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 Dummy Spit - land lord dumbass type person

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok, so I was pissed off with someone and I felt they needed a rant.
I got a txt from the real estate agent. I hate txt. If you want me, call me
It's so simple. I never reply to a txt.

I always start out nice Wink you all know that, I'm always nice Cool

Hi James I'm assuming you are the same James that sent me a text message about a smoke alarm on a wall.
If not please disregard this message.

I have three options here Smile

1. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about, please clarify.
2. Respond to the text message - tried that, it is a non resolved number.
3. Ask you to please provide a copy of the legislation that you are referring to.
It might worth your education to read it.
I'm going with number 3

I received a formal reply in the post signed and all.

So I did and got some lame crap that you can read below Smile

Here is mine -
Thank you for your letter re the smoke alarm.

You fail on number 3.

Your txt said Quote "... Alarm was off off bracket in hall, must be refitted and working as legislation, thanks James."

It might be in your advantage to ascertain the meaning of legislation.
oops; Homework not done.

Legislation has nothing to do with the bracket nor the location of a smoke alarm. Take the time out and read the "legislation"
As I stated in my email " It might worth your education to read it."
It appears you have not done so.

Your letter 23/03/09 quotes "It was noted on inspection the smoke alarm in the hall, on the wall at the end of the hall, the bracket was only on the wall not the smoke alarm, this need to be refitted"

Ok so you are telling me the smoke alarm is on the wall in the hall and the bracket is on the wall in the hall, this is sounding rather Seussian.
( I gather you have read "Green eggs and ham")

They are together on the wall. (so why are you you telling me this)

For the record the original bracket is on the ceiling.
The Smoke alarm is in full working condition and is mounted on the wall at the end of the hall. It has been tested monthly ( it never fails to alert us of bread being subjected to toasting nor the baking of potatoes and pork)

The detector is within the installation recommendations (manufacture and state recommendations). There is no legislation that governs the placement of a smoke detector.

I have installed many hundreds of smoke detectors in my career and I am fully aware of the installation requirements and the current legislation.
I am also fully aware of the problematic nature of these devices and necessary steps required to reduce false alarms that often cause people to seek disablement of these devices.

Sorry for the lecture, I was rather hoping you would have done yourself the justice of reading the legislation and take the time to understand and follow up the implications prior to your reply.

I have my children and other lives under my care from time to time and would never jeopardise them by removing or disabling a smoke detector/alarm.

As this has been my second letter to you regarding your substantial lack of knowledge I feel that you are simply manipulating me for your further gain and respectfully ask the fee off $150.00
for the correspondence so far.

I don't really care if I'm evicted tomorrow.
Any chance I'll get the $150.00

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:09 am Reply with quoteBack to top

last landlord was an arse. i was glad to screw him out of my money he owed me ! he alo tried to nick my bond!

i`ve lost all respect for landlords.

*this deal is like a straw to a drowning man -chuck solodu
*Call me on my direct line so that we can talk for batter understanding-Aziz
*bank valued at USD 11.5M, left in account number:$286-41732-55
*you have to tell any one you are here . everything has to be confidential -kevina
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