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 This is both disgusting and hilarious

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:14 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Not exactly a cookie for the lad huggers, but at least a crumb:

I have been baiting a gold dealing lad, who was supposed to meet me at Togo two weeks ago (simultaneously with another lad).
However, just when my character, Anton, was supposed to be on his way to the meeting, the lad sent me an email saying that he can't come to meet me, but asked me to call him when I arrive, so he'd come to pick me up later (read: he would call his his cousin in Togo and tell him to go rob di maga).

I decided to play it logically: Anton had no way of knowing about this email, he was already aboard the plane from the States to Togo when it arrived. So I didn't reply to it at any point.

Until yesterday, when I contacted him from another account and posed as my character's brother, Peter. I told him I was very worried because I had not heard from "my brother" for two weeks and that I had "managed to get Anton's email account open" and get the lad's details from there.
So I literally begged him to tell me if he has any information about Anton, since the lad seemed to be the last person he had talked with before disappearing on his way to Togo. What else would a worried relative do in that situation?

The lad's reply? Hah, you all guessed it by now:

Lad wrote:
How are you? Anton your brother is been kidnapped by the Niger Deltans, and we are negotiating his release, so i will keep you informed bout the negotiation, but keep it away from the Authorities, or HIS HEAD BE CUT OFFFFFFFF

Rolling Eyes.
I can't decide what I think. It's disgusting that he is trying to exploit a desperate brother's situation by making up such things, when "Anton" doesn't exist in the first place, but the lad doesn't know it. On the other hand, something in that reply strikes me as utterly hilarious. It's also amusing that I knew to expect this exact reply when I sent the email to him as Anton's brother. Lads never change. Next he will ask me to wire him money for ransom, I'm sure.

Just thought I'd share this.

Edited to replace few "he" with "the lad" to make the text more readable.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 2:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The only thing I can recall that compares was a time when one of the guys here invented a dolla chopper out of thin air and the fake lad was trying to horn in on the action.

The real lad replied along the lines that he knew him, and that the other (fake) lad was about to be in a whole lot of trouble.

This was about a year ago, IIRC.

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