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 s3curity sh13ld - new lad answers out of a tree

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most boringest answered removed urgently

Q: Have you used s3curity sh13ld service before?
A: This is my first time
[not going to be your last]
Q: If you answered yes to previous question, how many times?
A: First Time
Q: Have you received other type of electronic transfers before?
A: Yes i have received Western Union Money Transfer
Q: Why are you receiving these funds?
A: The funds is for the security keeping fees of [baiter]
Q: Are the funds you intend to receive related to any criminal activity?
A: Not of cause
Q: Will the funds you receive be used for any criminal activities?
A: No, the funds is for something else not for criminal activites.
Q: Do you have criminal record or are you being investigated for any crime?
A: I have never heard any crime records
Q: Do you know anyone who is being investigated for a crime?
A: I don't know anyone.
Q: Do you know anyone who has been convicted for a crime?
A: I said i don't know anyone
[what kind of lad protests how much]
Q: What influenced your choice of job? (Why did you choose your job?)
A: I choose my job because i have a dream of working there and my dream came through so i thank the Almighty for that.
Q: Who fell out of the apple tree?
A: I think that is Adam

[I think someone else fell out of a tree]
Q: What is the word used to describe an animal/plant that is both male and female?
A: I forgot that and i can't remember

[its good to cover all the bases]
Q: What make of car was the time-machine in the film Back To The Future?
A: I can't remember the time machine
Q: Should adultery be considered a crime?
A: Yes of cause
Q: Do you think you have habits that annoy other people?
A: I don't have that habits
Q: What were your parents like?
A: They want the best of me and they also want me to succeed in life
Q: What is your ethnic background?
A: I'm a christian in thy lord
[my lord is better?]
Q: Have you ever worked on a farm?
A: I haven't
Q: Do you remember any of the stories they used to tell you?
A: Once upon a time when the day and the night meets
[where's the rest?]
Q: If you could change any aspect of your personality, what would it be?
A: I get angry quickly which i don't like.
[I like that alot]
Q: What type of special training did you need?
A: I need to take that angry out of my body

Q: What do you want more than anything right now?
A: I don't want anything i am okay with my work
[do cybercafe's sell beer?]
Q: What is the job of a an undertaker?
A: The job of an undertaker is to carry casket.


ohhh too bad.. the reference number seems to be imaginary... maybe he should have completed the process soonest.

Find out how the story he started ends:



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