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 I had no idea what scambaiting was....

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I friend got an email after she posted on Craigslist that she was looking for an apartment. The guy was obviously trying to scam her, so she gave me the email address and said I could mess with him. I have been doing so for the past couple of days and it is so much fun! Someone else told me about this site and I have spent the past few hours looking around. I had no idea what I was doing was referred to as 'scambaiting', i was just having some fun. I asked this guy to join my church and sent him a bogus application form. I am still waiting on him to fill it out though.

Official Initiation Form for the Uninitiated

Congratulations and your commitment to the Second Holy Tabernacle of the Inland Empire. We look forward to having you join us in our wonderful mission to serve our one and only Lord Shibuya. Our church members receive many benefits, all of which will soon be yours. We offer many services to our congregations including; grief counseling, luxury playdates, camping reference guides, re-virginification, prayer squares, annual bake offs and ons, distribution of feminine care products, mamograghical support, legal advice, and general counseling for those who have participated in our realistic television shin-digs.
Upon becoming a full fledged member all of the above services would be at your disposal. We do not charge for these services, they are a right of every church member. We hope that you will eagerly take advantage of what we have to offer.
Second Holy Tabernacle has a number of strict guidelines that we expect our congregation to adhere to, all of which will be covered in this application. Please follow these rules carefully in order to avoid excommunication.
S. H. T. Rules of Repo ire:
1. All members shall make a commitment to the church and adhere to our rules.
2. Absolutely no fraternization with other religions, period. This is grounds for immediate excommunication.
3. Members are expected to contribute to church expenses, including re-virginification procedural cost. Average monthly contributions per family must exceed 750.00.
4. No running in the hallways.
5. B.Y.O.B
6. Male members who have yet to complete their re-assignment surgeries are forbidden to use the john at the church’s many buildings
7. All bake sale items must have a minimum of 20 grams of T.H.C contained within the baked good. Failure to meet this minimum will result in ridicule.
8. No mustaches what so ever.
It must be noted that our main church is located near Atlanta, Georgia and all members are asked to eventually re-locate to this area. We here at S.H.T recognize the fact that act of commitment could take many years to achieve, and we are understanding of that.

Please fill out form completely

1. Full Name
2. Name by which you wish to be called
3. Date of Birth
4. Additional Family Members Name’s (those who wish to join also)
5. State of Residency
6. Health Care Provider
7. Long Term Care Facility
8. Vehicle Engine Size

9. Please describe what actions you will take to uphold your churchly commitments:

10. Please give a decent physical description of your spouse:

11. Are you willing to volunteer as a mentor in our special camp for children?

12. To what religion do you closely identify prior to your interest in our church?

13. Please describe your present occupation and reason for leaving your job:

14. How many years are you willing to commit to our extra buck program?
Please circle: 2 4 6 8 10

15. Have you ever been convicted of a felonious or harmonious act? If so please explain, this will not disqualify you, but will give us a better understanding of your sins if any.

16. How many hours per day are you available for counseling of the feeble minded? This can be done by telephone if you have yet to relocate to our main facilities

17. Any additional information that you would like to share would be greatly appreciated:

Applicants Electronic Signature:

Application fees will be accepted in the form of personal check or money order.

Official App. #D1ng1E

I have no doubt that this idiot will fill out this form, he is dumb as hell.
So how am I doing? Should I post some of the emails so you guys can give me some constructive criticism?
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 7:36 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi fallout and welcome to Eater!

Glad you found us. Sounds like you have plenty enthusiasm to be a baiter! I hope your lad fills out your form for you. Very Happy

I haven't done any church baiting but there are baiters that have very successful. Here is the linky to one of them: TWAT for Dummies

Just a couple thoughts:

Are you baiting safe? That means using an email addy that has no connection to you in RL. One that is opened with fake details just for baiting. If you are using your personal email addy, then the best advice is to drop the scammer and rebait them using a new addy. Also, you might want to consider using an email provider that strips your IP. Those might be gmail and hushmail.

I think most of the church baits offer the scammer something they want very! I mean, why would they want to join your church otherwise? Lads won't do much unless they believe they are going to get money by doing it. So make sure you are offering them something to make filling out your application worthwhile to them.

Of course I would be remiss here if I didn't mention our 100% free and wonderful mentors. You can sign up for one here: Clicky

While you are waiting for that mentor, make sure you read this sticky by our Nastiest Nurse: Clicky

And you can always ask your questions here: Clicky

So feel free to post the emails in this thread here and others can help evaluated if you would like. And remember, any lad pain you can cause is wonderful!

Very Happy

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 15 Feb 2009
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 3:06 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Posted an ad on Craigslist looking for an apartmet.. Just putting out some feelers to see what's out there...

Of course I get an email from someone who claims to have turned down hundreds of offers to offer me his 3 bed, 2 bath apartment for $400, all utilities included.... (way too cheap) Claims he's a pastor and he and his family had to leave on a mission...

He offers to send an application to me that will outline all the credit check and application and finders fees etc... (odd)

last line seals it.

"Please let me know where you would like the apartment to be located"

uhhhhh, you gonna pick up and move that 3bed/2 bath apartment anywhere I want it?


My reply:
Hello, I am interested in apartments to rent in Atlanta. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am desperate need to move quickly and I already have all the necessary funds for deposit and credit check, I am looking to move within the next month. Thank you for your time. God Bless.
[email protected]# Lee

I got a response.....
Greetings [email protected]# Lee

Thanks for the email. Am the owner the house and I also want you to know that it was due to my transfer that makes me and my family to leave the house. I want to give it out for rent and I and my wife is for a responsible,dedicated,committed and trustworthy person that can take very good care of the as we are not after the money for the rent but we want it to be clean at the time it is rented out and the person that will rent it to take it as if it were its own. So for now,we have moved to Ft Washington Maryland (USA) into our new house and also with the keys and documents of the apartment is with us, we try to look for an agent that we can give this documents and keys before we left but we were unable to to get one. That is why we took along with us the documents and keys of the apartment. So I hope you will promise us that you will surely take good care of take very good care of the apartment once you rent it. So get back to me on how you could take care of our house or perhaps experience you have in renting an apartment. And the apartment is going to be available for rent for the next 5 years.

The price of the apartment is $800 Per Month and i accept btw 2-3 Months payments upfront,Also there is a security deposit of $500 to be paid and the apartment has the following features embedded inside. A well presented apartment with Three bedrooms(two double rooms, one with suite and double bed,the other with two beds,and a single room), ample embedded closets and two complete bathrooms. An area of study, with WI-FI Internet service,telephone service, a hall-dining room and a kitchen totally equipped with electrical oven, microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, washing machine and dryer.

The hall-dining room is totally outer and has ample large windows with to the terrace where you can enjoy the wonderful views of the apartment taking advantage of the light in the apartment. Also it has a system of refrigeration and heating in all the apartment being able to enjoy the temperature you wish at any moment. It has a private parking in the same property.

Await your swift response as soon as possible. And if you are really sure that you want the apartment for rent then fill out the rent application form that is attached to this email and get back to me with the filled rent form via email as soon as possible.Then we can arrange on how the keys and documents of the apartment will be sent over to you via express courier service.


Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Initial:
Date of Birth:
Telephone Number:
Current Address:

Job Title:
Company Name:
Length of Employment:
Supervisor/Mgr. Name:

Employer Address & Contact Information

1) Your Full Name
2) Phone Number
3) How old are you?
4) Are you married?
5) How many people will be living in the house?
6) Do you have a pet?
7) Do you have a car?
Cool Occupation?

Telephone Number:

The apartment address is : 780 St. Charles Ave,Atlanta, Georgia

I hereby represent that all of the above information is true, accurate and complete, and hereby of the authorize verification over items, including but not limited to the obtaining of a credit report/and or recovery of monetary claims, and agree to furnish additional credit references on request.


God Bless You
Pastor R###

**but get this, he included 8 pictures of a really nice looking apartment. hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
My response:
The apartment is beautiful. Does it come furnished?
I am including the rental application:

Last Name: Lee
First Name: R###
Middle Initial: U
Date of Birth:-20-1980
Telephone Number: 909-626-6488
Current Address: #### Evart St. Montclair, California 91763

Job Title: Authentication Expert
Company Name: FST Dynamic LLc.
Length of Employment: 6 years
Supervisor/Mgr. Name: Kris Tymes

Employer Address & Contact Information

1) Your Full Name R### U. Lee
2) Phone Number 909-626-6488
3) How old are you? 28
4) Are you married? Engaged
5) How many people will be living in the house? 2 Adults, 2 Children
6) Do you have a pet? Yes, an iguana
7) Do you have a car? I like to bike or rollerblade to work.
Cool Occupation? Authenticity Analaysist

Reference : Co-Worker
Name: Chuck Taylor
Address: 2120 Pine Ct Upland , Ca
Telephone Number: 909-986-0411

I am very eager to learn more about the apartment and rental process. This is just the type of place I am looking for. Could you please contact me as soon as possible and let me know what the next step is, also if the apartment comes furnished. And would you be willing to extend the lease to 7 years if I could pay more?
Thank you Kindly.
R### Lee

From him:

Hello ,

Thanks for the getting back to me and your application,I am satisfied with the content and information in your application form.i can see your willingness in this rent. I shall be giving you the apartment for rent,pls again take care of the apartment so that i might be glad when coming at the end to see how you are really taking good care of the apt.Yes the Apartment comes furnished and i am also willing to let you have the apartment for a longer time

However,if you are ready to rent the apartment now,then that will not be a problem ,Since i am letting you have the apartment for a long period,Let me know the financial package you are offering me,How many months rent will you pay upfront so you can make the payments now and i can send you the Keys and document for the Rent,and also I would like to send the following document to you via the DHL COURIER SERVICE to the address you send to me and the tracking number will be sent to you so that you can possible occupy our apartment,Pls once again,i am giving you this on trust and do not dissapoint me and i promise you that,you will love the apartment.

Here are the contents of the document.
1) Entrance and the rooms Keys
2)Paper/Permanent apartment form(Containing your reference details)
3)The apartment documentary file.
4)Payment Receipt.
5)Full address and description of the apartment.

Also let me know when you want to move into the house but you can move into the house next week if we complete the process this week

So pls get back to me today so that I can get back to you with the payment information in making the payment through Money Gram .I await your reply ASAP.Regard and God bless you!!!

Pastor R###

My reply:
Dear Pastor R###,
Thank you so much for the quick response. I am impressed with your kindness and willingness to rent your beautiful apartment to me. You can be sure that me and my 2 young children will keep it nice and clean, my children are never messy. If possible I would like to make the deposit and secure the apartment this week. I would also like to pay for 6 months rent up front since this is such a great deal. The apartment photos are beautiful, are you sure that the rent is only 800$.
I have just a couple more questions regarding the apartments amenities:
1. Does it have a small office?
2. Does it have filing cabinets? I collect coupons and would prefer an apartment that already has filing cabinets?
3. Is the cupcake maker I saw in the photo included? I love cupcakes?
4. Are the washer and dryer energy efficient? I would prefer them to be and to run on either propane or ethanyl, but if not it is ok.
5. Does each room have a lock on the door? I noticed you mentioned keys to the entrance and the rooms. I am hoping at least one room has a lock that I can lock from the outside only.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to renting from you. Can you please let me know what the next step in this process is?

R### Lee and Family

GREAT NEWS! he didn't mention that the cupcake maker was including but guess what is???? the cupcakes!
this guy is pretty quick with it too he responds within an hour or so. now it is getting good:
Hello R###

I am very elated to read this email from you,My wife is even more elated that i am letting you have the apartments as she wants you to have the house because you share the same name with her mother...Yes i am not really looking to make money from the apartment thats why its coming at a low price,all i want is a good tenant to take and look after the house and i have decided to let you have the house.

I am sorry the apartment doesn't have an office but i have an extra room at the back of the house which you can convert into an office if you need one so badly,The apartment also comes with filling cabinets,i forgot to take pictures of the cabinets but you will find it all in the house........The washer and dryer are in good conditions as i just got them so i will like you to look after them for me so well,also the cupcakes are included as i left the house with taking away any of its amenities and they are all in great condition as i hope i can trust you enough with them.

As regard the next step now is for you to send me the payments via Money Gram so i can then send you the keys,house documents and also the payments receipt,you said in your email that you will be making 6 months payments upfront,so that is $4,800 plus $500 security deposit totaling $5,300... Below here is the info to send us the Money Gram

Receivers Name : Rendy Howell
Receiver Address : Ft Washington,Maryland 20744
Text Question: Inspiration
Answer; God

As soon as you send the funds i will need you to get back to me with the details below:

Senders Name
Senders Address
Amount Sent
Senders Phone #
8 Digit Reference Number

As soon as you get back to me with these details,I will prepare all documents and have the keys and documents shipped along On Tuesday and it will arrive there on Wednesday,I will email you the DHL tracking Number for the shipments of the package...I also want you to stipulate the address where you want the keys and documents shipped.

We have gotten to the last stage of the rental process and i hope i can trust you enough with house and also the amenities....My wife is sending you her warm regards to you and your 2 children.We will always remember you in our prayers.

God Bless You All

My reply:
Pastor R###,
I again would like to thank you for such quick responses, this is almost unheard of. I would like to send the money as soon as possible, I have called my local Money Gram offices and they are open tomorrow. Are you sure that I can send the whole amount seeing that it is so high? Are you able to recieve these funds tomorrow? I do have a couple of more questions:
1. Is it possible that I can buy the bedding and pillows shown in the photographs also?
2. The address is incomplete that you are requesting me to send the money gram to. Could you double check it?
3. Is it possible for us to meet near or at the apartment next week sometime?
My regards to your wife, she has a lovely name.
R### Lee and Family

two emails from pastor rendy this morning. the first one is funny because i realized that i made a mistake in the last email he sent me. he told me that his wife liked me because i shared the same name with her mother. i mistakenly said, "my regards to your wife, she has a lovely name" in the last email i sent him. you will notice in this one, he refers to his wife as lady r###!
Greetings R###

I hope you are having a Great sunday and i also hope you will be in Church today,as regard bedding and pillows,My wife says i should let you have them for free so its all yours now and you will find them in the store room,i will also send you the keys to the store as well.

I am not sure if the local money gram opens here today Sunday as i am new in this city but i wont really have time today as i will be in Church all day but since Money Gram opens there on Sunday you can send the funds there and i will pick it up first thing Monday morning.

As regard meeting you next week,My wife definetely wants to meet you and your wonderful kids as she has suggested that to me as well but it wont be next week as we have a lot of work to do here but we can arrange to fly down there the 2nd week of March and then we would be able to spend some few days with your family if you wont mind hosting us as it would have been your apartment then.

As regards sending the Money Gram,Lady Racheal says it would be a large amount and so Money Gram might not be able to send the full amount at once so i suggest that you split the $5,300 into 2 halves of $2,650 each and send them in 2 seperate transfers.

Here is the full address to make the transfer: 10610 Old Fort Rd,Fort Washington, MD 20744.

So as soon as you complete the transfer get back to me with the Money Gram details,you are now expected to send me 2 reference numbers for each $2,650.

I have to go now and get prepared for Church today,Do you attend churches and which do you attend...I am anxious to read your response to this question.Again my wife sends her warm regards to the kids,by the way what are their names and birthdays.

Till i read from you again.....God Bless You all

Pastor R###

now this one comes to me this morning at 9:52, wouldn't you think a pastor would be busy at this time of day on a sunday?


How are you doing today,I hope all is well with you,I am still waiting to read from you today,Please let me know if you have sent the funds today so i can start getting the documents ready for tomorrow.

I am waiting to read from you later today....My regards to everyone.

Pastor R###,
What a wonderful Sunday it is! How were your church services today?
I was on the way to church this morning and would you believe that my automobile ran out of petrol? I was stranded on the side of the road for 30 minutes before a truck driver carrying a load of pigs to slaughter stopped and assisted me! Thank the lord for kind people like the truck driver and yourself. I do not know what I would do with out the kindness of strangers. I spoke to my church's pastor today after the church services. I told him about you and spoke in high regard. He is happy that I have met someone like yourself that is kind and willing to help me in my troubled times due to my recent divorice. He had some concerns though that I thought I may need to address. The first and foremost would be concerning me doing business today, which is Sunday, the day of the Lord. I did not consider this, but seeing that you are a servant of the Lord, you would surely understand, correct? The second concern is in regards to your religion. He informed me that it would be against church rules for me to do business with a pastor of another faith. He also told me that if you are of a different religion than me, we can still avoid this problem by having you be sworn in and join our church. I hope I am not asking too much of you. I am very commited to my church, they are like family to me and I do not want to go against the rules and face excommunication. Please get back to me soon, I visited Bank of America yesterday evening and withdrew the funds, so I am ready in regards to that step.
Have a wonderful day
Praise Shibuya

R### Lee

P.S. I am delighted to hear that you and your lovely wife will be able to visit once I am moved in. I will prepare the finest cupcakes imaginable

He will join my church!

Greetings R###

How are you doing today,I am glad to read from you,I fully understand your concern,first about not being able to do business today because its Sunday.Also as regard your church rules i wont encourage you to go against them as i will definitely like to be part of your Church,I can arrange to fly down and get sworn in when i have my holiday in the First week of March and then i will also use that opportunity to visit your family,I dont have any problems whatsoever with that

As regards the apartment,I wont have any problem with you sending the funds later today so i can get the papers ready today for shipment and also the keys.

Get back to me via email and let me know what you want us to do now....My wife sends her regards again to everyone

Pastor R###

My response:

Pastor R###,
You didn't mention how your sermon went today. I was very curious about that seeing that you are a pastor. I would love to have been a part of your congregation this lovely Sunday morning. As for you joining my church, I am elated! We are always looking for new members, but only those who are kind hearted and trustworthy like yourself. Maybe you didn't fully understand my last email, but in order for me to do any business deal with you I need you to first be a member of my church, The Second Holy Tabernacle of the Inland Empire. I can email you the foremost initiation forms if you would like. I would feel so much better knowing that I will not be shunned by my church. I have had this happen once to me before and it was pure HECK, let me tell you. I bought some ceramic egg ornaments for my mother from a main of the Catholic faith. Not a single member of my church would talk to me. The tires on my bicycle were popped every time I left it outside of a market. My children also suffered from my mistake, they were not allowed to recieve free lunch at school and were ridiculed because of this by the other children. I live in a very tight knit community and would not like this to happen again. I trust that you understand this, and also the fact that I must wait until early tomorrow morning to visit the Money Gram offices in nearby Pomona seeing that it is the day of the Lord.
Thank you ever so kindly for your patience and understanding, I have high hopes that you will continue to be patient and will still rent the lovely apartment to me. I do not know where else I will live if I cannot rent from you.
R### Lee

He is getting short and impatient, what should I do?

Greetings R###

Also i will appreciate if you can send the funds later today,so i can get things worked up today and there wont be any delay as there is a public holiday tomorrow remember,My local Money Gram is opened today.

Get back to me now and let me know what you want to do...Thanks

Pastor R###

He just sent another email, I didn't even respond to the last one yet:

Greetings R###

I really understand your concern and i wont have you go against your church rules,I will also add to your feather by becoming a member through you.

I dont have problems with you sending the forms now but my wife thinks it will be best if we both coming visiting and we go through the initiation ourselves but if you think its best you sending the forms then no problem with us.

As regard sending the funds,I will wait to receive them tomorrow if you will find a way to send the Money tomorrow because of the holidays..Just get back to me with the Money gram details and also the forms tomorrow.

I will fill the forms and send them along with the rent documents and keys.My wife wants you to send her the initiation forms too.

Till i read from you again...God Bless You
Pastor R###

Dear Pastor,

I am sorry but even for this lovely opportunity i cannot risk being excommunicated by doing business on a Sunday. You are a man of God, I am so sure you will be understanding of this. Even if the Godless Money Gram is open today, I cannot and will not break the Lords day to do business. I am so very sorry. I am in the process of checking out if your local Money Gram will be open tomorrow due to the federal holiday, President's Day. And what a joyful holiday it is. Do you and your wife do anything special for President's Day. I like to take my kids to a local lake, Lake Gunorhea and we spend the day there. We barbaque turkey fondue and have a great time. At the end of the day we let off the traditional President's Day fireworks (mostly m80's) and participate in the group maypole activities. Please excuse me if you feel I am indulging too much information about our personal lives. It is just that I don't really have any friends or aquaitances outside of my church.
Good Bless
R### Lee
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