etc...and a FED-EX warning...good fun...

There is one born every minute, I want to help the born again Mugus...
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Glad you had fun - keep up the good work! Very Happy


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Joined: 27 Sep 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Craig007 wrote:
Glad you had fun - keep up the good work! Very Happy

gad and today I got another letter, again imploring me to send money as she does not deal with FED_EX only Diplomatic Courier...what can it all mean ? Smile

Another lad wrote an extensive note quoting from the bible, trust needed, not all Nigerians are scammers etc. I was moved by his religious fervour and told him that my Pastor, His Eminenece, Father Jumpontopolous has asked me to dedicate him as an honourary "Lay Deacon in the Church of St Onan where every Sunday is Palm Sunday"

I also imploreed the lad to use that salutation in all his correspondence as it will move many with his sanctity Smile

There is one born every minute, I want to help the born again Mugus...
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