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 I Need Help With a Pinay Scammer

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok so here is the dealer im goin to miami tommo vacation and i need someone to deal with this scammer she ask me for money for a web cam.. and her birthday is feb 27 she is in filipinaheart.
i was in the chatt room and some guy told me that he send her 200 dollars to pay for rent i ask him for the info about her and here it is
a little info about my a doctor in las vegas im very whealty dude
heres the chat............

goodgirl (1538966): **! ***
goodgirl (1538966): still there ?
nuel (1435293): yeah
goodgirl (1538966): ok
nuel (1435293): hey
goodgirl (1538966): no whre is your yahoo id /.
goodgirl (1538966): add ne
goodgirl (1538966): me
nuel (1435293): my ym is [email protected]
goodgirl (1538966): add me again pls
goodgirl (1538966): there is something wrong here
nuel (1435293): you add me
goodgirl (1538966): but i dont know
goodgirl (1538966): plese add me again
nuel (1435293): i did baby
goodgirl (1538966): [email protected]
nuel (1435293): is not working
goodgirl (1538966): why?
nuel (1435293): accept me
goodgirl (1538966): i dont know
goodgirl (1538966): lets talk here ok ?
goodgirl (1538966): *** You've been KISSED! ***
nuel (1435293): oh ok
nuel (1435293): so tell me whats your problme
goodgirl (1538966): problem ?
nuel (1435293): yea
goodgirl (1538966): i dont have cam here
goodgirl (1538966): you want to see me right /
goodgirl (1538966): but i dont hace here sorry
nuel (1435293): yeah but you dont have a cam
goodgirl (1538966): yes thats why you siad you can help me ?
nuel (1435293): yea
nuel (1435293): how much are they
goodgirl (1538966): are you really serioius ?
nuel (1435293): yes im lucky iam a very wealthy man
nuel (1435293): im just trying to help you
goodgirl (1538966): ok i see
goodgirl (1538966): ok thats good
goodgirl (1538966): thank you
nuel (1435293): i know
goodgirl (1538966): ok
goodgirl (1538966): so will you help me /
nuel (1435293): of course
nuel (1435293): your a nice girl
goodgirl (1538966): thank you and you too
goodgirl (1538966): hope you are here in my brithday
nuel (1435293): when is your birthday
goodgirl (1538966): but for sure i will be sad that day
goodgirl (1538966): this feb . 27
goodgirl (1538966): thats on my biorthday i will in the chucrh with my granny
nuel (1435293): wowo
nuel (1435293): i bet your having a big party for your bd
goodgirl (1538966): no
goodgirl (1538966): we dont have funds for it
nuel (1435293): oh thats sad
goodgirl (1538966): i want to celebrate but i dont have any funds here
goodgirl (1538966): i really want to share my pics for you
goodgirl (1538966): but i dont know what happen to my yahoo here
nuel (1435293): yeah
goodgirl (1538966): please try again
nuel (1435293): oh is not working
nuel (1435293): so tell me do you work
goodgirl (1538966): no
goodgirl (1538966): im a student
nuel (1435293): im a doctor here in vegas
goodgirl (1538966): wow that good
goodgirl (1538966): do you have email add/.
goodgirl (1538966): i will email you about me then you can read it
goodgirl (1538966): *** You've been KISSED! ***
nuel (1435293): oh
nuel (1435293): try this
nuel (1435293): email me here
goodgirl (1538966): ok
nuel (1435293): this is my new email add [email protected]
goodgirl (1538966): ok wait
nuel (1435293): just email me there
nuel (1435293): did you send me the email
goodgirl (1538966): i will wait pls
nuel (1435293): try to send me the email im in my office right now
goodgirl (1538966): ok
goodgirl (1538966): check now
goodgirl (1538966): see it ?
nuel (1435293): wait
goodgirl (1538966): ok
nuel (1435293): are you goin to be online tommo
goodgirl (1538966): yes .....why ?
goodgirl (1538966): yes i did
goodgirl (1538966): did you read my email ?
nuel (1435293): just
nuel (1435293): yes
goodgirl (1538966): really ?
nuel (1435293): i will try to help you tommo ok
goodgirl (1538966): in where ?
nuel (1435293): just come online the same time
goodgirl (1538966): ok
goodgirl (1538966): to help in what juan /.
goodgirl (1538966): tell me please
nuel (1435293): finacially
goodgirl (1538966): really?
nuel (1435293): yeah
goodgirl (1538966): but how?
nuel (1435293): listen i gotta go to the ER
goodgirl (1538966): ok
goodgirl (1538966): ok please take care]
goodgirl (1538966): i will snet you more of my pics
goodgirl (1538966): ok ?
nuel (1435293): you too
nuel (1435293): sweetheart
nuel (1435293): ill see you tommo
goodgirl (1538966): ok sweety
goodgirl (1538966): ok
goodgirl (1538966): miss you
goodgirl (1538966): god bless have a nice
goodgirl (1538966): *** You've been KISSED! ***
goodgirl (1538966): byebye
*** goodgirl (1538966)'s IC window is closed

OK then she send me an email

[/quote][email protected]
ANDIE MORALES,livin in BUKINON PROVINCE .Unfortunaltely i dont have my father and mother who give loves and care for me only my loving and caring GRANNY.My father leave us with my mother when i was 9 years old and use to create other family on his other wife.Then,after 2 years my mom decide to go aboared to got good job for her she went to JAPAN,but she get married there with a japaneses guy.Before we have a communication but now we loses it until we dotn have any contacts about her ,but we heard that she has a 2 kids and her new husband ,she never come back unyil now.I am only their only daughter but i have my sister and brother to the other family.But life still going on,my granny give me unconditional love and care she sent me from school and teach me good values and raise me will with dignity and confident.I really love my granny she is now one of my teasure in life wothout her i am not here exist in this world...i am thankful to have her in my life.
But despite of what happen into my life i dont have any hates to my parent coz granny teach me not to hates them instead love them and give them care when we meet ..thats what i believe and follow now ..i love them both my mom and mydad coz i know without them i will never exist and born in this beautiful world.
Anyways,i am HRM (hotel and restaurant management)student i really love the course that i amtaking up right now coz its all about manegement with mix of cooking lesson which i really love.Hopefully ,i am graduating this year maybe month of april or march i dont know yet the exact date.hope you can be here with me hehehe....
I am here inthis site coz my freinds recomend me here she is now happily get married to a US citizen and they are livin in NEW YORK..thats i am here .I am looking for true love here over someone who can called me mine rather than ideal,someone who can love me for the rest of my life and i will give him unconditional lovr and care in return.[quote]


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 2:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top

There's only one person, who can help you with this 'Chat" thing, She's an expert, can charm the birds out of the tree's and then charm them back again, to sit on a higher Twig..

Drama Queen, are you free

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:12 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Post her at

She will get some attention

<center> <b>

<A href=""></a>
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 4:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^^ thank you i just post it there

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