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 Just some fun I'm having. Ideas are appreciated.

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Abarai Renji
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Alright guys, since I have not heard from my pet, I picked another ladette to have fun with. It's a bit odd, being a girl, and hooking these other women and/or women impostors easier than I can the guys. But it's still a great deal of fun.

Anyhow, this ladette started out as a standard NOK, but she's deviated from the script. She's twisted it into some weird combination of love, orphan, donation, and "free diamonds, gold, and cocoa" script. Interspersed within her e-mails are cries of undying love, referring to me as her "only darrlling" in every sentence, and telling me how "soooo goregus" my persona is. Top this with over-the-top sugary sweetness and the most horrendous spelling and grammar errors ever seen in a ladette's e-mail- then you have the way that she is coming on to my persona.

She has been attracted to my persona ever since I sent her pictures. Apparently, she finds R3nj! to be a big turn-on, which I find to be rather humorous. I thought Africans were completely against tattoos; and almost everyone knows that R3nj! is all but covered in them. She also seems to have no problem believing that R3nj! is a wealthy ambassador, as well as a shinigami. (She thinks a shinigami is a male fetish model, and g.13 is the modeling agency.)

I think this will be a lot of fun. I have asked her permission to send her a short form (it's 100 questions long) to fill out, so that I could trust her from the bottom of my medula oblongota. Of course, being the young, wealthy, exotic, attractive, esteemed, and genteel businessman that R3nj! is (not! At least when it comes to esteemed and genteel at any rate.), this form will be kept locked in my safe, and no one will ever see it. She has flattered me by telling me that my medula oblongota must be very large and beautiful for me to be as sweet as I am.

Since she has deviated off script big-time, I am planning on having tragedy strike down this poor incarnation of dear R3nj!. After we get everything rolling. Once we agree to the terms and conditions of the transaction (which she does not want to talk about. She would rather discuss what future she would have with R3nj!- severely off script, btw.) I have an idea how R3nj! can be hurt, held-up, etc. This is just a bare-bones idea for now. I might even use more than one.

R3nj! might end up getting mugged by a couple people at the airport while trying to catch a flight to see her. Therefore, he is detained and shipped to another country, then transferred again. Then, enter the enemies. Showdown: Sword vs. Sword. R3nj! is hospitalized and demands that She comes to see him because his health is failing. He may or may not undergo a drastic transformation while hospitalized.

May end up wearing a mask to "hide his disfigurement" (Yeah, right. You should know what the mask is... but she won't.) The cure for the disease? The (blood/venom/scales) of an exotic animal, or eating some live exotic animal, R3nj! will pay big bucks to be healed by Her. So, he makes a come-back, announces that he loves her with his whole spleen. (See, he's generous! He doesn't just love with half his spleen, but the whole thing!)

If she at some point asks for a WU transfer, there will be hell and high water to get through. Because the 13 captains will try to stop him from sending the WU transfer. Even [email protected] will step in and try to stop him from sending it, somehow. (If someone wants to act as her, this could be a lot of fun!) The @[email protected]@r and [email protected]@ might even try to prevent him from just helping this lady out. Oh, sad sad days happen when our beloved R3nj! discovers.... he has never learned how to write in English! So, the WU form is -finally- filled out, but he filled it out in his native Japanese. And terribly at that. (His e-mails are immediately translated because of a simple program he has installed for business purposes, lol.)

Then what? Our faithful hero continues to have hardship after hardship, which must be smashed through in order to just help Her. Tragedy. Mystery. Adventure. Love. Suspense. Pain. Sounds like a bad [email protected] movie, huh?

This is what I plan to put her through. Let me know what you think, if you might have any tips or ideas, or if you wanna jump in as one of the others. Very Happy

Edited for some spelling mistakes- extra letters that were unnecessary. I have a new laptop and I'm still trying to get used to it.

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