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 Any of you baiting under the name "charles m4doff"

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:51 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I am trying a new bait where I start with baiting character William and proceed with a straight bait for the standard money-filled trunk box.

William's ex-wife Jane from a very recent and ugly divorce knows his email password and he's been stupid enough to never change it. While secretly reading his emails she sees the recent emails he has had with the lad. Seeing $$ and a way to burn William one last time, she then contacts the lad herself trying steal the lucrative deal away from him and taking it for herself.

Anyway, lad's name is Linda Aj4na and below is the meat of 'her' response to Jane. In this response she got William's name wrong and pasted in Charles M4doff instead. Knowing the ponzi scammer in the news lately I am assuming this is not a real victim but another baiter using his last name.


Dear Jane XXX,

Your mail was very touching knowing how you have being cheated by your ex- man Mr Charles M4doff , actually he has promise to assist me so that the trunk box which contains this said fund will be transfered to him in America and he will also make sure I come and join him over there in america to invest and and start another life over there.

As I have said , as a young girl I need some one that I can trust expecially with this money that all my life depends on .

Actually I have contacted the security company this morning to tell them my charge of mind and the director have accepted my request, but you have to promise me that you will not let me down in any way for chosing your path and this has to be very confidencial since I will stop reply Mr Charles M4doff mails as I have also told the security company not to answere his mails any longer

Anybody speak up if this is your character..

One intent I have with this bait is to see if the lad attempts to double dip and try and keep both of them on the hook for transfer fees, etc. If so he would have to get William to change his password finally and keep the evil ex from seeing any further emails, then he could work them independently. We'll see how it goes.

Closed lad accounts x15 Easter 2015
so your job is to hack some body job you go die and you must run mad in this country all generation will go to hell fire i must get you and i will troll way you inside beach idiot as you hack my money and you crate email dey write richard as you do it i will spoil the job . idot --Steve F
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