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 It's only words, to quote THE BEE GEES

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

"You are to select one of the payment opption.and fill the dilivery

Opption, sounds like some science fiction race "I am Darth of Opption" Smile

> have told you several time to buy a new sim card so that you can beable to
> call them on phone or you go to near by phone boot and call them,tell them
> where you are at present it will just cause you only coins

beable..sounds like the sound a bea makes

Boot ??Isn;t that what we call the trunk of a car, man they are getting me worried, into the boot my bea Smile

>hem,tell them
> where you are at present it will just cause you only coins

Hmm can I tell him where I am at future , coins, is that like a rash ???

>> I you to provide me with you cell phone number so that we can both talk
>> over the phone

I you to me with you . six words three pronouns...

>>>> and if you are capable to keep TOP SECRET

Mish Moneypenny, get in here, this is for your eyes only, I am only cleared to burn before reading

>>>> During one of our periodic auditing I discovered a Dormant Accounts

A dormant accounts....was it dividing as he spoke, into 2 accounts ?

>>>> Sometimes a person will open a bank account, deposit money, and then
>>>> disappear into the tin air.

Tin air, tin ear, oh wait The Tin Man does the Wizard of Oz know about this.... where is Judy garland when we need here ?

Banks are not always able to find out what
>>>> has become of these silent customers.

Kind of like a library, shhhhhh silence

>>> Thanks for your e-mail and all that information been provided in your
>>> end

Now he sounds like my proctologist...rectitude, the stoic attitude of a proctologist

>>> Meanwhile, you will have to provide me with a scanned copy of your valid
>>> ID so that we cab as well proceed by siging the loan contract agreement
>>> document tomorrow online.

Man this is as hard as catching a cab in New york...CAB CAB

>> told you we have dispatch your goods to the postrtownsend you are to
>> contart, them didnt them send you a mail i dont realy know mouch
>> about them but the manager name is george cola is number i dont know
>> you contart them now.

Postrtwonsend isn't he the guitarist for the WHO ? Mouch....I never mouch out on anything...I am a cola, less filling with all the contart taste


There is one born every minute, I want to help the born again Mugus...
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