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 Anyone catch Chris Hansens "To catch a con man"

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For all of you that do not know, Chris Hansen is a Journalist/News Reporter for the US news channel MSNBC (Considered more of left-wing station).

Chris is most famous for his segements of "To catch a predator" Where sting operations are set up for internet predators trying to get at very young teens for sex. The predators go into a sting house only to get confronted and interogated by Chris and a team of people with large news broadcasting camras. Chris will break into their minds briefly with simple questions as to "why are you here?", "do you know how old this person is youre talking to? ...18? well I have the internet transcript and they said they were only 12".
Chris will then tell them "You are free to leave" They walk out and are shortly aprhended by police. (The police are anything but polite/gentle. Usally hit the predators with a fierce Rugby gang tackle"

So MSNBC and Chris took his confience and talant to another step into going after Con men/ 419 scammers from Nigera. It was very interesting and entertating hour long segment. Had interviews with FBI agents over the on-going 419 scammers.

Usally Chris will have about 10 Internet Predators on the regular segment, however since it takes so long to set up a personal meeting with the scammers he was only able to see 3 of them.

Chris told the first guy who he was and the guy immediatly took of running (Pretty Funny) With Chris yelling "Anothny I'd like to talk to you"
The next two were very well planned and I dont think a scammer has ever been humiliated this bad.

Chris tells them. "I'm not who you think I am. I'm with Dateline NBC and were doing a special on people who try to scam others out of money through the internet." Meanwhile a crew of people with huge boradcast camras rush out of their hiding spots aiming at the scammer. The scammers could only put their heads down in shame while Chris questions them "So how long have you been ripping people off?? Do you think I am dumb enough to believe that you are a diplomat?"

It was pure gold. Anyone that would like to catch more of this, here is the link.



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Hi Frank (love your rear naked choke btw). This episode was aired some time ago, and did receive a LOT of attention here (based on the number of people who started threads about it).

See here for our discussion back then.


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