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 The Case of the "Professional Banker"

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 10:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Mrs. Kr1st13 Ugg3rr1, a "professional banker" says she wants to give me about $10.2 million, or something of the like. How can I refuse?

The following is the correspondence I have kept with Mrs. Ugg3rr1:

Red: Mrs. Ugg3rr1
Blue: Me (M1 (Mi) Kuh Hunt)

March 22, 2009

Dear, Mrs. Krist1e

I heard about your proposition for the transfer of approximately 10.2 million USD from an associate of mine. He knew that I am someone that could greatly benefit from such a substantial amount of money, so he suggested I reply to your e-mail. I know you said you wanted this kept secret, but he realized that I would be the best person to put those funds to good use.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is M1 Kuh Hun7. I am an American businessman, and am highly successful. In 1982, I founded the company Trav3l Int3rnat1onal T0ur1st 5y5t3m with a $50,000 loan and a dream. Since those humble beginnings, my company has grown to a substantial size, with a net worth of approximately $121.2 million. Last year, we recorded a substantial increase in profits, and I myself am worth $2.3 million.

I shall give you some information on myself, but my financial advisor has suggested I do not give my fax number or anything more personal than that.

Name: M1 Kuh Hun7
Age: 47
Address: 8675 309th St. Hell, Michigan, USA

I hope to hear from you soon.

M1 Kuh Hun7

March 23, 2009

Good day,

Thank you for your response; I sincerely appreciate your interest, to assist me however I would like to be sure of your willingness, trustworthiness and commitment to execute this transaction with me, I cannot afford to compromise these virtues.

First, I must insist on your confidence in this transaction. I made this contact with your associate based on reliable information available to me courtesy of an agency that helps seek people by their email, and confirmed by my local chambers of commerce and industry concerning his reputation. Thus I am convinced you would be capable to provide me with a solution to a money transfer transaction of US$10,200,000.00(Ten Million, Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

My client did not declare any next of kin in his official papers including the paper work of his bank deposit. Against this backdrop, my suggestion to you is that I would like you as a foreigner to stand as the next of kin to our client so that you will be able to receive his funds. I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we can come out successful. I have contacted an attorney that will prepare the necessary document that will back you up as the next of kin to my client. All that is required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your present home address, phone and fax numbers, a copy of your identification (most preferably your driver? license or travelers passport) and a brief background profile of your self so that the attorney can commence his job.

After you have been made the next of kin, the attorney will also file in for claims on your behalf and secure the necessary approval and letter of probate in your favor for the move of the funds to an account that will be provided by you. There is no risk involved at all in the matter as we are going adopt a legalized method and the attorney will prepare all the necessary documents. The allocation of our money will be as follows: 39.3 %( $4.08m) to you for your part in this, 55.7% for me and my partners and 5% for any unforeseeable expenses we may incur. I think this is extremely fair, as you have nothing to lose but just a little time, while on the other hand I am staking my flawless reputation among other things. And besides $4.08 million is no pocket change. Once you are approved, the entire transaction should take no longer than twelve business days after which we will go about our daily business, but just millions of dollars richer.

As you can see this is easier than taking candy from a baby, but mind you, trust is something that is developed over time and that is something that we do not have. So I have to let you know that it will highly unfeasible to try to run away with the money because even though only you can transfer money in and out of your account, my department of which I happen to be the head can only authorize the transfer. The money will be transferred from my bank to an account you will provide. So please, there should be no room for greed because ten million two hundred thousand dollars can quench even the most insatiable desire for the almighty dollar.

Furthermore, if you follow up this transaction diligently it would be completed within 14 working days. What I expect from you is trust and commitment; I want this large sum of money transferred with your assistance. I want to know if you are willing to follow up this business seriously before I can give you more details about this transaction, I shall be waiting for your response and assurance.

Mrs. Kr1st1e Ugg3rr1

Of course I am interested, Mrs. Ugg3rr1. I have no need for greed, being that I already have a substantial amount of money in my banks, however, I would love to put such capital into my companies. As you might have heard in the news, the economy here in America has taken a substantial hit. My company is expecting a loss in the upcoming earnings report, which should be coming out in about 2 months now, and I would definitely like to assuage such a problem with a substantial injection of liquid capital.

Name: M1 Kuh Hun7
Address: 8675 309th St., Hell, Michigan.
I shall get you my other information soon, just as soon as you can acquire my trust as well. I need detailed information about this money: What are the complete, and I mean "complete", details surrounding it? I also need an official bank website from you so I can verify your legitimacy.

March 24, 2009

Dear Partner,

Thank you very much for your response, and your interest in this transaction, I am also glad to note that you are noble and trustworthy person whom I can rely on for your capabilities to handle this transaction. I am very encouraged by your sense of prudence.
I am writing to assure once more that this transaction is 100% legitimate transaction and that you will not be exposing to any form of risk for availing me this opportunity. As a professional banker it is my duty to ensure that this is transfer is done in a quiet manner, hence you will have to follow my instruction and act according to enable everything work out smoothly.

Like I said before, due to this issue on my hands now, it became necessary for me to seek your assistance; I appreciate the fact that you are ready to assist me in executing this project, and also to help me in investing my money in your country. You should not have anything to worry about. I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smoothly, it shall pass through all Laws of International Banking.Having resolved to entrust this transaction into your hands, I want to remind you that, it needs your commitment and diligent follow up. If you work seriously, the entire transaction should be over in a couple of days.You should note that this project is highly capital intensive. This is why I have to be very careful. I need your total devotion and trust to see this through. I know we have not met before, but I am very confident that we will be able to establish the necessary trust that we need to execute this project.

Choose Between these two options below:

1. If you can find time to travel to sign the final funds release documents in any of our offshore payment center in Europe that will be more welcome.With this option the attorney will file an application after the funds as being approved that his client wishes to receive the funds in any of the offshore payment center which you will prefer, with this option our offshore payment center global foreign currency exchange department will contact you immediately they receive the funds and set an appointment for the final funds release document ceremony, or they shall instruct you on what to do.

Note: If option 1 is preferable by you, then i will make arrangement to meet with you in Europe to assist you in the signing ceremony.

2. You will have to open an offshore/online account in your name in our corresponding bank in United Kingdom. The money would be transferred to your account which you must have open in our correspondent corresponding bank United Kingdom, as soon as the funds reflect in your account in our correspondent bank , you can then transfer the funds online all by yourself to your local bank account in little and safe bits for both of us, this way the Government, the FBI and the CIA would not be suspicious. I want us to enjoy this money in peace when concluded. As a professional banker i will advice you should listen to my instructions and follow them religiously. Be rest assured that this is 100% risk free and you don't have to worry as my attorney will put up all the paper work to make it legal.

Also you have to know that I cannot transfer this money in my name, as my bank will be aware that it is from me and this is why it would be unwise to contact my bank with regards to this transaction, all I am trying to do is to see that this we do this transaction as safely as possible. This is where I need you. I will also perfect the documentations with the assistance of my attorney to give the transaction the legal right;

I hope you understand. Ensure that you keep this project confidential; do not discuss it with anybody, because of the confidential nature of this transaction and my job. Attached is a copy of my international passport and the deposit slip used my client to deposit the said funds in my bank.

Please reply soonest.

My warmest regard
Yours truly,
Mrs. Kr1st1e Ugg3rr1

and her ID was not faked at all...not at all.... Rolling Eyes


I apologize, but I cannot give you my ID, as it is against federal law to scan and email your ID. It's not that I think you are trying to break the law, I think you just might have forgotten.

I know that we want to keep the government from getting suspicious, so I believe it would be best that I do not send you any ID. Nor do I wish to meet you personally. No offense meant, but it just is much safer that I don't meet you in real life.

I do wish for you to fill out the following anti-fraud form, to insure your legitimacy, and e-mail me the completed form.

I just sent her a regular U.S. anti-fraud thing, no biggie. I also said that the verification code is IAMALAD, only I replaced I with "1" and A with "4"

Unfortunately, I think I sent the form at the wrong time, as this was her reply. I might have blown my cover. I will try to negotiate around this, but it looks like I blew my first bait. That's life, though, learn from mistakes.

One good thing is that it looks like she got off script a bit.

March 25, 2009

Dear Partner,
Like I told you before now, you are to follow my instructions if you want this transaction to be completed and not be following your instructions. If you are ready for this transaction do let me know and stop sending me forms. I have already planned things out.

Hope to hear from you.

Mrs. kr1st13

Dear Mrs. Ugg3rr1,

Trust me, I will! However, I have to do this according to United States law! I need you to fill out the form unless you don't want to complete this transaction! I cannot give you my ID, please accept that. I cannot send you it in the mail, nor can I give you it on e-mail.

Just fill out the form and e-mail it back to me. I will try my best to get you some form of identification once you send me the completed form.

I am not sending my information to someone who is unwilling to fill out a very simple anti-fraud form. What do you have to lose?

M1 Kuh Hun7

Fortunately, it appears she saw things my way.

March 26, 2009

I will fill the form and send back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

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Good start Smile Remember the first few emails the lad is still copy and pasting his script, and probably barely reads your emails, so you can save yourself a bit of time and effort if you like and respond with "That sounds interesting, tell me more" to get the same result!


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The bait has been updated.

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