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 Chief Kelechi lives by the bus stop

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Hello I'm New here!

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i tried to sell a Sony PSP and he tried to con me

Hello my name is mike pickitt(i am british), i want to inform you of my
intrest in your item,pls reply me back,if you willing to sell,thanks

Gday Mike, I'm actually Scottish, justy moved out to oz. I've actually got another person from the Uk interested, but if the sale falls thought, I'll let you know.



the other seller has offered me 500 dollars AU + 85 postage and packing.

She emailed me a week ago and I've already given her my bank details for her to transfer the money. Sorry about that but unless she fails to pay I'll have to go with her offer.



Ok what do you say about 610 AU$ ,but i handle
shipping myself via my fedex account,all do is dropoff
the item at any fedex location with my account number
& shipping address,see all you need to do is agree me
as a fellow desperate mate like you then you send me
your details & i will make payment now online via
western union bidpay and funds will released to you in
the next 24hrs after terms & agreement.

ok, sounds fine.

Thanks mate,Kindly send me your info for
payment:fullname & address,i will make payment online
via western union bidpay.

I'm not sure I understand the details of the transaction. Can you explain it in more detail. So do I just send you the item and you transfer the cash when it arrives ok?



No you have it all wrong,when i pay you will be
notified of my payment via western union bidpay,funds
will be released in next 24hrs after you have shipped
and give WU-bidpay the tracking and it has been

so whats to stop me from mailing you a brick and you paying me 600 bucks for it? Not that I'd do that of course Wink


I dnt undestand what you mean. Pls explain better.
What do you mean by mailing me a brick?

well, its like this. Not everybody in the world is honest hard working, and there are people out there that sadly, don't have the backbone to get a job and earn a proper living. Instead they steal and bring misery to honest peoples lives by stealing things that they have worked hard for. So, my point was, how are you protected from me ripping you off. What would happen if I sent you the parcel and just put a brick in it. Then you would pay me for something that is useless. Does that not worry you? Do you trust me to just send the item in the post?

If you do trust me then thats fine, its nice to be trusted. Then just tell me your payment details and I'll send the item.



Do you have shipping details so I can send this stuff to you, and the tracking number? I've packaged it up.



Yes i do have an address,but send me your
info:fullname & address so i can make payment
first.And as for the brick,i trust you,we british aint
that curel,& by the way WU-bidpay will have your
details,they cover for me cos the police and the rest
are at their disposal,so dont worry.

How will I collect my money? Will it arrive in an envelope in cash or do I have to collect it from somewhere?


It will be a home delievery & payment has been made
and sooner or later you will notified of my payment
from WU-bidpay via email,as soon as you get that
contact me for shipping address & my fedex account

payment have been made and sooner or later you will get a payment comfirmation from bidpay, as soon as you get that, please contact me for the shipping address and fedex account number,,you will use that to take the package to fedex and get it shipped for free.. you dont need to pay fedex when you are using my fedex account, i hope to hear from you soon. when western union have gotten to you with the payment comfirmation..

BidPay® Order Number: 3259383478

ear Gavin Smith ,
Congratulations! The order placed by the buyer of your item *** Micheal Pickitt*** to have a Western Union® branded Money OrderSM $610USD sent to you as payment for the item Mp3 player has been successfully processed and has consequently been APPROVED. The financiSamsung P6al details of the transaction are stated below:

I recieved the confirmation thanks. It looks like you made a mistake though. You have paid me too much. You paid me 610$ American and not Australian.

At the current exchange rate you have overpaid me by about 80$ AU. How should I repay this to you. I'd feel guilty if I accepted this much for the item as its too much, and with Christmas coming up and all that, we really have to tighten the purse strings don't we. Last year, we had the whole family over and the cost of the Turkey and the trimmings alone was quite ridiculous, and that even before you start thinking about crackers and presents and the rest.



Basically it was my intension,cos my son is everything
to me & i havent been there for him since me & his mum
got divorced & by given that amount you will do
anything possible help me with your posisble best,i
will be sending the shipping address & fedex account

I understand, I have 2 children who are twins, one was born several months premature so I'm not sure really if you can still call them twins. My wife was a Russian Ballet dancer who I met when doing a sea kayaking trip around Switzerland, and several years after we met, she lost both legs in a Jet boating accident. She tried to keep up her dancing career, but it didn't work out and we had to get divorced. Our children were very upset at first, but now they are ok as they get much better Christmas presents as Katrvanyaiarvana and I spoil them a lot and try to out do each other by getting better presents. I usually win as I earn a lot more than she does, as she can't get a job any more. Its strange how something so tragic can end up making the children happier. Maybe in the future they will be sad when they learn that we got divorced because felt that my wife could not go skiing with me anymore. I sometime feel bad about that.

Anyway, I'm probably boring you with my life story. Can you tell me how long it will be before I recieve the money??

many thanks


p.s I can't find the USB lead for the item, is that ok. Do you have a spare one?

The money will get to you as soon as you ship the item
and email the tracking number to them for shipment
verification. Pls email me for the shipping address
when you want to ship.

So I take it from your email address that I'll be sending he parcel to the UK? I've wrapped it up in in spider man wrapping paper, so that you can give it to your son and not have to waste time finding paper yourself. I hope he's not too old for spider man. I did have some Incredible Hulk paper, but not enough to right round the parcel so would have had to use half hulk paper and half spider man paper, and where it overlapped there probably would have been a sort of half hulk, half spider man character. A sort of 'incredible spider' .

Its ready to send so if you tell me your address , I should be able to put it in the post when I go to town this afternoon to buy some Grange Hermitage wine. I'm making spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and the Grange gives it this really nice flavour.

I've you let me know asap, as I don't want your son to miss out on his Christmas present.

best wishes


like i said before am getting it shipped to my son in africa, here is the shipping address, just get to fedex and use the fedex account number to get it shipped, you are not shipping it to the uk becos am son is not in the uk now.





CODE: 23401


all you need to do now is get the item packed and take it to fedex and get it shipped with this fedex account number. please do email the tracking number to western union bidpayand let me know by email as soon as you are back from fedex location. the fedex account number is ..
353470523.. if there is any other thing please let me know.

please list the contents of the package so that i can let him know what he is receiving, i hope i sent you my fedex account in my last mail, and if fedex is far from you all you dont know where fedex is in your location, you can use the shipping address and get it sent via australia post. that will be cheaper for you.. if you are going to get it posted through australia post, please make it an express posting so that he can get it in 3-4days time. am at work now i will talk to you later.

I think you must have given me the wrong address.
Surely Chief Kelechi doesn't live in a close beside a
bus stop. A chief would surely have some kind of
palace or at the very least a 4 bedroom semi with a
decent sized driveway?
> Please confirm the address is correct?
> regards
> Gavin

You make me laugh,anyways the name is in care of the
package for my son,pls am always busy,kindly let your
next reply be that you have shipped it & sent tracking
to westernunion bidpay,thanks.

hello, whats happening, i was thinking you could have get back to me and inform me if the item have been shipped and the tracking number sent to western union, i have just been informed by western union that the tracking number have not gotten to them yet.

I think there must have been a mistake in your reference number as I've contacted Western Union and they can't find that reference number in their computer. The girl I spoke to was kind of new though and I think shes quite inexperienced. She laughed when I said I was trying to send something to Nigeria and said that its currently the source of the majority of internet fraud. I thought that was a bit rude of her and I told her that the Nigerians were a very friendly bunch of people. Can you send me the number again so I can send this parcel off asap.

I never heard from the man odd.
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