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419Eater is my life

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
Posts: 358
Location: NEO TOKYO

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok, a mugu from spain said that he is not willing to do a simple as hell ceremony.

BUT then invites me to chat. Which i do, he has webcam. and among the first things he says is randomly if i want him to get naked.

He does actually and quickly gets naked. here is the pic of the baiting action. (kinda NSFW)


then he says that he will do no ceremony and takes pic for privacy crap, BUT he is willing to go all the way to Barcelona and meet me to do the ceremony in private (and he got scared i was going to rape him too or something LOLz)

So its set, i 'found' a flight, he will meet me by tomorrow 7pm spain time.

Here is the chat.

yakuzabaiter: hello
scamermugu is me
yakuzabaiter: Mr. Monday
scamermugu yes
yakuzabaiter: how do activate the webcam
yakuzabaiter: invite me to see your webcam
yakuzabaiter: i can see you brother
scamermugu did you recieve the pictures i sent you
yakuzabaiter: i see, i see. you have done a good job
scamermugu am for real
scamermugu ok
scamermugu u want me to go naked
scamermugu i will

yakuzabaiter: I can see that. i wonder why you cant do the ceremony and take a picture
yakuzabaiter: what?
scamermugu am for real
yakuzabaiter: why would i want you to be naked?
scamermugu incase u need to see me more better
yakuzabaiter: are you Homosexual mr Odudu?
scamermugu no no
scamermugu am straight
yakuzabaiter: well take your clothes off

scamermugu are you gay?
yakuzabaiter: no, but i must kno you are real and not a loop
yakuzabaiter: go ahead.
scamermugu hahahaha
scamermugu u see me
yakuzabaiter: yes
yakuzabaiter: now dress up
yakuzabaiter: i am not homosexual
scamermugu am for real
yakuzabaiter: and I do not want to have sex with you
scamermugu am straight too
yakuzabaiter: now i do not understand one thing
yakuzabaiter: where have you gone?
has signed back in. (3/26/2009 12:45 PM)

yakuzabaiter: what is going on?
scamermugu my network disconnected but is good now
scamermugu so tell me
yakuzabaiter: very well brother. i have one thing that i do not understand
yakuzabaiter: if you are willing to get naked
yakuzabaiter: why cant you just do the ceremony on your room with the cam?
scamermugu wont work
scamermugu Brother
yakuzabaiter: why?
scamermugu am a confidential and secretive person
yakuzabaiter: brother, you just took your clothes off, you can take the video on the webcam
scamermugu i prefer we do it once and for all
scamermugu when ever u come to spain, just let me know
scamermugu then i will meet u
yakuzabaiter: well there is something
yakuzabaiter: i have the ability to go to spain
scamermugu when
yakuzabaiter: but not salamanca
scamermugu where
yakuzabaiter: Barcelona
yakuzabaiter: i think thats too far away brother, or can you meet me there?
scamermugu ok, i can meet u there
yakuzabaiter: i can leave tomorow, when can you be there?
scamermugu i can come tomorow too
yakuzabaiter: i see
scamermugu on monday
scamermugu you need to rest when you arrive tomorow
yakuzabaiter: So you are able to meet me on monday?
scamermugu so on monday i will join u
yakuzabaiter: how are you getting there?
yakuzabaiter: by plane?
scamermugu no, by train
scamermugu 5hrs from salamanca to barcelona
yakuzabaiter: I understand. very well brother.
yakuzabaiter: Head to Barcelona
yakuzabaiter: get things ready.
yakuzabaiter: i will go and book a flight
yakuzabaiter: we shall meet in the best of hotels.
scamermugu no problem
scamermugu but plz, am straight not gay
yakuzabaiter: brother there is something else
scamermugu get that fact right
yakuzabaiter: Sir, i am not looking to have sex with you. i was just surprised you wanted to get all naked
scamermugu ok
yakuzabaiter: if you are able to get friends to become members of the religion to come along, i can get you 15,000 per person as bonus
scamermugu i did it to proof my indentity cuz u dont believe me previously
yakuzabaiter: as of now you will only receive 50,000
scamermugu what about i draw tattoo when u come
scamermugu may be when u arrive, u & i go to tattoo shop
yakuzabaiter: The agreement made was to become a member only... but
scamermugu ok
yakuzabaiter: if you can bring me 5 others with you, 5 converts, i can say that you have priest potential
yakuzabaiter: do you have friends?
scamermugu yeh but i prefer to do it alone first
scamermugu to see how it works
yakuzabaiter: this is only on regards to faith. i am not going to go back to spain as I will be too busy in japan
yakuzabaiter: usted puede hacerlo, no?
yakuzabaiter: busque amigos
scamermugu no espana, un poco
scamermugu solo iglish
yakuzabaiter: Come to Barcelona by monday then, become a member and get the 50,000
yakuzabaiter: this is a religion
yakuzabaiter: i am sure you are aware of that
scamermugu ok
scamermugu yeh
yakuzabaiter: one last thing
scamermugu is there any thing to worship
yakuzabaiter: I want you to save all receipts
yakuzabaiter: of your travel
yakuzabaiter: so that i know how much to repay you
scamermugu is not expensive, i can take care of that
scamermugu not more than 100euros

yakuzabaiter: very well. get yourself ready. do you have a family?
scamermugu yeh
yakuzabaiter: Understood, i will go get the plane ticket ready.
yakuzabaiter: Now, i have lost all of my hearing, i think i told you before
yakuzabaiter: so phones are of no use for me
yakuzabaiter: i dont know much of spain, but i carry a special small laptop to receive emails
scamermugu ok
yakuzabaiter: i will always be in touch
yakuzabaiter: should things happen.
scamermugu can i see picture
yakuzabaiter: wait a second right now. i am being told something
scamermugu so i know u a little
yakuzabaiter: apparently i ahve a meeting in Toulouse France on monday at 12:00
yakuzabaiter: can we move this earlier?
yakuzabaiter: i dont think you can travel to toulouse
scamermugu no i cant
scamermugu i dont ve resident permit yet
yakuzabaiter: can you come earlier then?
scamermugu ok
yakuzabaiter: if i can get something to leave soon i will
scamermugu ok
yakuzabaiter: i need to head to europe anyways. i can sacrifice
yakuzabaiter: can you leave today?
yakuzabaiter: or tonight?
yakuzabaiter: I am currently in Oslo, cant take long to get to spain
scamermugu depends on when u get to barcelona
scamermugu why not madrid
scamermugu madrid could be more close to me
yakuzabaiter: Oh you see, i have a large bussiness arrangement in Barcelona
yakuzabaiter: are you having second thoughts?
scamermugu no
scamermugu you said i should leave today
yakuzabaiter: i am looking for a plane
yakuzabaiter: one minute
scamermugu ok
yakuzabaiter: i found one
yakuzabaiter: i can be there by 130 tomororow
scamermugu ok
scamermugu i can be in barcelona 7pm tomorow
yakuzabaiter: Very well
yakuzabaiter: get everything ready, i will work the flight and hotel and send you email in a few hours
scamermugu ok
scamermugu we will buy materials in barcelona ok
yakuzabaiter: go rest and get your suitcase ready, I expect you to stay with me for at least till sunday
yakuzabaiter: as to explain everything
yakuzabaiter: yes, buy the candles and the squid
yakuzabaiter: have it ready by then please
scamermugu i cant find it here
scamermugu salamanca is not a big city
yakuzabaiter: please check, i know they are sold on fish markets
yakuzabaiter: do what you cah
yakuzabaiter: and get ready
yakuzabaiter: ill email you in a while with the information
yakuzabaiter: good luck brother.
yakuzabaiter: Good bye.
scamermugu hello
scamermugu pleas
yakuzabaiter: yes?
scamermugu please e-mail me your picture too
scamermugu i need to know u as u already know me
yakuzabaiter: sure
yakuzabaiter: i will
scamermugu thanks
scamermugu bye
yakuzabaiter: bye
scamermugu honorable brother
yakuzabaiter: yes
scamermugu they dont use dollars in spain
yakuzabaiter: dont worry, i know of that
yakuzabaiter: Euros
scamermugu u convert to euros
scamermugu let me do the convaction
yakuzabaiter: Dont worry brother, i know
yakuzabaiter: go get ready
yakuzabaiter: leave it to me

this is another sampling of the stuff i got from him.


NOTE: this all just happened in the last hour or so. let the games begin!

Safari X 5
Tattoo X 17

"All the informations I had about you is that, You are Ruthless and merilessly and heartless Scientist and Politican. ??? Why are you wearing gloves in hands ????" Dr Nwa0gu.

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419Eater is my life

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
Posts: 358
Location: NEO TOKYO

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:56 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I have sent him the following:

Here is a picture of me, however now i have a scar on the left side of my face due to an accident that left me without much of my hearing.

I will travel from Oslo tonight to London and from London to Barcelona
I will arrive around 2:25 tomorrow at the Barcelona airport.

I will be staying at:

Hotel Arts Barcelona
Marina 19-21, Barcelona.
Tel. +34 93 221 1000

I can meet you at the lobby there.

(ATTACHED is a picture of a rich and cool looking japanese actor)

Safari X 5
Tattoo X 17

"All the informations I had about you is that, You are Ruthless and merilessly and heartless Scientist and Politican. ??? Why are you wearing gloves in hands ????" Dr Nwa0gu.
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419Eater is my life

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
Posts: 358
Location: NEO TOKYO

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:15 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I just got this from the mugu:

I dont know the direction, you will pick me up at the train station
is that ok by you?

my reply:


Very well, send me the information of where you will be, because i am also new to barcelona and will need to use a taxi.

his counter reply... this guy is setting himself up!

I will buy the train ticket tomorow morning.
When i get to Barcelona, i will pick taxi to the hotel, you will be outside waiting for me so that you pay the taxi driver.
Is that ok with you?
2rd, if i come tomorow...i should be leaving by saturday morning because i have works to do same saturday evening

Is my schedule ok with you

my reply:

Oh, well that makes everything better. Yes brother, you may leave by Saturday evening. Ill be on the outside of the vale parking to catch your taxi.

Around what time should i wait? 7 to 9 PM?

his responce

Good, we have a deal for tomorow.
Can you come online via yahoo messenger, i have just one question to ask you
(WHAT?!, i think he wants to get my IP!, well mr Mugu, you messed up.

my reply:

My computer is having problems, you can ask me here.

Safari X 5
Tattoo X 17

"All the informations I had about you is that, You are Ruthless and merilessly and heartless Scientist and Politican. ??? Why are you wearing gloves in hands ????" Dr Nwa0gu.
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419Eater is my life

Joined: 24 Oct 2006
Posts: 358
Location: NEO TOKYO

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 7:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Interesting Developments, Mugu is bringing his Girlfriend along to the safari!

he was impressed with the super expensive hotel that i flashed him with. here is the info.
He will now try to impress her, boy is he going to lose her. Twisted Evil

Can i come with my girl friend please.
She will be glad to see the big hotel, please

my quick reply:

Your girlfriend? well that is a very interesting and strange proposition. However she will have to stay outside, i can pay for a spa or massage while we do the ceremony. It is a private thing you know.

I can also pay for another room for her to sleep, which is not cheap since this is a five star hotel. send me some pictures of her and her name i will like to know more of her.

his reply:

Thanks alot, am greatful.
I dont ve any of her pics with me, but her is Lidia.....she is a simple girl just like me...easy going person...the reason am bring her along is just to see the beauty of the hotel, i just check online is a very big/beautiful hotel. am very sorry for the inconvinences this may cause.

I will email you tomorow with my arrival details so that u will know time to wait for me.
Yes she will stay in a seperate room from us.

Thank u once more

my responce:

Well I accept, but i am going to expect you to take a picture of her, on a cellphone or something and send it to me as you write the arrival details. She is welcome to come. I see that you want to impress her. Oh brother, this religion brings money, fame and power.
she will love you.

I must go now and get things ready to leave in a few hours.

I await your message tomorrow.

and his final responce for today. Safari fun tomoroow guys!

Am happy now. hahahahahah how did you know am tring to impress her? you must be a wise guy

any way, see u tomorow.
i will email you.

Safari X 5
Tattoo X 17

"All the informations I had about you is that, You are Ruthless and merilessly and heartless Scientist and Politican. ??? Why are you wearing gloves in hands ????" Dr Nwa0gu.
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