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 He knows how to seize an opportunity...

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 3:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

...I'll give him that!! This bait took an interesting turn off-topic and has some potential. I am working on setting up the lad for a chat on Messenger, or turning him over to -C- for some personal phone attention Twisted Evil

This lad is really REALLY twisted:

A fun start:

Lad wrote:
Happy new yr, You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you do not know me personally,you have a very important message from your love one.

Hunter Don 111
From (New York)

Peanut wrote:
What message do you have for me?? Do you know the location of my dear sister? We are all wracked with worry.


Lad wrote:
Robert Loblaw

This Mr., Hunter Don 111 I am from New York your sister who was working for (N.N.P.C)Nigeria National Petroleum Company as a Account Manager, while i work with the company has an enginer she is my colleque,before she die on automobile crash 2 weeks ago. All the arrangement to convey the cops down to u.s.a has been made. i need your help and assistant before I could convey the cops down to u. s you are the only person in u. s. a that she has identification, I want to present you as a next of kin to her your id is the only identity she has one her document right now, that I can use as prove evident to her bank as her next of kin, before I could transfer her money out of the her bank a/c here to u. s .a a/c.

<all the typical next of kin tripe>

Because I am retiring from here as soon as possible, I am coming down to u.s.a I am a good friend to the new President Obama when he was a senator so I am coming down to work with the with the government.

Yours faithfully

Mr., Hunter Don 111

Peanut wrote:

Mr. Hunter,

Are you telling me that my sister is dead??? We have been searching for her for nearly 3 months now...the police keep telling me that they think they are getting close to finding her's been so hard to believe. I hadn't let myself get my hopes up but all the same...

Are you sure it is her?


Lad wrote:
very sure

i need your Phone Number, Age, Occupation and contact address right now.

Peanut wrote:
Mr. Hunter,

I simply do not know what to say....I am overcome. You say she died in an automobile accident?!! Where was she driving?????? Where was she going?? Please understand that this is information I must have in order to come to grips with the loss of my baby sister. I haven't heard from her in months...and now this.

It is good that you have gotten in touch with me when you did. Today the local authorities arrested a man they said they believe has kidnapped my sister. I know now that they must be mistaken -- she was not even in the country!!! I will not press charges against an innocent man.

When my sister first went missing she was 5 months pregnant -- please tell me the status of the child?? Did it survive the wreck at all? Is there any hope??


Lad wrote:
hi Robert

How are you today? is me your sister i am very sorry i left without telling anybody in the family for 3 months now. ,i travelled to Africa with my friend, I am in a critical condition right now which I lost all I got right here .I toke a vacation holiday to Africa on tourism with one of my new friend, I have never been to Africa before, my 2 days in Africa I hard a auto accident they have a very bad road net work right here honestly. It was very fatal one and i was on conscious for 5 days.

My spinal cord and lost lots of blood and I hard a brain stress and I could not even remember anything, my passport my every day book information I lost them all, the brain injury was soon painful. But I am getting better now. I was so lucky to have just your contact on my tour address book that was been stain with blood, I can’t even recall any of my information in America ,

The America embassy has indicated my visa information and paid 50% of my hospital bills I need to leave this place to u.s.a before I die honestly, I am not still ok I need to come back to home, as fast as I can please I am begging you in the name of God and as my brother please. I need to pay up $2000 to the hospital bill and also $1500 flight ticket back to America . I need total of(3500us dollars)right now.

Please I need your assistant once brother Robert when i get home i will tell you evrything that happen, but for now i need to come back home, please help me for God and brother seek. . I need to leave here back home help me please. I am begging you please i got to coem back home

I am using one of the doctor lam top to send this information to you on my hospital bad. Please I need a reply form you help me and I will never forget that in my life time. You can send

the $3500 us dollars)

with my Doctor Name: AZUKA EMELUE

Address to send: 722 PLOT VICTORY IRLAND LAGOS NIGERIA .Send through ( Western Union Money Transfer) and forward the following information.

(1) Name of the sender………
(2) Amount sends…..
(3) Control number…..
(4) Secret code…….
(5) address of the sender…

once you send the money i will send you my flight shedull back home as soon as possible right now i don't even recal where i am untill i come back home.


and just a few minutes later I get this letter, with the subject: "YOUR SISTER IS STILL ALIFE SORRY, SHE MIGHT HAVE CONTACTED YOU"

Lad, again, wrote:


and a few minutes after that, one from her "doctor":

Lad, one more time, wrote:
I am Doctor Azuka Emelue your sister medical doctor she was involved on a fatal moter accident in this country that so of the passenger lost they life, she was very lucky but sustain very bad injury.

She need to come back home she lost her memory she can even remember anything right now. I wrote the message for her, she can even talk much I was just taken time to listen to her talking when I was typing the message to you. Please you need to send this $3500 fast to fast you can so we can pay up her outstanding hospital bill and get her a flight ticket back home, once I get the ticket book for her I wills end you the flight schedule So you can wait for her arrival in any of the city air port she will be coming with.

Please send the money today and I will get back to you sorry for the inconvenience I will be expecting your message.


Doctor Azuka Eemelue

Laughing Laughing Laughing

Peanut wrote:
DR AZUKA EMELUE - Thank you so much for all you have done. This first part of the letter is for my sister Roxanne, and the second part is directed to you. Please do not read her section of the letter if you can help it, as it is private. Thank you.



How could you leave without telling any of us where you were going? Don't you know everyone was worried sick about you? You nearly gave father another heart attack, and that would be the third one this year. What were you thinking?

The police keep insisting to me that they have some sort of lead on your kidnapping. That's right, I told them you were KIDNAPPED. How do you think that makes me feel now?? I have told them to call off the entire investigation, that we don't wish to press charges, and the people they have arrested are free to go as far as I am concerned. And why? So that my baby sister can go traipsing off to NIGERIA of all places and get her pregnant ass into a car wreck. What were you thinking, Roxy? We all thought you were being held captive in some backwater cabin in Oregon -- and instead it turns out that you were on HOLIDAY in Nigeria. I don't know how the police could get it so wrong. I'm not even answering their phone calls anymore.

You know very well that sending money overseas is very difficult for the family due to father's government job. I haven't given him many details because of his condition, but I have explained that you need the money and he says he will speak to the Department of Homeland Security about how to wire you the cash as soon as possible. He warns me, however, that an organization like Western Union or Moneygram is unlikely to be acceptable for security purposes, and that our best bet would be a direct bank-to-bank transfer. Please check with your doctor and see if that is something that would be possible.

Are you sure $3500 is the CORRECT amount? I don't want this to turn into another "Hawaii Vacation" experience, where you thought everything would be $2 - and ended up costing $200! Please make sure you are not forgetting any additional insurance costs or hospital fees.

I hope you are doing well, and the baby too. Get better.





Again, thank you for all you have done for my sister. It seems clear that God has sent you as an angel to take care of her. Thank you thank you a million times thank you.

We are currently working to negotiate payment of her hospital bills and for your time. Do you or the hospital have a bank account that we would be able to send the cost of her bills to? We, of course, will require both an invoice of the treatment she had received to date and a copy of the police report of the crash for insurance purposes.

Please let me know if you need any of Roxanne's medical history information, or if she has been able to provide you with that info. I understand the embassy is paying for 50% of the medical bills, which is wonderful and unexpected. We, of course, have no problem paying whatever it takes to ensure that she gets the best treatment possible. Please do your best do give her your full attention as your primary patient, please.

My thanks again,

Robert Loblaw

P.S: Perhaps for an additional $50 you will give her an extra hospital chocolate pudding? Roxy loves those.

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Please i am advicing you to comply with the bank so that they will tranfered this fun into your account. ~Rosemary

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What a creative lad, he should be a novelist! There are so many plotholes and excuses that don't make sense, this is what happens when a lad is put on the spot to make up his own script... classic

The head injury is such a weak cop-out to get out of any specifics you might ask to prove its your 'sister'.

"i can only understand that you are the worse big idiot in the whole univers. for your information this fund is real,anyway you are only a compand fool ,as your generation will roit in hell . really i sent some one to bobe because i am real"
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