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 A lad actually expresses sympathy!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 6:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Extra, extra, read all about it!

I sent my lad a hearfelt, teary confession:

I sit down with tears in my eyes as I think of how disgraceful my behavior was. I can only say in my defense that, due to my recent diagnosis of a beast cancer, I have not been feeling myself lately. Oh, Elliot, I am sorry I was less than fully honest with you. At first I was worried that when you heard about my illness, you wouldn't want me as a partner. I couldn't think clearly due to the chemo, so I tried to delay our transaction, spinning things out until I could feel better. Then, just as I was about to finally send you the money, my nephew Aaron wrote to me. He said some nasty, vile things about you, which do not bear repeating. He accused you of being a criminal from Nigeria who would steal the money of a sick, defenseless woman. I am ashamed to say, I considered what he had told me. I can only assume the chemo was clouding my head again. I made up the story about the post office not sending money to Nigeria so that I would have time to think about what Aaron said. Forgive me, dear Elliot. I was so confused, and alone, and scared. Fortunately, some friends of mine wrote to me about the true state of things (to be honest, I don't remember telling them, but I suppose I must have). And so, I come to you, confessing at last. Please don't judge me too harshly. I'm having another round of chemo at St. Shiver's this week, but I will try to be a better partner to you. The cancer makes me forget things sometime, but I will never forget your kindness to a dying woman, which I betrayed with malice and lies. Please, Elliot, forgive me.

I was expecting a reply along the lines of "okay, so sorry, now about the money...". Nope. Instead, I get his best wishes. Of course, he ends with an exhortion to get back to business as usual, but it's almost sweet for a lad.

How are you feeling today, sorry about your health status, i have a relative that also suffered brest cancer, but she lost her life due to she wasn't taking her medication seriously. I understand that your brother Aaron is just trying to protect his sister, i am not annoyed about that, but like i told you earlier, this transaction is 100% legitmate, and i begged you not to discuss this transaction with anyone as i am still in service and would not like to face any form of scandal. Tell Aaron that you are no longer involved with this transaction.

Mariana, The best you need now is your health first, i hope you are not feeling very down, you have to take your medications very seriously and please disregard whatever your brother might be saying to you, i dont bother to know what anathema he has heaped on my name, but i know this transaction lies in your hands, you are the only one that can help me get this money, i intend retiring as soon as we get this money, and i would relocate to your country to invest my own share, as you will be of more assistance on my investment plans, i do feel so much for you Mariana...

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

My character (also on chemotherapy) got some caring words too:

Thanks for your mail, and pls know that i feel for you and i will not want you to get infection in order to assist me, No. Please take your time and know that i will be praying for your good health, May God be with you.

Unfortunately, he has since quite spoilt it by writing every three days for the past month to see whether she is All Better Now.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 8:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Back in 2006, told one Lad(ette):

I wrote to the bank for another lawyer, but it may soon be an academic question.
I have to go interstate in two days time for the operation on my leg.
If all goes well, I'm back to normal. If it doesn't – I lose the leg. If I lose the leg, I don't fly again. If I don't fly again, my life is all but over.

Quoth little Rose:

Thank you for you prompts action towards the lawyer.
I pray for you that the almighty lord will never and ever allow you to loose you legs, do believe me on this I have prophesised it “YOU WILL COME BACK SAFE AND STRONG AND EVEN MORE STRONGER THAN BEFORE”.
Please uncles do try and read the bible and I will also pray and fast for you tomorrow being Sunday during the church services.
God will bless you for me always.

Not too bad so far... so, a few days later:

My name is , and I'm an associate of , who I understand has been in touch with y'all lately.
I'm afraid that the Captain was forced to undergo surgery on a severe leg injury, and he's recovering from the forced amputation of his right leg. This comes as a shock to all of us, and we're trying to work out how best to help him cope with this.
If I can help you, please write.

Well, "she" did:

Thanks for your reply and i have been expecting to hear from uncle malcolm for a long time and have not gotten any responds from him, he actually told me some time ago that he will be going for surgery but he never told me the exact time he will be going for the surgery.
I am sorry if i may ask, who are you and what exactly do you want from me and what has captain malcolm discussed with you.
He is my uncle and at the same time my guidain who has been greatly assist me. I got this mail as a copy and would want to know if he actually gave you all this contact to send eventually all of them mails and i do want you to know tthat he has stoped contacting barister jean claud at as the last time he spoke with me.
So i would want to know how soon he will get back to mormal and if he will be able to get this maails as well and do extend my warmest greatings to him soon.
Till i hear from you, you have to stop contacting any body till he gets back to helth and do give me any update wich i will be very glad also to asisst.

A few exchanges later:

Thanks for your mail and i would want you to understand that i am very happy that the captain is back and helthy again, like i said before i said you should tell that i will always be praying for him til he recovers.
I am very sorry for he leg that he loosed please do tell that i said that God almighty has a reason for everything and that he should never stop praying always... Please do not forget to pass this massage to him for him to see please do tell captain that i really missed his absence.

But then:

I'm afraid that the Captain ain't no more better than he was before. Seems he got powerful depressed after the operation and tried to kill himself.
I didn't ask how, believe me when I say I don't want to know.
I don't know if I can get Miz Inara to get that letter you mentioned, as she's the only one allowed to see him right now. I can try, but no promises!
Anyhoo, it might be a moot point, as if the Captain don't get better, then SAC might be wound up, and I'll most likely have to go home to Georgia.

I think the sympathy began to falter a bit here (emphasis added)...

Thanks for your urgent reply, i must say i am very sorry about Captains condition and will always pray for him as long as i dont die in suffer before him.
Pleas i would want you to get to Miz Inara to help get this note so that you can assist captain on his behalf, please some thing has to be done about my condition too.

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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