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 My 1st lad and I close to celebrating 3rd year anniversary

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My baiting has fallen off but I have always kept my original lad on the hook. I've got him convinced that I'm going to give him $100,000+ in cash so his loyalty is very strong. I'm supposed to go to Spain and meet his contact with a security company to pick up the money (yawn). I wake them both up with phone calls on a regular basis (for some reason most Nigerians are asleep between 4:00 and 5:00am). Anyway, I've done so much crap to him over the course of 2 1/2 years that I need a finale.

I'm in Italy right now as I've got a Milan phone number forwarded to my PBX (answers in Italian and dumps him to voice mail). I can also get UK numbers and route those so I've pretended to be in the UK numerous times. So here is what I got: I can either "go to Spain" and meet his cohort (which never works out) or he has suggested I go to Nigeria and meet him. I'm traveling in my partners private plane that has the ability to break down as needed. My MO has been to say the plane broke down if I miss a meeting and if they don't show I say that I was there waiting. I've had no success getting his people to travel any distance to meet me (I might have gotten one from London to Liverpool but I couldn't confirm it). What I'm looking for is more "infrastructure". I'm good with VOIP for the phone presence but I really want to give his confidence in me a boost. Mailing something to him so he can see something physical or maybe introduce some new characters. I can build a Fortune 500 class phone system for him to talk to and relay the call to anyone who wants to participate.

"It is possible that we are dealing an insane person"
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